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Economical Interior and Modular Kitchen Designers Near Me

Modern kitchens: many ideas to inspire you

In this book of ideas we bring you 7 modern kitchen ideas that we hope you like. If you are in the process of designing or renovating your kitchen, we are sure that you will find ideas to inspire you. Let us begin!

1. A design with a lot of personality

We love how the architects use the flooring to delimit the kitchen area, right where the kitchen island is. Next to it we can see the large storage space that this design has.

2. Brick walls

Exposing brick or concrete walls is usually a resource to achieve an industrial style, but it is also present in beautiful modern kitchens like this one.

3. A very well designed small kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, it does not mean that you have to give up having a modern kitchen. A good idea is for the kitchen to open up to the living room to gain space, as in this case.

4. The wood

If we think of wood, it can remind us of our grandmother’s kitchen or even a fairy tale kitchen. However, wood is an excellent construction material that if we know how to use, we can achieve a fabulous design like this.

5. With personality

It may be that white kitchens seem to have no personality, but what we have to do to achieve a better result is to combine them with other elements such as wicker or wood and even dare to add a touch of color, as they have done here with the lamps.

6. Wood and white

One of the most successful combinations right now is the combination of wood and white. It turns out a bright and beautiful kitchen that its owners will undoubtedly enjoy.

7. Combination of styles

Modern kitchens are the ideal resource to try different combinations of styles and achieve a design as spectacular as this one. Metallic finishes with wood details mix with different floor and wall patterns and everything is combined with industrial-style lamps.

4.Economical Interior and Modular Kitchen Designers Near Me

5.Economical Interior and Modular Kitchen Designers Near Me

6.Economical Interior and Modular Kitchen Designers Near Me

10 Comfortable and functional kitchen ideas to inspire you

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Today we bring together 10 kitchen ideas that are a great source of inspiration. Large, small, linear kitchens with an island. Find in this book the best projects from professionals . Festival of design, colors and materials that you can start exploring now. Let’s start!

1. Vintage kitchen

Vintage kitchens are becoming fashionable. The fact that the cabinets or the furniture itself have details that nod to classic kitchens with a contemporary language is a spectacular ideaThe colors and finishes will depend a lot on the palette of colors and materials used in the general proposal of the house.

2. Functional kitchen

To make kitchens more functional, furniture must be integrated into the walls that confine the space. If the furniture and cabinets are placed in such a way that they allow freedom to the center of the enclosure, tables or support bars can be placed that not only serve to serve the preparation of food, but also to eat it.

3. Linear kitchen

For corridor-shaped or linear kitchens, it is advisable to develop the furniture and cabinets on one of the walls, or if possible, on both, leaving the circulation in the center. If you can leave a space at the back for a table, it will be important. In this way, not only will you get the most out of the space and function, but it will also facilitate the design of the kitchen.

4. Kitchen for small spaces

Taking advantage of all the available walls to develop the kitchen is an idea that can be implemented, especially in small flats. Kitchens do not have to be uniform areas and if you have little space, having a couple of walls to make furniture can have very favorable results.

5. Cocina open space

Opening the kitchen space directly to the dining room is an idea that can help make the apartment feel larger. It can be integrated through a bar that serves to serve both the kitchen and the dining room itself. In an open space kitchen it is recommended that finishes and furniture share the same palette.

6. Kitchen with island

The simple kitchenettes that are built on a wall that overlooks the dining room can be perfectly complemented with an island. This island can be just a support table or also contain the grill or the sink on its perimeter. In addition, this increases the storage area in the lower cabinets.

7. Black and white

Contrast is an idea that can be very attractive in any kitchen. Beyond wanting to integrate the furniture to the walls so that they are part of them, contrasting them will make the furniture one more design element that can contribute a lot to the space. It is advisable to do this in open spaces, as the piece of furniture will weigh a lot visually.

8. Kitchen with integral furniture

Designing furniture to measure or with a certain typology is a detail that can be achieved in a country house or in an apartment in the center of any city. Details such as the sink, the hood or the cabinets themselves can be customized to give a very personal touch. This can be complemented with the taps or the fittings used for the furniture.

9. Kitchen with natural lighting and ventilation

An idea that cannot fail in any kitchen is to always take into account its lighting and ventilation. Having a lighting project, whether natural or artificial, that helps food preparation is essential for its proper functioning. You can have general lighting and generate different critical points of greater light incidence.

10. Kitchen with OSB

One way to make a kitchen is through manufacturing its furniture and cabinets with chipboard, including what is known as OSB. The particularity of this type of material is that it must be dense enough to not allow the passage of water or it could open. If it is left apparent, it is necessary to apply a sealer to highlight its physical characteristics and extend its durability.

Best and Cheap Interior Designers for Modular Kitchen

15 kitchen ideas that will inspire you

Creating a home is adding a personal imprint to each room, small details capable of surprising and making the environments unique, welcoming and functional spaces. A painting, a unique lamp, an attractive wallpaper, a distribution that overcomes spatial limitations… The formulas are open to all kinds of interpretations but, when it comes to the kitchen, not only inspiration matters, but also practicality.

Achieving the balance between functionality and style depends on our ability to make the whole approach work like a perfect gear, but where to start? If you are thinking of renovating the gastronomic epicenter of your home, here are 15 inspiring ideas for the kitchen that will help you carry out your project. Keep reading!

1. A functional distribution

Thinking about the kitchen is thinking about functionality and, for this reason, betting on a practical distribution is essential. L-shaped designs make it possible to optimize space to the maximum and, if we also add white finishes and good lighting, the recipe is perfect.

2. Indoor mobility

Another common formula for distributing the kitchen is the U-shaped designs, although the linear configuration or with an island is not bad either when the surface lends itself to it. The important thing is to guarantee mobility inside so that, in addition to having everything perfectly organized, you can move comfortably without losing practicality.

3. A style for every kitchen

The choice of style is another basic aspect when giving your kitchen a personal imprint. Modern, minimalist, industrial, rustic… You decide! Of course, remember that the style you choose for this room in the house must be in line with the rest of the interior design proposal so that your home looks harmonious and balanced.

4. Goodbye walls

Do you refuse to relegate the kitchen to the background? Then open layouts or kitchenettes are perfect for you. The elimination of walls and integration of spaces such as kitchen, living room and dining room has been a trend for years, as well as a good way to make the most of spatial possibilities.

5. Play with the pavements…

Whether you opt for an open plan design or prefer to respect the privacy of the kitchen, it is possible to delimit your space thanks to the flooring. Why not a solution as attractive as it is original based on wood for the dining area and hydraulic tile for the work area? Simply spectacular.

6… . Or with the color of the walls

If you don’t want to embark on major renovations, another interesting way to print a unique character to your kitchen is to bet on the decoration of the walls. Painting tiles, for example, has become an economical alternative to changing coatings and the color palette offers you endless possibilities.

7. Decorative vinyl

Another economical and inspiring formula for wall decoration is vinyl. From reasons linked to the gastronomic world to proposals like this monthly blackboard organizer, there are so many options that it will be difficult for you to decide on just one.

8. Timeless elegance

But if you are determined to completely renovate your kitchen, you can also opt for timeless coverings that will add a touch of indisputable elegance. Marble is a good example that, in this case, not only covers the walls but also gives life to a large part of the furniture, creating a most inspiring proposal.

9. Be original

Who said that the classics had no place in a modern kitchen? Tiles are, without a doubt, the preferred option in terms of kitchen cladding, but there is nothing like placing them with a pattern that is out of the ordinary so that your kitchen shows off a unique character. Matching the colors of the furniture, the counter top and the metallic finishes of the appliances, it is a success in the design of this kitchen.

10. Nature Inspiration

Nature has unquestionable benefits when it comes to creating an inspiring and warm atmosphere in the home, and the kitchen is a setting in which its presence also has a place. From small pots on shelves or counter tops to exceptional views, through to a wallpaper like this cactus, plants will bring incredible dynamism to your design.

11. Original lamps

Among the inspiring ideas for kitchens, reference to the lighting chapter cannot be missing. We are all clear that having the right light is key to guaranteeing the functionality of this room in the house but, in addition, lighting contributes significantly to the decoration chapter. How about some lamps in the shape of jars for that counter that connects your kitchen with the dining room?

12. Small details

If we talk about decoration in the kitchen, small details can make a big difference. It is not about colonizing each corner with objects or accessories that end up saturating the surfaces and reducing functionality, but rather, adding nuances that increase the attractiveness of the room. Have you noticed the clock located in the tall furniture area? A style detail that fits perfectly with the modern look of this open kitchen.

13. Functionality

The reform of a kitchen opens before you a universe of possibilities but the truth is that small gestures can help you to renew it without undertaking major interventions. Adding a shelf, an auxiliary piece of furniture, some lighting in the work areas or practical resources such as hangers like these installed to organize the breakfast cups are just a few ideas.

14. What is not seen

And it is that order is to the kitchen what the waves are to the sea, a hallmark of its own identity without which its very nature would lose meaning. To guarantee this, the furniture will be your best ally although, yes, you can always bet on adding an ‘extra’ in the form of corner furniture with trays and removable mechanisms, pantries made into cabinets or practical organizers for drawers like this one with which knives, spices and even the blender is neatly arranged.

15. Designs with personality

As you can see, there are many inspiring ideas for the kitchen that are within your reach. From small contributions to comprehensive reforms, there are many possibilities. To find the best one in each case, think about what you need, analyze the space and don’t forget to add details that allow you to make your kitchen a space with personality.

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