Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

In your small house, you may find it difficult to implement some of the things that you have always dreamed of due to the limited space available in front of you, which forced you to choose between your dreams to implement only one of them. That tragedy we will find scientific solutions for today; Where we will explain to you some creative ideas that will make it possible for you to implement all the ideas that you have always dreamed of, no matter how small the space in your homes.

Interior A to Z has the solution between more than one smart and creative design that you will get to know in the next few lines which is characterized by the presence of models that are a little out of the ordinary and a lot of practical without deviating from the technical and taste aspects as well, it is a difficult equation achieved and will inspire you with good ideas for your wonderful little home..

Instead of chandeliers, there will be a garden

Instead of designing shelves and drilling the walls for nails, you can design an ideal chandelier in the middle space in rooms that overlook a natural space, and the chandelier is a tool for carrying antiques and useful accessories such as natural plants and some lamps that save you a lot of space on the walls that you can use to open windows Bigger lets in more light helps the overall look shine.

Take advantage of corners and walls

One of the most ideas that can remove the burden of storage in small spaces is to exploit the ceilings and walls. Note the holes in the walls and take advantage of a few centimeters in the sunken space. This space will ensure that you store things that may cause confusion in the general scene in the rooms, and it increases the element of arrangement and cleanliness in the whole house. Notice how the upper shelf in the ceiling was opened to be a suitable shelf for keeping textiles perfectly. It did not affect the rest of the decor, but on the contrary, it increased its beauty.

Round table

The circular table, starting from the small crack in the salon and passing through the table itself, is one of the most successful design solutions in small spaces, as it provides the space needed for any other rectangular table.

In terms of taste, the circular table will provide you with a place to save the chairs without protruding, as well as its wonderful modern shape that can be covered from the outside with fabrics such as that table covered with white in front of the sofa..

Room inside the room

In small rooms, you can define and allocate the sleeping place far away from the space and other components to feel some privacy despite the proximity of the distance, make a small hole in the bed and close it from all sides except one side, so you will feel that you are in another room and not in your bed

Bed and wardrobe design

You can allocate the space in which the bed will be designed to also carry the cabinets in the same design as the bed. Note the spread of drawers on the lower side and the simplicity of the bed in its ribs and the wooden barriers that surround it. This design guarantees us the presence of a bed and cabinets and a comfortable space to move next to them, as well as another space to put a desk up to the wooden wall that was used to hold the bike by using a solid nail only.

Versatile design

One of the innovations of engineering in general is that we find solutions to everything, so the design of this office was a unique engineering innovation, where we find a solution to everything we ask in the office from cabinets for pens, shelves, mirrors, a place for the laptop, a place to sit and enter the chair without using any space other than the office only Drawers for storage are available and a large surface allows for placing books comfortably. Even the total area of ​​the desk is not large thanks to the delicate columns of strong beech wood that bears and at the same time does not need to be thick; this is creativity in its simplest form.

Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home | Gurgaon

The walls of the house are an essential thing in its decoration, so you must search for innovative ideas to decorate them in a manner appropriate to the spirit of the house.


Mirrors are one of the things that help make the space look bigger, so they are used frequently in small spaces and also make the place bright and luminous, so it is recommended to use them if you want to rely on dark-colored furniture and furnishings so that your home does not look gloomy.

Light boxes

The garden of the house is an essential part whose importance can never be underestimated, and decorating its walls with a very innovative idea is important in making it look more beautiful, by dividing the wall into squares of equal size and placing lighting units inside them. Have fun you can count on this amazing wallpaper design.

Decorate with plants

Have you ever thought of moving away from all traditional materials in wall painting and relying on plants to cover the walls of your garden? If this idea did not occur to you, we offer you an example of it, to prepare a wonderful session full of warmth and vitality in your garden, rely on this design to decorate its walls.

Houses of light

Decorating walls in houses of light is one of the most genius ideas. You can embody anything you want through some prominent drawings of white plaster, for example. A great solution to embody anything you see, whether it is a natural appearance or any shape you want. These ideas are often used in bedrooms, whether they are ordinary or private with children.


Wallpaper can convey to your room another world that you cannot create by painting the walls, and there are many options that you can choose from, for example, landscapes that give your home more brightness and vitality.


You can convey many messages through the walls of your home by writing on it, and it is one of the very modern ideas in decorating the walls of the house. What would you write on the walls of your house if you had the opportunity and in which room would you write your message?


There are many accessories that can be an excellent tool for decorating the walls of your home and choosing what suits your personality. If you love hunting, you can use this example and hang copper accessories for the faces of wild animals, and if you are a fan of martial arts and fencing, you can hang swords, for example, on the walls of your house.

Drawing on walls

Drawing on the walls is one of the most common things in decorating the walls. The choice of the drawing does not come in a random way, but rather in certain arrangements determined by experts so that the drawing does not look deviant from the general atmosphere of the room, for example this room is in the municipal style, so experts used this drawing, which embodies a pair of roosters And some flowers.


You can use some paintings to create a new spirit in the room or to break the stereotype in your room. Simple paintings can be the focal point in the entire space. In many cases, these paintings are the strength of the whole decor.

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Decorating tips to help you design your small home | Gurgaon

Our tour today is very useful and unique.. It summarizes for you 8 decorating tips that will help you in designing your small home. Perhaps it is not clear enough, but it is implied. Just look at each of the models presented here, one of them can be your inspiration and guide for innovative and distinctive ideas.. Let’s find out now!

1- Integration of spaces to expand the social space

Because studio apartments are known for their very small spaces, this pushes their designers to innovate and try to deviate from everything familiar in coordinating their décor, and undoubtedly resort to merging the spaces together so that there is a reasonable social space that allows the freedom of movement of its residents smoothly between its different parts without feeling limited space or constraint. Which is what was achieved here, and it is the first advice to deal with small spaces in general and not necessarily studio apartments.

2- Stunning design that does not take up much space in the room

If you are confused about how to deal with the decorations of your small-sized children’s room, you can simply follow  the example presented here and take advantage of the height of the room by designing two beds, one on the floor and the other a bird that you reach through a few steps of stairs.. While using many closets In the remaining space of the two beds it does not take any space from the room, but quite the contrary, its presence in the heart of the wall gives an opportunity to use a small desk.

3- A simple wooden wall can ingeniously separate the rooms

You can separate the different rooms of your house from each other through a wooden wall, either half a wall or more as you wish, and this definitely provides a great deal of privacy for each room and at the same time is inexpensive.

4- Create a modern multi functional environment

You can create a modern, multi functional environment in your home by using the upper space of the room with a design similar to the model shown here.. Either with a small sitting that separates you from the whole world or with a small bed and there is nothing wrong with a TV to be a complete and integrated corner.

5- The kitchen island can act as a TV unit too

If the living room and kitchen are in one common yard in your house… you can simply use the island table to be a TV unit too! It may be strange, but it is practical on the one hand, saving you space in your home and also saving you the money that would have been spent on buying a real TV unit that fits the room.

6- Smart bed with practical bottom drawers

Providing a practical storage space in the different rooms of your house is not easy at all, but it requires intelligence in terms of design.. Here the designer chose the lower part of the bed to be a storage space in the room through a set of 7 drawers that can fulfill the purpose and accommodate many purposes.

7- Curtains are okay as a tool to separate rooms

To separate the different rooms in one courtyard, you can choose a simple solution that will not cost you anything like curtains! Although there are those who do not recognize it and prefer to resort more to concrete walls or wooden partitions for this purpose.

8- Make the most of sunlight

In the event that your house enjoys sunlight or even one of its rooms.. you should take advantage of it as a natural and basic source of lighting that is not matched by its magic, and it plays its role in promoting artificial lighting as is evident here.


Amazing ideas to decorate the walls of your room | Gurgaon

From time to time, renovation becomes necessary in order to break the usual routine of the shape of the space, for us the room is the space in which we can change and put intimate touches in its decor, taking into account that these touches are warm and welcoming, and here in this topic you will find 14 good ideas for those who want to Own their room.

The walls are the main workspace for these simple ideas, even if it is a small area, it will undoubtedly give a great transformation to the room, so we invite you to follow this topic carefully. We will give you every idea with its details,

1- Pictures

One of the easiest ideas for decorating the wall is to stick pictures on it. In addition, it is an easy idea, as it can rejuvenate your room first by changing the quality of the contents of the pictures from people to landscapes or animals, and these pictures of your photography can also protect beautiful memories for you.

2- Merge color

Painting the walls in different colors makes it look more creative, and the choice of these colors depends on the configuration of the room, if the idea, for example, is to leave the large hall, then light colors are ideal in this case, but if it is intended to create a kind of change, it is preferable to use bright colors.

3- Backgrounds

We offer a lot of wallpapers in different themes, in terms of colors, effects, designs, and other good choices to choose from to make your room feel interesting.

4- Red bricks

Red brick has the advantage that it makes the space more warm and welcoming, the effect of rustic atmosphere is very ideal for those who prefer simple decorations added to modern small elements.

5- Framed mirror

Large mirrors are very ideal accessories for small spaces, because they give depth and distribute lighting better in every corner of the room, in addition, they give a touch of elegance to the decor.

6- Subject tables

When you renovate your room you are re-exploring it from the first and new, using stickers in your room decor will do that easily, and you can choose from among characters, landscapes, and abstract themes.

7- Vinyl stickers

One of the most important features of vinyl stickers is that they are easy to clean and resistant to moisture, so they are one of the most important alternatives for decorating walls, and experts advise you to try them.

8- Pastel colors

Pastel colors are an excellent choice to achieve calm and relaxation, and it is an unusual choice in children’s rooms.

9- Artistic works

Paintings and masterpieces are very common in living room decoration, however this idea should not be restricted in decorating the walls of one room, surely relying on this idea in decorating your room will be more interesting.

10 – A rustic touch

The use of natural elements such as wood or stone in decorating the walls of your room gives a rustic touch to it that will look amazing.

11- Concrete

Concrete gives a modern touch to the room’s decor, and it can express the personality of the resident, with a touch of black, white or colored paint the wall will look very attractive.

12- Lighting

Using lampshades and focusing their light on the walls is a beautiful idea and gives a wonderful decoration for the walls.

13- Use bright colors

Vibrant colors make any space they are used in very attractive, with matching colors or stickers the wall will look great.

14- Vertical garden

Using a group of plant containers on the wall is an unusual choice for wall decoration by creating a vertical garden.


Interior Designers in Chandigarh Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me
Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Small Space Design Tricks Will Truly Maximize Your Area

When you live in a small house or apartment, it is difficult to fit everything you need in it.

Trying to put everything together and make it look good is even harder, but that’s what makes designing small spaces so fun: finding clever solutions to these obstacles makes the task all the more rewarding in the end.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a few little tricks up our sleeve, from tricks to hanging beds, hidden trash cans, eye tricks and more.

Whether you live in a studio or want to make the most of a small space in a small home, these small space ideas will make it seem even bigger while still remaining stylish.


Choose white painted walls and glossy tiles. Glossy materials reflect light and have the same maximizing effect as a mirror, reflecting light and creating a more spacious overall space.


Pocket doors with glass windows allow shared light to flow through the room and create separation. They also slide into the wall when not in use and take up much less space than swing doors.


While it may seem counterintuitive, floor-to-ceiling wall paneling can make a small space appear larger. A selection of framed artworks (plus an oversized clock!) stands out throughout the apartment, making the 375-square-foot studio feel more spacious.


If space is limited and you don’t want to buy bulky new furniture, use the chair as a side table and install wall lights to save space. A fun color like this light turquoise is also a good idea to bring some cheer to a small space.


By hanging subway tiles vertically instead of the more common horizontal hanging, designer Eneia White gives this modest bathroom a taller, more streamlined look. A narrow palette of black, white and pink avoids clutter.

Bedroom Interior design Gurgaon Affordable and low budget Near Me
Bedroom Interior design Gurgaon Affordable and low budget Near Me


Taking up literally no floor space, a swing seat makes a room feel much more open.


Add a sofa and watch your bedroom double. If you don’t have a specific guest room, this one can also come in handy in your living room.


The media console is the biggest waste of space in a small living room. Mount your TV on the wall or above the fireplace and you will find the space you need.


Or better yet, hide it! Whether disguised as a sideboard or as a piece of art, this design trick is perfect for anyone who sees the living room as a family room, dining room and/or other.


Pieces that can serve multiple purposes are key: find a table that doubles as a desk and dining table, get a deep sofa that doubles as a guest bed, or buy cubes that double as a coffee table and seating .


Every inch counts in a tiny house, so make the most of architectural quirks to make them your favorite feature of the space. The radiator by the window? Invest in a nice radiator cover and adjust the pillow to double as a window nook for reading and lounging.


It’s the world’s oldest design trick: mirrors make your room appear bigger, brighter and more spacious. And a fun convex like this one adds a lot of personality without taking up a lot of space.


Choose furniture that offers maximum functionality in the smallest space. For example, instead of an end bench, choose a desk with a small side chair. You can use it for work, prep and more.


Quiet rooms with uniform colors make the eye appear more spacious than it actually is. Make sure to add a variety of textures to keep the room from collapsing flat.


Individual installations, storage niches and furniture tailored to your needs can make optimal use of the available space. If they’re part of the walls, don’t waste as much valuable square footage. The additional storage space under the seat is also practical.

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon


Even a windowsill can provide extra space for decorations, lighting and other needs if there is no space for an extra table.


It might seem counterintuitive, but furnishing a small space with just a few large pieces of furniture (instead of a mix of small pieces) can actually make it feel larger. Resist the urge to push all your furniture against the walls. Creating space behind furniture makes the room appear larger than it actually is.


Use the often unused space between the top of the furniture and the ceiling with suspended or elevated elements. Build full-height shelves and cabinets – it makes the room look taller.


Tear down walls, expand windows, or replace solid doors with glass doors to open views and connect adjacent spaces.


Good lighting makes or breaks any space, big or small. Make sure you install good lighting, especially in small, cramped spaces like a bathroom with a small window, as shown in this large room.

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Interior Designers in Bulandshahr Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

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Interior Designers in Chandigarh Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

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Bedroom Interior design Gurgaon Affordable and low budget Near Me
Bedroom Interior design Gurgaon Affordable and low budget Near Me

Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon
Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon

Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon
Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Low Budget Vasant Kunj Interior Designers
Low Budget Vasant Kunj Interior Designers

Gurgaon Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me
Gurgaon Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm |

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