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Living room with colorful walls

Are you satisfied with your room but can you use a little more color? Then you can think of painting a wall or a few light walls. Isn’t it bad to just start with that yet? We can give you good ideas through very good examples. And the good thing is that in one afternoon you can work with rollers and brushes to give your  living room  a different twist.

  1. Wall and chimney

By giving both the fireplace and the wall an extra color behind it, you get great balance in the living room. Especially with this fireplace, a wonderful depth effect is created. Furthermore, you also see a very beautiful decorative house here. Really a great interior to enjoy!

  1. Walls and curtains

Of course, you can also find and choose curtains that give the walls extra beauty. You can see a nice collection here! It may be a bit crowded, but for lovers of a colorful interior it can be a source of hearty pleasure.

  1. Terracotta

The wall on the right is painted in a beautiful earthy shade that best describes itself as terracotta. It fits very well with the badge tone used in the interior. This whole thing has to do with looking too!

  1. Gray

A wall with beautiful brown color is definitely something to think about. It mirrors the beautiful white walls in particular, but still remains dim. And that’s what makes a balanced interior.

  1. Yellow

Strongly small stone walls partially set the image of this  living room, but the yellow popping on the other walls certainly takes the most attention. It makes the whole wall a very pleasant and colorful with almost a colonial touch.

  1. Blue

Wall This blue wall also gives you an instant refreshing effect. It fits very well with this interior and supports sliding doors from large windows and ceilings without any difficulty. And what an amazing living room to relax; you’ll almost be envious of it!

  1. Classic inspiration

Should you arrange an old house in such a way that you respect the classic style and want to add a modern contemporary edge to it? Finding this living room can help you! The gray-blue walls make for a mirror, but the beautiful old ceilings with ornaments and wooden floors fit significantly better. Plus they fit in trendy kitchens!

  1. Royal blue

Here is a complete palette of different variants of each color. Royal blue is a color that you will not see often in the interior. But it is definitely advisable to do something with it! You can see how nice, fashionable and stylish interior here.

  1. Different perspectives

Do you feel like you’ve seen this place before? We do this deliberately because different perspectives can affect color. Previously, the painted wall  looked like terracotta, but now it has left you in doubt: is it still full pink? So you see how color can affect. At least we hope you’ve got enough ideas.


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