Cheap and Best interior designers in Chhattarpur | 2023

Cheap and Best interior designers in Chhattarpur | 2023

Cheap and Best interior designers in Chhattarpur

Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Bedroom

The most common mistakes when decorating a bedroom include using too much furniture or a bed that doesn’t fit the size of the space. Also, if the headboard of the bed is too large or too small for the mattress, the space is awkward. Here are some of the common mistakes interior designers make when decorating their bedroom.

Curtain selection

Before buying curtains and awnings for your bedroom, it’s important to know what your preferences are. If you value a good night’s sleep, it is better to choose a blackout curtain, but if you want to open your eyes with adequate sunlight, choose a curtain made of a thinner material.

Side table height

If the side table is too high or too short, it can be awkward to touch objects on the table or turn the lamp on and off in bed. The size of the side table is just enough space for a small lamp and a few essentials.

Insufficient number of pillows

If your bed doesn’t have enough pillows, the space can seem a bit empty. It is important to find the perfect balance of pillows for aesthetics and function.

Lack of bedding

A bedroom should be a cozy and peaceful space, so we recommend using a variety of textures and fabrics. In particular , a minimalist bedroom can feel a bit cold, so try using a variety of fabrics.

Too much furniture

Placing too much furniture in your bedroom can interfere with your sleep. Be aware that if the bedroom space is not spacious enough, the space between the furniture may become too narrow. As much as possible, it is recommended to decorate with only the necessary furniture.

Proper lighting

Adequate lighting is essential in the bedroom. Lighting can add a practical and decorative touch to a space. Instead of finishing everything with one ceiling light, add a variety of indirect lighting to create the mood.

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Cheap but beautiful flooring ideas! | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

When you think about home floors, there are a lot of beautiful and wonderful shapes and designs, and you may think that beautiful types and materials only come with high costs, but today we are showing the possibility of obtaining beautiful floors, but at simple and affordable costs.

Decorating walls and separate a space

Interior decoration and design require adherence to specific principles. In which you get the desired desired results. To achieve the ideal result interior architects and designers often have to decide whether to remove the walls or add the walls in one place, such as to make way for separate rooms or stairs.

The wall is not just a functional feature. Rather, it can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. So you need a stylish feature that enhances every element already in place. That’s why today we is mixed with 10 views a so told you that you can make beautiful empty to build the wall.

1. Being small does not mean being insignificant

You don’t need high walls or large features to divide the interior space you can see in this design. What matters is not the size and location of the wall..

In this case the wall is located in the middle of the room where the hall door separates the kitchen  and the living room.

2. Mid / medium size wall

Separately, small rooms are the places where the biggest mistakes are often made in interior design.

A medium wall can be built to avoid an obstructed entrance space which can be divided into space without closing the room completely.

3. Enough light

Remember that spaces with more walls in your home will be darker. This can be overcome by arranging the lighting at the bottom of the wall and opening up the space by enhancing its design.

As we can see in this picture provided by professional  2M architecture. The results are twofold!

4. Build a full width wall

The wall can help divide the interior spaces. But it ensures that one wall does not protrude from another wall.

Instead, choose a wall that extends to the center of the room. As we see in this design. It is not only  modern and stylish but it also makes the house comfortable.

5. Multi-active / Wall Guard feature

The wall does not need to divide the spaces. You can use it for a fireplace. As these designers have created for example. It has a modern and  rustic look and makes the house look good.

6. Correct position

To get a possible interior design, you need to think carefully about what you want to build the wall.

In this picture we come to the design of a textbook where the open living space is separated from the hall door by a high wall. When families enter their homes for the first time, it gives them privacy.

7. Playing with angles

Often a piece of wall allows you to make it comfortable. This type of wall overlooks the open space with the other space.

8. Wall decoration

The wall is not just an active one. Rather, it can be used for decorative elements such as artwork or family photos. It adds charm and personality to the home.

9. The corners of the wall

Another way to create an original wall is to install holes / spaces in it. This will make the house look more spacious and luxurious. You can also use these suitable places to store items. While these items can also be displayed.

10. Wall length and width

Also think very carefully about the size of the wall for your home. It should be either too narrow or too open. Think about it before you act!

Stone walls decoration for your home

If you want change, start with the walls. This principle can be applied not only to the exterior of your home but also to the interior. Let’s not touch anyone in these 13 stone walls!

1. Welcome

Welcome people to your home through this charming wall. Its unique structure adds a special touch to the whole place. A pool of footpaths completes this unique interior wall.

2۔ Marble on the wall

I heard of marble floors but marble walls? This is the first, but not the last. Marble comes in colors that shine with every polish.

3. Stone wall

The stone wall can be used as a divider or a fireplace. It will be a unique component that will provide heat that other walls cannot provide.

4. One ear

The structure of the plain stone wall is similar but has many textures that bring a rural feel to the room. To make it more visible, you  can find decorations that match the texture of the wall.

5. Walls that integrate into your decor

The purpose of using walls is to protect the theme of the rooms by separating the spaces. So choose walls that match the rest of the house.

6۔ Different colors

In small spaces the center becomes the  walls of the house and the main structure of the room or house. For a better effect, choose walls that match the color of the floor.

7. Marble coating

Marble floors look perfect with marble walls in every way. This is what you need for a relaxed environment.

8. The freshness of the stone

Beauty like natural stone is nowhere else. It looks good with any color, especially white. Choose the one that looks best with the rest of the house.

9. Rural sophistication

For those who still  like the rustic style, this model is perfect for imitation. It blends well with all the elements and forms a single piece that is beautiful.

10 Stone

You don’t have to build an entire wall of stone, as we have said before. You can choose a pillar and decorate it according to the room.

11. The elbows are good

A curved wall also makes a big difference in the house, as shown in the picture. You can also get historical style with artificial stone wall.

12 Make it bright

The light makes all the difference if you combine it well with the rest of the house. There is a beautiful wall attached to the wall, the lights in which make it even more impressive.

13 Green

You can also add natural elements such as plants to make the walls more attractive.

Steps to get a minimalist home

Have you ever wondered how some people can apply minimalist style in their home and perfect it like this without the design turning out to be cold and unwelcoming? Of course, you can achieve this if you hire a good and professional specialist, but we thought to give you some tips that enable you to implement it yourself to simplify every room of your house, and you will be amazed at how easy it is.

1- Don’t get rid of everything

Having a minimalist design doesn’t mean you’ll get rid of everything you don’t use, even antiques and hanging pictures; You can even hang your collection of pictures high and across the wall for a simple and convenient décor.

2- White is the main color

 Of course it won’t surprise you! But it is important to emphasize that white is a primary color in any minimalist design and is mixed with natural wood to add some warmth to the design. The white color allows the light to be reflected and create a bright and vibrant design.

3- Empty surfaces

Even if you do not get rid of everything that you do not use and many of your things that have no real value in your life, in any case you want to leave an impression of your sight by arranging the place and its emptiness, and this you can implement by arranging designated places for your things inside the closets to be used whenever you want, but without causing chaos.

4- Consistency

When you think of minimalist design, you picture a room that is clean, clutter-free and highly organized, right? That’s why the consistency of furniture design is one of the most important elements of minimalist design! Straight-line furniture such as a square mirror and sleek cabinets are all details of the simplicity of the design.

5- Use natural materials

We already mentioned that natural wood is often used in minimalist designs to add some warmth and contrast to a white design. You can add other natural elements such as wool and animal skins in the rugs and on the wall as decoration.

6- Smart Storage

For a minimalist design you need a smart storage plan, lots of storage! Everything should have its own place so don’t leave any of your things outside on rooftops, make good use of the space and avoid clutter!

7- Outside too

Even your garden, balcony or entrance from the outside can be designed in a minimalist style to be applied everywhere in the house as a lifestyle! Don’t overcrowd your garden or balcony with furniture and enjoy greenery and a nice atmosphere with the simplest things.

Classic ideas for elegant bathrooms | Gurgaon | Gurugram

There is no doubt that the classic designs were characterized by many points of attraction and dazzling unless they were available in any other design style, especially in the bathrooms, where the classic designs were always based on luster and overlap between materials, whether they were copper or crystal, or the use of artistic accessories such as antiques, paintings and other elements that You can elevate any design that uses classic ideas with ease..

Today we will transfer us to a lot of sophistication among the ideas of distinctive designs for bathrooms in the spirit of classic luxury. Each model has a distinctive idea that we can highlight to inspire us with our most beautiful design ever for our future bathroom.


The use of curtains in bathrooms in decorative aesthetic ways is one of the most wonderful classic touches that you can add to your bathroom. The presence of curtains increases the element of privacy significantly, especially if the windows are large in size and overlook other buildings adjacent to the house, as well as using curtains to increase balance and introduce new colors to the bathroom decor, which Increases its splendor and brilliance.


Walls and sconces are one of the most wonderful classic contributions that you can use in your bathroom next to the main mirrors around the sink, and it is a distinctive idea to achieve the required weight for that main area in your bathroom, allowing you the freedom to dispose of the remaining parts of the bathroom by providing places of weight as well without affecting the level of balance In the design, you should add a bathtub on the other side, a cupboard, or a place to store an electric washing machine, for example.


Wallpaper is one of the classically wonderful things that can be added to any design and makes the difference directly. And perhaps the use of wallpaper that is resistant to water, heat and steam in the bathroom will be a wonderful thing that will add various touches of decoration to your bathroom, as it will provide a large area of ​​freedom of change that you can resort to at any moment if I was bored of the general look of the bathroom.

Lots of shiny surfaces

Gloss is often synonymous with luxury, and perhaps using it on multiple surfaces in the bathroom will be distinctive to get a classic and luxurious touch in the design of your bathroom, especially the official one for guests.

Decorative mirrors

The use of decorative mirrors above the sink is one of the most wonderful classic ideas that still send us more charm and luxury. The decoration can be in the mirror frame designed from copper-coated wood or copper. It is the material of the frame directly around the mirror, which increases the value of each piece of art used in the bathroom as much. Which elevates the design and its elements?

Children’s bedrooms| Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Design firm

Interior designing | Best Interior Designer near me


Children’s bedrooms: a place for dreams

The bedroom is the place where we relax, rest, sleep, dream, and sometimes work. But when we talk about children’s bedrooms, they take on a more special nuance. Children’s bedrooms are the place where boys and girls begin to dream, awake and asleep. For them to daydream, it is essential that children’s bedrooms are full of details so that they let their imagination run wild, space so they can play and recreate these dreams. To dream asleep, nothing better than children’s bedrooms with a comfortable and comfortable bed.

Children’s bedrooms, ideas and inspiration

When it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, there are several possibilities that we must contemplate. One of them is to design children’s bedrooms following the general style of the house. It is then that depending on the decoration of our home we must follow the same line for children’s bedrooms, be it this: minimalist, modern, classic or rustic.

Once the style for our children’s bedrooms has been defined, we will simply have to look for the children’s furniture that best suits and helps to create this type of decoration. Another option is to design the room giving it a thematic air: batman, ships, pirates or race cars, the possibilities are thousands. It is important to give our children participation; we must not forget that they are the ones who are going to enjoy these children’s bedrooms.

How to design a children’s bedroom?

When designing children’s bedrooms in the house, two premises must be followed: comfort for the infant and functionality for the parents. It is important that children’s bedrooms have enough space so that children can play alone or with friends, draw or simply stir everything. The bed is already the most important piece of furniture; it must be comfortable and comfortable.

It is important to place it in such a way that doing it is not an impossible task. You also have to think about the other furniture in the room, ideally, they adapt to the height and age of the little ones. It is also vital that the furniture we choose has the capacity to store toys, to keep shoes and clothes in order.

Tips for children’s bedrooms

Decorating a children’s bedroom for either a boy or a girl can be a very fun task. In Interior A to Z you will find a multitude of options that will help you decorate the children’s bedrooms in your home with charm. A fantastic idea is to place colored banners, another nice idea is to choose a wall and paint it with chalkboard paint. The kids will really enjoy drawing on the walls.

Something super nice is keeping track of children’s growth, how about allocating a wall to place photos that closely follow that growth. Toys can also be part of the decoration of children’s bedrooms; you just have to know how to create a system that keeps them nice and tidy when they are not in use. Something that cannot be missing in a children’s bedroom is color, whether it is incorporated through the walls, textiles or furniture, color is joy and should be part of children’s lives. Children’s bedrooms must be the children’s favorite space!

What color should I paint the walls in my child’s bedroom?

Experts in color therapy warn of the importance of choosing the correct color, since this will influence the moods of our children. Not all colors are suitable for all ages or situations that are why when painting the walls of a children’s bedroom you have to be more careful. Pastel colors are colors that adapt very well to children’s bedrooms because they provide them with light and warmth.

Likewise, the shades in the range of roses are suitable for girls’ bedrooms as they convey calm, affection and kindness. Colors within the range of greens and blues are often used in children’s bedrooms, and are perfect as they have a relaxing effect, transmit serenity and calm. White is the color of purity so it is a magnificent color for baby bedrooms.

Which floor covering is better?

The floor covering of children’s bedrooms is also very important. The best thing is that they are made of wood since it is an extremely warm material. Another option is rugs, they cover three important functions: they are decorative, functional and low-maintenance, but they also guarantee that children can play and roll around without being cold or dangerous. The use of tiles is discouraged because they are hard and cold-transmitting coatings. Don’t leave the choice of floor for children’s bedrooms to chance!

What decoration is most suitable for my child?

The decoration in the children’s bedrooms of our children must be marked by their taste; this is the most important thing. In any case, parents should guide children in the way of designing their own space, so it is important to keep in mind some elements such as: decoration according to age, sex, the space we have, etc.

It is not the same to decorate a children’s bedroom for boys than for girls. Children’s bedrooms require different furniture than bedrooms intended to accommodate a baby.

As children grow, the needs change, new sports activities, the responsibility of doing school homework are also important when we think about decorating children’s bedrooms. As we said before, the space we have is also key to achieving the right decoration. In Interior A to Z you can find a lot of ideas that will be useful when you have to consider the decoration of children’s bedrooms at home.

Transform my little one’s bedroom into a teen bedroom

Teen bedrooms are much more functional and modern than children’s bedrooms in general. Toys give way to computers, technology, books and cosmetics, with which the space has to be redesigned. Let’s think about incorporating vinyl to decorate the walls, incorporating more appropriate textiles and even in some cases we will have to replace the children’s furniture with adult furniture.

An interesting option is to create comfortable space on the floor, a large carpet on the floor with large cushions so that they can enjoy the best moments with their friends. It is important to create a space for the study; the boys will use it during several hours of the day.

Decoration for small children’s bedrooms

When we have a small space to decorate children’s bedrooms, there are basic premises that we must follow. The first thing we have to consider is the furniture, a lot of space can be lost if we do not have the correct furniture. In this sense, an option for small children’s bedrooms are trundle beds or bunk beds, the idea that should prevail is to incorporate highly functional furniture.

This type of bed gives us extra space when friends of our children come to sleep at home and they also usually incorporate several drawers and areas to store things. Another option to optimize space and that gives very good results are the shelves in height. In addition, these shelves allow you to create visual games. As for decoration, when the spaces are small it is better not to overload them.

What is the best style for guys?

Classic style children’s bedrooms

Furniture made of oak or cherry wood is perfect for children’s bedrooms in a classic style. I preferred light colors and pastels for the children’s bedrooms and in terms of decoration, opt for a warm and sweet style, which can be achieved through the incorporation of soft textiles.

Modern style children’s bedrooms

Sharp and simple lines. Soft and simple shapes combined with light colors and retro accessories to give children’s bedrooms an air of modernity.

Eclectic style children’s bedrooms

Picturesque and fun style like few others. Furniture with curious shapes or that invite play, fun and quirky textiles are ideal for children’s bedrooms. The eclectic is a super cheerful style that will delight the little ones.

Scandinavian style children’s bedrooms

Simple, functional and comfortable style. In the children’s bedroom Scandinavian style abound smooth lines trying to convey a romantic air. Wood is a basic in this style and white is the main color.

Interior designing Best Interior Designer near me

Interior designing | Best Interior Designer near me

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