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There are things that become a medium that connects space and space. An example is the door. The indoor space closed from the outside is the medium that connects with the outdoors. Being able to feel that you are in your own space is possible because the door is closed and no outsider enters the room. Even the house we live in now divides space with several doors.

First of all, there is an entrance to protect me and my family’s house from the outdoors. When entering the house, from the living room to the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, etc., in accordance with the family’s lifestyle, it is sometimes separated by a door, sometimes divided by a temporary wall. Let’s find out what kind of doors there are and which ones are better.

What material can the door be made of?

The materials from which the doors are made vary considerably depending on the location and purpose. Let’s take a look at the seven most-used ingredients. The first is a tree. Since time immemorial, wood has been one of the most loved materials that transcends styles and times and has always been favoured by many.

It is used more as an interior door than a front door. Currently, about 80% of interior doors in the interior market are made of wood. Wood such as MDF, skin, and solid wood is mainly used, and even here, it is classified into various types such as solid wood, skin, and laminated wood doors.

The most preferred is a wooden door made from the most eco-friendly wood itself, but it has the disadvantage of being expensive and difficult to manage as it is weak against moisture. Of course, since the wood grain is nature itself, it is beautiful and has the advantage of being able to smell the subtle scent of wood.

The second is steel. Steel doors are widely used not only for interior doors but also for front doors. It is also widely used for general building doors. It is durable in any weather and does not cause problems such as warping or shrinking.

The third is fibreglass. Fibreglass doors are intended for outdoor rather than indoor use. There are a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. Its durability is weaker than that of steel doors, but the price is relatively low.

The fourth is glass. Glass doors are only used as interior doors 99.9% of the time. Vinyl doors are difficult to find in homes. It is used in the garden or in a greenhouse.

The sixth is aluminium. Aluminium doors should only be used as interior doors and will last for a long time if carefully crafted. It can be manufactured according to the desired price, so it is popularly used.

Finally, the seventh is a hollow metal door. Hollow metal doors are very durable and are often used as both indoor and outdoor doors. It does not change its shape at all, even in sub-zero weather or extreme heat. The lower part of the door may rust a little over time, and there is a disadvantage that cold air enters the room when it is cold and hot air flows into the room when it is hot due to the lack of insulation ability.

Which type of lock fits the door?

When choosing the right lock for your door, you must first consider its strength. When the strength is divided into three levels, the weakest lock is spring latch locks, and the strongest lock is standard deadbolt locks (keys or locks without spring action). A lock that moves only when the handle is turned can be considered. The strongest locks are vertical and double-cylinder deadbolt locks.

What is the inquiry form?

Inquiries can be divided into five types. First, consider a traditional door. Traditionally, plates made of wood, glass, or metal were attached to the door, decorated with swirls, and sometimes coloured plate glass was attached. The second thing you can think of is a craft door. Craft doors are usually made of fibreglass or wood, and most have a window above the door. The third is a modern style door. In general, they often have tinted plates or multi-colored glass, emphasising a straight, clean image. The fourth is a rustic-style door.

Rustic-style doors that emphasise a rustic atmosphere are mostly made of heavy and thick materials such as wood or stone. The fifth is the arched door. An arched door that draws a soft curve can create a unique and impressive space with a soft atmosphere coming from the curve itself.

How much time does it take to install a door? You may need a door to build a new home or build a building. Or when you want to change the door while renovating a house or building, time and economic cost are the things you must think about. Style is important, but you can’t go ahead with a project without knowing how long it will take and how much it will cost.

A brief summary by inquiry form is as follows. In the case of a standard single two-way hinged door, it usually takes 2.5 to 4 hours. It takes 3.5 to 6 hours for a double two-way hinged door, and 4.5 to 7 hours for a single two-way hinged door. Lastly, be aware that it takes 4-8 hours for a double-sided sliding door with a window on the top of the door. In addition, it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to install a door lock. If it’s a custom made wooden door and doesn’t have pre-cut holes, it can take 1-1.5 hours.

Door installation process and installation cost

First, insert the prepared molding into the given frame and fix it with a piece, etc. Then, insert the frame with the molding in the place where the door will go, and fix the molding to the wall while it is horizontal. After that, the molding on the back is also fixed, and then the installation proceeds by attaching the door using hinges to fit the frame.

There are often cases where you do it yourself, but in this case, it is better to work with two people to ensure that the door is firmly fixed to the wall, and be sure to check the vertical and horizontal levels in between. If you are installing with the help of a professional, the cost will vary depending on the situation. In the case of an indoor door, it depends on whether it is a sliding door or a sliding door.

Door | Best Interior Designer near me | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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