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What kind of space are the hallways and hallways of our house?

Every house has a porch. The entrance is the first interior space you see when you open the door and enter the room, and it is a place to store various items necessary for outdoor activities while preparing to go out. In other words, the entrance is the space that determines the first impression of a house. So, a meticulous design sense and clever ideas are needed to complete the porch.

The same goes for the hallway. A corridor is a long space connecting various living areas. Of course, a house with and without a hallway can be divided according to various conditions and circumstances. For example, how about thinking of a house that immediately meets the family living room when the front door is opened? Before decorating your porch and hallway, take a look at what these two spaces look like in your home.

In traditional architecture, the role of the entrance was the gate. When you open the main door, there is a courtyard, and through the floor again, it leads to each living space. In a building divided into the main house, the only way to move between rooms is to cross the yard. In order to avoid such inconveniences, a long floor should be installed in front of the building to connect the living spaces.

Over the past half a century, the apartment has established itself as a representative residential. However, the monotonically repeated apartment design approaches negatively. So, interior design is more important. Decorate the hallways and hallways that dispel the notion that all homes are the same. This can be attempted not only in apartments, but also in various residential spaces, including detached houses.

How do I find the right hallway and hallway?

As mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to show your personality in the design of your hallways and hallways. If you are a person who pursues function in a common form, a modern design hallway and entrance hall may suit you. Or, if you want to keep the taste of a simple design without unnecessary decorations, try a minimalist hallway and hallway.

But when it comes to finding the right hallway and hallway for you, it’s most important to listen to your inner self. If you’re the type of person who likes to invite friends, make sure you have plenty of space in your front door for several people to take off their shoes. You can also hang your favorite paintings in the hallway to create a gallery atmosphere.

Accurately understanding the lifestyle of yourself and your family can also help you find the hallways and hallways that are right for you. For example, if you have a long time to prepare for going out or need a play area for young children, consider making the entrance wider than in a typical house. Sometimes it is okay to borrow design ideas from foreign cases.

The easiest way is to take a look at the hallways and hallways introduced here by Interior A to Z. With a few clicks and scrolls, find the hallway and hallway that suits you. Of course, if you have a design you like, don’t forget to save it to your idea book. Furthermore, why not talk directly with the experts and get advice here?

Our front door and hallway experts on Interior A to Z

There are not many experts in Korea who individually construct only corridors and entrances. In fact, both the hallway and the entrance are included in the scope of interior architecture. However, it is clear that even simple hallways and hallways require a large number of people to touch. For example, if you want to finish the hallway floor beautifully, you need the help of a flooring expert.

If you find a hallway or hallway in your relative’s or friend’s home that you like, ask them to introduce you to the experts. You can decorate your hallways and hallways based on the information you get from someone you trust. In addition, you can guess what your entrance hall and hallways will look like by checking verified real-world examples.

Right here at Interior A to Z, we cover countless porch and hallway designs from around the world. You can check the construction examples by selecting the type of space and the desired design style. In addition, you can directly open the expert page through the link below the photo. Let’s check and communicate with the expert’s contact information and office information.

What is a design that makes the most of the entrance and hallway?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a large house where you can put anything in the hallway and hallway, but in the recent domestic housing market, instead of reducing the size, people prefer small houses where they can live comfortably. The background to this phenomenon is high rents and soaring prices. So, how to use the entrance and hallway of a small house?

Consider the size of your space and make good use of gaps and corners. Another option is to place a shoe rack in the corner space around the front door, for example. And secure a storage space for seasonal items you don’t use often. It is also a good design idea to create a built-in cabinet in the niche space around the entrance.

Decorating hallways and hallways with decorations and accessories is also a good design idea. Usually, the hallway is regarded as a space for movement. So there is a lot of wasted space in the hallway. In this case, let’s add an element to hold people in the hallway for a while. From cool paintings to small crafts, let’s use your personality to match the interior atmosphere.

There is a part that should not be overlooked when decorating the entrance hall and the hallway to the fullest. It is light and wind. Small and narrow hallways and hallways tend to become dark and stuffy spaces. If you are planning a detached house, consider opening windows in the hallways and hallways. And in an apartment where the structure cannot be easily changed, consider lighting ideas.

What are the pros and cons of installing a middle door?

Recently, in the domestic housing market, interior design with a middle door at the entrance is popular. As soon as you enter the front door, you can easily find the design of the front door that catches everyone’s attention. So, what are the pros and cons of installing a middle door? Let’s think about whether the front door is suitable for me.

First, the middle door of the entrance is good for maintaining a constant indoor environment in that it blocks the outside air once. It blocks the cold wind in winter and keeps the heat from entering in the summer. Of course, on the contrary, it is also important to prevent the indoor air that has been created warm and cool through the heating and cooling system from easily escaping.

Of course, the middle door is also good for protecting the privacy of residents. A house with a central door in the front door does not face the living room as it is when a visitor enters through the front door. It is also perfect for visitors to comfortably wait for residents or prepare to go out. If you have space, why not put a small chair? It is the design of the middle door of the entrance hall.

Not everything can be good. The main entrance door also has its drawbacks.

If you install a middle door in a cramped entrance, it is easy to waste space. In addition, since it is inconvenient to move, the efficiency is also reduced. Then a sliding door could be one solution. Or how about configuring the entrance area with a low storage cabinet instead of the middle door? You can decorate the entrance hall specially while giving it a sense of openness.

Create beautiful and perfect porches and hallways on Interior A to Z

Everyone dreams of a beautiful and comfortable space. The space can be a cozy bedroom or even a ventilated terrace. Why not go further and perfectly decorate the hallway and hallway? These days, there are plenty of design ideas to decorate the front door yourself without the help of others. If you’re not strong enough, it’s a good idea to seek professional help.

The simplest way is to use Interior A to Z here. Let’s check out the entrances and hallways that you like from among the various categories of spaces. And let’s meet the design of your dreams in reality with the experts. Now is the time to find the most beautiful and perfect hallways and hallways in the world.

kind of space are the hallways and hallways of our house

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