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Secrets to make your bathroom modern and elegant

Many of us do not give the bathroom the importance it deserves, despite it being the place that receives us after hours of tiredness and exhaustion, and helps us regain our activity through a warm bath. We may think that the bathroom does not have to keep pace with fashion and it is enough to be clean and tidy, but we affirm that the ideal bathroom is an honorable front of the house, and the design of the bathroom in general affects negatively or positively the appearance of the whole house.

Today, we brought to you a set of secrets that help in obtaining an elegant and modern bathroom, which you can easily quote when designing or renovating your bathroom.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has become an essential feature of modern homes, and it is no longer confined to rooms such as sleeping and living only, but extends to the kitchen and bathroom so that they too can enjoy this unique aesthetic touch. And the choice of wallpaper for the bathroom must have high qualities of water resistance, and choosing it is conducive to recovery and comfort, such as sea waves or delicate roses.

2. Luxurious carpet

Bare bathroom floors give a boring look to the bathroom, but it is a common mistake that we all make, so using fluffy rugs with soft and fluffy lines is a good idea to add a luxurious and lively touch to the bathroom.

3. A touch of pastel

Calm and soft colors are the hallmark of the era, and you will not find more beautiful pastel shades to decorate your bathroom. Here we see a white bathroom with a simple touch of light mauve color in the ceiling lamp, which changed the look of the bathroom for the most beautiful.

4. Perfect materials

The variety of materials eliminates the need for many accessories, as it gives a modern and beautiful look to your bathroom. And the use of cold-effect mosaics with woods with a warm effect in this picture, gave a great visual and moral richness to the place.

5. Monochrome

The famous duo of black and white, or the so-called monochrome style, perfectly suits modern bathrooms, for its effortlessly elegant look. But it is more suitable for large bathrooms, and do not forget that it needs good lighting to highlight its beauty.

6. Fashionable lighting

If your bathroom mirror is traditional, it’s time to revive it a bit. By installing lighting on the frame or behind it, the lighting colors can also be manipulated for a more modern effect.

7. Personal touches

Comfort and practicality are the biggest advantages of modern or modern bathrooms, and for a more comfortable bathroom, do not hesitate to put some personal touches that make the place closer to your heart, such as some frames and paintings that suit your taste, or some of your favorite flowers.

Bathroom interior with small ideas

The bathroom is designed with a funky interior that has no personality compared to other spaces. That’s why most of the interiors are decorated in white. This is probably because it gives the effect of a cleaner look and makes the space appear larger. It is good to make the space look wider through a white interior, but it can feel boring, so let’s create a unique bathroom by changing accessories or furniture.

You can solve the shortcomings that can be plain because it is all white with items with a sense of volume. There are ways to add a three-dimensional effect with wall-mounted lighting and framed  mirrors, and to create an exotic feel by placing colorful bathroom items everywhere. A visual cooling effect can be added only with vivid colors. If you don’t like complicated color interiors in a relatively small space, you can create a simple bathroom with a minimalistic feel.

You can create a stylish bathroom without a sense of color by choosing furniture that stands out with simple lines. If you pay attention to the small parts of the bathroom interior, which can be varied like this, you can create a new living space from the bathroom that occupies the smallest part. Let’s look at the decoration items that will change the bathroom from the most basic bathroom cleaning.

Cleaning the bathroom

Hygiene and cleanliness are the most important factors in a bathroom. If you want a neat and clean bathroom interior, choose a material with excellent durability and stability, and make a habit of cleaning it before mold and other germs generated by moisture develop. Let’s learn how to clean to make a comfortable bathroom. The first thing you see in the bathroom is the mirror, which determines the impression of the bathroom. 

A dirty mirror doesn’t look good either. You can easily clean the mirror with the toiletries in the bathroom, and that is by using the rinse aid. If you moisten a damp cloth with rinse aid and wipe the mirror once, then wipe it again with a dry towel. Even the washbasin that we use the most requires meticulous hygiene management. Water stains around the washbasin can be made shiny by using a rinse, just like the mirror cleaning principle.

Remove mold from the bathroom

Bathrooms, which are most prone to mold, are the best breeding places for mold, especially sinks, toilets, and cremated floors. It is caused by high temperature and humidity, and human sebum secretion, so ventilation and cleaning are important on a daily basis. So, if you want to keep your bathroom tiles clean for a long time, try removing scale or mold from between them. 

Lax, which is often used to remove mold, is effective, but if it is used incorrectly as it is, it will peel off the coating of the tile and prevent the contaminants from being washed away cleanly with water. So, you have to dilute it with water and use it, and if you don’t have it, you can use a 1:1 mixture of baking soda and vinegar instead of latex. Another method of removing mold using potatoes is to rub the edge of the potato on the mold between the tiles and spray it with water, and the starch component will remove the mold cleanly.

Change to bathroom tiles

The bathroom is a healing space where you can reorganize your body and mind. If you want to get bright and positive energy, how about adding points with colorful tiles? Choose a tile with gorgeous colors and patterns and create it on the floor or wall freely without any form. If you are looking for an elegant and luxurious style, try matching tiles with various metal items such as gold or silver. The reason tiles are fun and give points to a space is that they pile up and gather together like a mosaic puzzle to fill the space.

The interior in the photo is decorated with a flower pattern on one wall and the other side gives strength to the space through the color contrast of the mosaic color that stands out. The free patterns are arranged irregularly to bring out a sense of rhythm, and it seems to be contrasted by using different colors, but it gives a sense of stability by giving a sense of unity with the pink series. If the color is burdensome, try using a tile made by printing natural materials such as bricks or wood. Tiles using real textures give the space a natural look and feel comfortable.

Scented Candles or Flower Pots for the Bathroom

If you go to a hotel with an atmosphere, scented candles and plants are essential to the bathroom interior. Aroma candles, flowers in unbreakable vases, and small pots are effective not only for psychological stability but also for deodorization. Scented candles are not only effective in removing unpleasant odors, but also have the effect of decorating themselves as an indispensable item in the bathroom. Also, there is a way to match the fresh green plants together.

Consider placing simple plant materials of an affordable size or pots with air purifying ability. Gwaneum porridge or charcoal are good plants for bathrooms, and they absorb ammonia, the main culprit of bathroom odors, and make the bathroom fresh. It is also a good idea to put a transparent glass bottle in the bathroom instead of a large and burdensome vase in the narrow bathroom. It can create a cooler and cleaner atmosphere.

Wall deco in the bathroom

If you feel tired of white wallpaper by choosing an item that influences the atmosphere of the bathroom, let’s lighten the wall decoration with a witty design. Although the bathroom point wallpaper sticker has the effect of decorating the wall, it is an item that can give fun and education to children if they have children. This is because you can decorate it with the concept your child wants. 

In addition to the point wallpaper, you can also decorate the wall with bathroom accessories. This is a method of using a toothbrush holder, soap with a unique shape, or a toilet paper case, which is an essential bathroom item. For items that can be attached to the wall, you can create a witty bathroom wall by choosing a product with a unique design or color.

Storage needed for a small bathroom

How about a bathroom storage idea that can satisfy both function and style in a bathroom that is not tidy no matter how tidy it is? Due to the nature of the small bathroom, let’s make the most of the bathroom furniture. For example, it is a storage method using a cotton pad, and if you provide a storage space at the bottom, you can store bulky or large bathroom items such as extra toilet paper or various items. 

Also, if you have a lot of space in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to place a cabinet that can be opened and closed in the bathroom next to the sink or bathtub. This is because items that easily get wet, such as bathroom towels, can be filled in the chest of drawers. In addition to the cabinet, you can also attach a hanger or shelf. A stick-type hanger or shelf for hanging towels, clothes, accessories, and brushes is a useful item in a small bathroom.

The product can be easily attached to and detached from the wall, so it is not burdensome. There’s nothing better than flush-mounted shelves that don’t take up any space, no matter how snugly fitted into the niche. If you feel cramped with full bathroom furniture, consider the size of the items you want to store, set the height appropriately, and then install a recessed shelf.

Mirror and lighting installation

Make small changes to your bathroom with the necessary mirrors and lighting. Most bathrooms have daylight bulbs plugged in, but once you switch to a light bulb, you can make your bathroom a little brighter. In the case of a mirror, if it is attached to the wall, there is a way to make a small change to the winter frame.

You can create a warmer and more natural feeling by putting a wooden border around the mirror. If it is cumbersome to install a separate mirror, it is a good way to use a mirror with a shelf function to store various bathroom items. It is a good item because it can be used as a mirror while performing the function of storage in the sink.

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Ideas to cover the gas meter | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

In all our homes there are crises that have no solution after we have finished designing the entire house, such as installing a gas meter or pipes or connecting new electrical connections, and we may neglect this point during the design from the beginning and do not take it into account and then we find such crises appear later Today, we will take care of finding solutions to one of these problems, which is covering the gas meter and its pipes. We hope to help you solve this problem.

A usual scene..

A usual scene in most of our homes, especially with the entry of natural gas into our homes. Pipes appeared and extended into the  kitchen and  sometimes the salon. We might think that this is a crisis that has no solution, but today with simple ideas we will find what suits us without cost or great effort..

Simple plate

A simple panel that fulfills the purpose and achieves what we want. Hide the gas meter itself with a simple panel with a calm and beautiful design, and thus you may succeed in transforming the distorted landscape of the void into a beautiful gesture and a distinctive decorative piece..

Green plants..

How about making a basket of green plants with a beautiful smell, such as basil and mint, to add a touch of the heart of nature to your kitchen and make it more beautiful and bright and breathe life into it, experts advise you to hang it to cover the counter space and also benefit from the natural gas pipes..

Industrial style..

The most important thing that distinguishes the industrial style is that such elements are among its important features and details. It depends mainly on the recycling of drain pipes, gas and aging iron, etc. Add a touch of industrial style to make the scene balanced and attractive.

Suitable color..

Paint the gas pipes, feeders, or other distorted external connections to design your home in an appropriate color from the pallet used in the interior decoration of your home, and then you have found a simple solution that decorates the house and makes this crisis turn into a beautiful addition..

Practical use..

As we mentioned before about the industrial style, it is its exploitation of such elements as one of its important details. In front of you, the designer used pipes as distinctive lighting carriers and painted them in a clear color such as black to be relied upon as a distinctive addition to the design, but make sure that the lighting units or the use of pipes are light and harmless so as not to cause A crisis without realizing it.

Copper plating..

And in the end.. the year 2020 is titled copper and its beauty, the use of copper comes at the forefront of the fashion trends for the year 2020, so it is possible to paint pipes and counters with copper and use them as attractive and distinctive decorative elements in your home..

Ideas to cover the gas meter | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Which is better.. bathtub or shower cabin?

When it comes to buying a bathroom set , there are several alternatives to choose from, on top of which is the bathtub, bathtub, shower box or shower cabin. Where we compare the pros and cons of each separately.

Bathtub Pros:

Before we judge the preference of the two options presented with us today, we have to discuss the pros and cons of each of them separately in some detail, and below we will address the advantages of the bathtub:

  • Great for relaxing after a long day, especially if the user feels muscle aches.
  • Perfect for baby showers.
  • Available in many sizes to fit any bathroom.
  • Available in a wide range of designs and styles (including materials, tiles, colors, etc.).

* Disadvantages of bathtub

  • It can be difficult to use for the elderly or those with mobility issues.
  • Takes more space than a shower cabin.
  • Requires a lot of water.
  • Filling the bathtub and taking a bath can be a waste of time.
  • It takes time and effort to clean it, especially if it is light in color, as recommended by experts.

* Pros of shower or shower cabin

  • Uses less water than a bathtub.
  • An ideal choice for a quick shower.
  • Ease of dealing with people who suffer from movement and mobility problems with it, and it can also be equipped with a metal accessory piece that allows them to hold it; To prevent any slippage.
  • Takes up less space than bathtubs.
  • There are many advanced features to choose from.

* Disadvantages of shower box

It needs enough time to dry

Which one is safer?

Both can be a problem of injury to the same person when using or worse, some may slip or fall in the bathroom while moving in the cabin, some may also drown while showering in the bathtub.. So let’s call this a tie in favor The two options.

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