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Interior Designer in sector 14 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm Interior design tips about warm room Creating a warm room is something you want to pay attention to in order to spend the cold season comfortably. Especially in traditional Japanese houses, it is often said that it is well ventilated and cold in winter because it is built to survive the heat of summer. So what should we be careful about in order to create a warm room even in the cold winter? Here are some ideas for creating a comfortable room even in winter. Please try to fit your budget, such as how to do it right now or how to spend some money.

How to spend the winter comfortably in a warm room? A warm room is a space where you can feel happy and free from the cold outside. The muscles that are stiff in the cold will also relax and make you smile. However, it is often said that Japanese houses are cold indoors even in winter. What kind of device is needed to spend comfortably even in the cold season? The points include reviewing the structure of windows and buildings, introducing items that make you feel warm, such as rugs, heating appliances, and color coordination. Think about the window structure It is said to be a backward country in terms of window structure compared to the rest of the world. In order to spend a comfortable winter in the harsh cold, it is essential to have a window structure that does not allow cold outside air to enter, and double-layered windows are commonplace. In Japan as well, regardless of summer or winter, considering the issue of utility costs, creating a highly sealed space is an issue that we would like to tackle in terms of environmental conservation. There is also data that even in existing houses; utility costs can be significantly reduced simply by installing interior windows. Why don’t you consider it? Are you particular about curtains? Some people say that it is a little lonely to modify the window structure, and some people find it difficult because it is a rental property. Curtains can be mentioned as a measure that can be taken in a little easier. Of course, it is also recommended to put a cushioning film on the window for the purpose of preventing dew condensation and heat insulation, but it may make it difficult to see the outside and reduce the sunshine. If you are concerned about that, why not try incorporating a curtain that has a heat insulating effect and a heat retaining effect. You might think it’s a piece of cloth, but I think you can’t underestimate it. Choose a good winter rug Warm textiles are indispensable for creating a warm room. Long-haired rugs and comfortable blankets and cushion covers are visually and tactile warm. If you are allergic to wool, you need to consider the material, but fleece is just as warm. It is recommended to lay a rug especially in a house where the bottom is cold. If there is a device that does not make you feels the cold from under the floor directly, the ease of spending will change considerably. The perfect heater What kind of heating appliances are used at home? Recently, there may be many people who mainly use air conditioners, but the ones that are overwhelmingly warm are those that use fire such as gas heaters and kerosene heaters. Recently, it seems that some people have adopted a fireplace. Of course, each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to identify and select them. If it’s a cold house, the electric carpet seems to play an active role. Incorporate colors well When customizing a room, color coordination tends to be a blind spot. From a color psychological point of view, it is said that it feels cold in a space that uses a lot of blue and white. It may be cool in the summer, but if you want to customize it for the winter, it’s a good idea to add warm colors to the accent colors. In the living room of this house, one side of the wall is reddish orange, creating a bright and warm atmosphere.

Interior design ideas about Room arrangement A cute room is something that many women long for. Whether you want to make a cute room but don’t know how to handle it, or if you want to arrange it easily, you can change it into a cute room by holding down a few points. This time, I will think about how to make a cute room with a little arrangement. If you upgrade your place of residence, you will feel better! Why don’t you try it a little bit? Arrangement to make a cute room Even if you vaguely want to make a cute room, you can’t arrange it without a concrete image. First of all, let’s roughly decide the direction. For example, this room has a bright and soft interior that combines the taste of wood with pale pastel colors. The pale pink sofa is very cute. If you coordinate with a light color like this, the cuteness will increase dramatically. In that case, try to keep dark colors such as black and red as small as possible. Stick to the color scheme Different people have different favorite colors. Pastel colors are very effective for creating a room with a soft impression, but some people may like the coloring that is a little punchier. By making some of the walls and doors blue and the floors darker, a solid frame is created, in which light-colored furniture and accent textiles come to life. Try to make the accent color work If you prefer a simple and stylish interior, you can use white or woody colors as a base for a wider range of arrangements. In this house, in addition to these two colors, turquoise is used as an accent color. By incorporating similar colors into the back splash of the kitchen and small items and stools placed in the chest, a cohesive space is created. It’s easy to arrange the colors, so it seems easy to imitate. Let’s take in the warmth of plants Even if you call it a cute room, you have different tastes and different directions. The simple cuteness that doesn’t become too sweet seems to be a space that feels comfortable even as you get older. In a simple room with white walls where you can see the brick structure of the walls like this, the colors shine brightly. Wood and monotone furniture are placed here. It gives a simple and cool impression, but the plants add softness to it. By displaying succulent plants of various sizes together, you can feel the warmth of the space. Would you like to incorporate pop cuteness? If you like colorful colors, you probably want to add vivid colors to your interior that will make you feel good. However, if you incorporate a lot of colors with strong individuality, it tends to make the space a little uncomfortable. In order to make good use of the goodness of color, I want to consider the balance with the color of the entire space. In this house, the large furniture is subdued and the mini-table and sofa bed covers are harmoniously arranged with strong colors. Let’s stick to the lighting In order to make a cute room, I also want to stick to lighting. The unique lighting changes the atmosphere of the room in various ways. In this bedroom, the bedside lighting is a chain light entwined with tree branches! It is a unique DIY work that cannot be seen in ready-made products. The branches of the tree are in harmony with the space where you can feel the shabby chic atmosphere, which is very cute. I would like to arrange unique lighting that matches the interior.

Ideas for living and dining rooms in one place

The living and dining rooms, which were thoroughly separated by walls and doors, are changing to a design that connects together in line with the flow of the times. Of course, there are people who still prefer a design that is separated according to taste and choice, but it is not difficult to find a design that connects these two spaces to the kitchen in quite a lot of houses. If so, what is the appropriate distance between the dining room table and the living room sofa?

1. Living room and dining room with oriental still atmosphere

The first interior, including the living room and dining room, was presented by woayueh, a Taiwanese interior decoration & interior design company. The basic concept was based on a static oriental space, and it was completed with a calm and stable atmosphere. The dining room and living room were placed facing each other, and the colors and materials of the walls were different to create a sense of separation.

2. Scandinavian style living and dining room

This is an indoor space presented by win interior, an interior decoration & interior design company. The interior was carried out with Scandinavian style as the basic concept, and the distance between the living room and the dining room is similar to the interior we looked at earlier. They are not closely attached, and the space between the two spaces acts as a passageway that connects to other corridors in the room, giving the feeling that the two spaces are naturally separated.

3. Living and dining rooms filled with rich aesthetics

The third indoor space was presented, and it shows an attempt to break the existing design prejudices by showing the aesthetic sense to the fullest. Away from the square sofa, a unique sofa that looks like a stratum or shell was placed. The distance between the dining table and the sofa is only 10 cm. In fact, it’s very close, but it doesn’t feel cramped because of the unique and flexible curve of the sofa, and the chairs surrounding the table are all translucent materials so they don’t block the view too much.

4. Living and dining rooms with a mix of modern and industrial styles

cty-space, an interior decoration & interior design company, introduced a living and dining room with an industrial feel in a modern style. Exposed concrete and wood are at the center of the dining room, and the living room has dark blue and wood around the sofa. The distance between the two spaces was set to be farther than the space previously examined. But above all else, the dining table is made of wood and the sofa is made of dark blue fabric, so it feels naturally separated even in an open space.

5. Living room and dining room with a cute atmosphere

The living room and dining room to be examined next are filled with an arrangement that seems to be gathered together compared to the spaces we looked at earlier. Let’s pay attention to the wall. It is filled with a combination of wood and gray walls, just like the dining table and sofa. The harmony of the wooden dining table and the gray fabric living room sofa was created in a compressed form on the wall. Thanks to this, although the dining table and sofa are close together, it does not feel cramped or isolated.

6. Impressive living and dining room

The kitchen and living room are the first to fill the space finished in white  . And a bright red dining table was placed in the center of the dining room, which became a focal point. Let’s pay attention to the harmony of the two spaces with an impressive lively feeling.

7. Living and dining room with naturalistic atmosphere

Next, let’s focus on the wall space. A dining room was created by attaching a wooden dining table to the striking stone wall. And the living room sofa was placed facing the opposite side only a few centimeters from the dining table. The space, which could have seemed cramped, was created luxuriously thanks to the unique texture of the walls and the naturalistic atmosphere.

8. Concise design living and dining room

The eighth interior also divides two spaces with a wall as a medium. The table in the dining room is made of wood and the walls are finished in white. A living room with a sofa is located not far from the dining table, and the wall the sofa leans against is finished with a wall reminiscent of bricks, giving a completely different space atmosphere.

9. Luxurious living and dining room

The interior space we will look at next has been decorated with a focus on creating a luxurious atmosphere. There is a living room with a sofa placed behind a wall with exquisite stone and marble feel, and a dining room with a natural textured dining table is built not far from the road. A large flowerpot is placed between the two to help the two spaces harmonize comfortably.

10. Living and dining room filled with wooden interiors

The next interior was presented by Japanese architectural firm design. If attention was paid to the other living and dining rooms, which we looked at earlier, were open to each other and yet felt separate, the design of this living and dining room was focused on creating a unified atmosphere. The wood used as a medium to create a feeling of comfortable space. The dining table is also made of wood to emphasize the unified atmosphere. Only the sofa is coated with a different material, which naturally becomes a point in the space.

11. Neatly separated living and dining rooms

The eleventh interior we will look at is a modern space in which the living room, kitchen and dining room are connected dynamically, and was directed, an interior decoration & interior design company. The reason why the three spaces arranged in white feel naturally separated is because the texture and color of the furniture are different.

12. Living room and dining room seen from the duplex design interior

The interior space we will look at next is designed as a two-story type. The living room, dining room and kitchen were placed on the first floor, and the bedroom was placed on the second floor. This is a picture of the living room and dining room seen from the second floor, and it was simply finished by placing a dining table next to a white fabric sofa.

13. A space atmosphere that became one through trees

The last interior we will look at is a space in which the living and dining rooms are exquisitely fused using wood as a medium. The natural comfortable and healthy feeling of wood and the sophisticated sense of modern style are attractive.

Buying land and self-built | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What should I pay attention to when buying land and self-built?

Buying land and building by you is the dream of many people, because you can plan and design the appearance and interior decoration of the house yourself, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment from scratch. In addition, the total cost of buying land for self-construction is relatively low compared to buying a general new existing house, and in the end, it is a very cost-effective investment to have the right to complete the land. Buying land and building it yourself is not a simple matter. There are many things to pay attention to. Let’s take a look.

How much do I need to prepare?

When buying land, you can apply for “civil construction financing.” Usually, the land loan ratio is low, and the loan can only be up to 65%. The benchmark amount of the land purchase loan must be based on the bank’s appraisal, not the actual land purchase amount, and the difference is about 10-20%. Therefore, you must prepare at least half of your own when purchasing land. As for the cost of building a house, in order to avoid half-stop construction, you cannot get a loan in the initial stage of building a house. Usually you need to complete the construction of the building before you can apply for a house loan with the bank. Therefore, you must prepare enough funds before building a house.

What is the approximate cost of buying land for self-construction?

The cost of steel bar, form work, concrete, and sand varies from place to place, and different structures such as reinforced brick construction, reinforced concrete, and light steel construction will also affect the cost of the house.

Do I need to apply for a license to buy land for self-construction?

According to the regulations, when buying land for self-construction, it is necessary to apply for a building license. You must entrust an architect to handle the demolition license, construction license, and use license.

Is it better to find an architect, builder or interior designer to build a house?

Looking for an architect, builder or interior designer to build a house has its own advantages and disadvantages, but because building a house is not only planning and design, it also involves complicated laws and regulations, so we recommend that you find a legal professional architect. Architects can plan the space of the overall building, shape the appearance of the building with unique charm and characteristics, and can also help with the application for building license. If it is a building below the 5th floor or a non-public building, the architect can do the visa action for the structure of the building without outsourcing execution. In addition, the building regulations of various cities in India are different, so entrusting an architect to design can save you a lot of trouble. Interior designers can shape your living space, and their unique beauty can create a beautiful interior space for you. Many interior designers themselves also have a background in architectural cultivation and have a certain degree of understanding of relevant laws and regulations. However, according to the law, when buying land for self-construction, it is still necessary to entrust an architect to handle matters related to land construction license applications. The advantage of finding a builder to build a house is that they can combine architectural design and construction, but compared to the design provided by the architect, it will be more standardized, but it can relatively save the cost of asking the architect to design. If you want to ask a builder to build a house, and ask an architect to supervise it, it will be easier if there are problems during the construction.

When discussing with an architect, do I need to prepare anything in advance?

Before the interview with the architect, it is recommended that you first organize the requirements and ideas for the house into text or photos, so that the architect can understand the blueprint in your mind more concretely when communicating and discussing. It is recommended that you can list your budget, family size and layout needs, favorite style and design, family lifestyle and habits, and the home appliances you need.

What kind of structure does the house have?

The structure of the house is basically divided into three types, namely reinforced concrete, steel frame and steel frame reinforced concrete. Below we will introduce these three common housing structures, you can choose according to your needs.

Steel structure

Steel structure in English is Steel Structure, SS for short. The process of constructing steel-frame buildings is to transport the section steel completed by the steel plant to the construction site by pallet truck, and then join them by bolts, welding and other methods. After the main structure of the beams and columns is completed, the concrete floor slab is poured with corrugated steel plates, and the partition walls are installed with lightweight materials. Compared with reinforced concrete buildings, the construction of steel-frame buildings requires shorter construction period and fewer labors, but they are more technical. Welding workers must hold relevant licenses to be competent. Steel has a large ratio of strength to weight and good toughness, making steel-frame buildings light and earthquake-resistant, and suitable for the construction of high-rise or super-tall buildings. But also because of its light structure, the sound insulation effect is not as good as the reinforced concrete structure, and it is easy to shake when strong wind blows, which easily make people on the tall buildings, feel uncomfortable. If the steel structure is used as a residence, the comfort is relatively poor.

Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced Concrete Structures (RC) is a building form that uses steel bars and concrete as materials to construct beams, columns, floors, and walls, and brick walls are often used as partition walls. Today, reinforced concrete structures are still the mainstream of Indian architecture, and about 90% of them belong to reinforced concrete buildings. The construction method of reinforced concrete buildings is to assemble the steel bars of the columns after the foundation is completed, and erect the form work around the steel bars, and then pour the concrete; after the concrete of the columns has solidified to a certain strength, the beams and floor steel bars are assembled, and the form work is erected Concrete is poured and then built up layer by layer. In India’s reinforced concrete buildings, there are not many buildings with floors higher than 25. The reason is that India’s earthquakes occur frequently, and the reinforced concrete building materials currently used have a small strength-to-weight ratio. The higher the building height, the lower the building. The thicker the column needs to be, to have enough support and earthquake resistance. High-rise or ultra-high buildings with more than 25 floors in India are mostly constructed of steel frame or steel frame reinforced concrete.

Steel-reinforced concrete

In order to take into account the seismic resistance and comfort of high-rise buildings, the Japanese engineering community combined reinforced concrete and steel-reinforced building materials, and took the lead in developing Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC). Compared with the steel frame structure, the steel frame reinforced concrete structure is relatively stable. Therefore, the low floors of the super high-rise buildings often use steel frame reinforced concrete to stabilize the building and improve the seismic resistance of the low floors; the high floor uses the steel frame structure to make the high The floors are light and shockproof.

What kind of building materials should I choose?

Building materials refers to the general term for various materials used in the fields of construction and civil engineering, referred to as “building materials”. When decorating their homes, homeowners usually do not notice what building materials to use, but leave it to the designer to decide. However, the building materials used in the home actually have a very large impact on the health of the residents, and the price difference is also very large, so it is recommended that you do some homework before decorating the house, so that you will not “lost money”. Below we will introduce some of the most common building materials for your reference.


Generally used metals can be divided into pig iron, iron and stainless steel. Black iron needs to be painted to prevent rust, while stainless steel is a widely used metal building material. When in use, if you want a metallic texture, you can choose not to paint. There are also special cases where aluminum products or titanium are used, but generally speaking, iron and stainless steel are still the majority.

Meina board

Meinair board is made of impregnated colored paper and kraft paper layer by layer, and then pressed by high temperature and high pressure. The product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure, scratch resistance, flame resistance, etc., and it is a very durable surface decoration material.

Cement Board

The cement board looks similar to the popular clear water model, but it is lighter than the clear water model, and the price is relatively low, so it is often used as a substitute for the clear water model.


In recent years, the board has become more and more diversified, not only has the basic functions of fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation and shock resistance, but also added special functions such as antibacterial, humidity control, negative ions, and deodorization. In addition, the board is also richer in color choices. In addition to basic colors such as beige, white, and gray, it also provides more colorful bright colors, as well as variable patterns such as wood grain and wood wool. for selection.


Glass is full of penetrating properties, so it can maintain a sense of space in the interior and reduce the sense of pressure. It is an essential material for magnifying and dividing spaces. The most commonly used glass is: clear glass, matte glass, gauze glass, sandblasted glass, etc.


If you want to create a sense of luxury, stone is the best choice. The most common and popular food materials include granite, marble, mosaic and other artistic stones.

Green Building Materials

Green building materials actually refer to environmentally-friendly building materials. Environmentally-friendly building materials must meet one of the conditions of regeneration, health, ecology, and high performance, and they must pass the certification of the National Inspection Bureau.

Artificial stone

Artificial stone is a kind of synthetic product. It is usually made of crushed stone and then mixed with viscose. Its appearance imitates natural stone, with small pores and anti-fouling advantages over natural stone.


Products made of ceramic clay, feldspar, pottery stone, quartz and other materials that are fired at high temperature are called tiles. If classified by area, mosaic tiles below 40 cm² are called mosaic tiles; tiles above 40 cm are called tiles. The floor tiles are called floor tiles; the wall tiles are called wall tiles. According to the material, the tiles can be divided into three types: ceramic, stone and porcelain.


Paint can quickly change the style of the home, and its cost is relatively low, it is a very common building materials. The colors provided by the paint are very diverse, and now there are many organic brands that can provide homeowners who care about their health.

I want to buy a container house, what should I pay attention to?

Compared with traditional houses, container houses built with containers are low in cost and fast in construction. Therefore, they are becoming more and more popular in the modern society with high housing prices. However, there are some details you have to pay attention to before buying a container house, so as not to cause more unnecessary troubles after purchasing a container house.

Regulations for container houses?

The Ministry of the Interior stipulates that as long as the container is placed on the land, it has a roof, pillars, and walls as a building. If you want to use it for a long time, you must apply for an official building license. If it is a temporary container house, you must also apply for a license. The temporary container house is valid for 5 years and needs to be demolished as soon as the period expires. The temporary container house is limited to two floors.

Disadvantages of container house?

The fatal disadvantage of a container house is that it will be very hot and not ventilated in the summer, and the ability to resist earthquakes and typhoons is insufficient, so it is not very ideal for areas where earthquakes and typhoons occur frequently. However, some professionals are now beginning to improve the problem of container houses. Therefore, modern container houses also have more heat-resistant and shock-resistant designs to choose from. Some experts have combined the characteristics of the container to strengthen the anti-seismic effect and create a movable house.

What is the approximate price of a house with containers?

Depending on the number of floors and interior decoration, the price of a container house is also different. On the whole, container houses are more suitable for use as temporary houses, such as mobile cafes or exhibition venues. In the long run, the circulation, layout, lighting and ventilation of the container house are not ideal. Therefore, if you want to use it in a long-term residence, it is not a good choice for the physical and mental health of the residents.

I want to buy land and build a house when I retire. How do I plan my savings?

  1. Set up different accounts to automatically allocate funds and never use it when it is not necessary.

In addition to the daily living expenses account, banks can now open various sub-accounts for retirement, nursing, education, house purchase, investment and other accounts. After receiving salary, the money will be deposited into each account in proportion. Unless there is a major event, don’t Use account deposits.

Investment-type insurance policies, with low capital thresholds, it is easy to start.

There are more and more “Moonlight people” with salary overdrafts at the end of the month. The main reason is that fresh people in the society have no economic pressure and are prone to impulsive consumption. They have almost zero savings in the first five years of work. Said that in the era of low interest rates, it is not recommended for fresh people in society. Put all your money in fixed deposits, you can invest your money in “investment policies”. Compared with traditional insurance policies, which pay a fixed amount of policy interest every month, this emphasizes your own profit and loss, but you have a higher interest rate and can be invested in The amount can be adjusted, and the premium can also be determined by oneself, and the use of money is more flexible.

The goal is to get the first pot of gold in your life within 5 years and buy a low-threshold real estate.

After the first pot of gold is deposited, the goal is to purchase “low-threshold” real estate. This is the biggest key to whether you can buy a house in retirement. After you accumulate the first pot of money in your life through savings, insurance, etc., you can purchase low-threshold real estate first. Take the northern residents as an example.

It is the best policy to reduce high-risk investments before retirement.

In the five years before the retirement age, it is recommended that silver-haired people reduce high-risk investments, such as stocks or real estate with large loan amounts. As quasi-retirees have sufficient funds at this time, they are prone to impulsive investment in high-value real estate and stocks. Although the benefits are high, the risks are also high. It is recommended that quasi-retirees can return their funds to fixed deposits or savings insurance and other stable methods, instead of making big losses due to small losses.