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Courtyard and terrace design

You think the most beautiful thing for a terrace or courtyard is its decoration — as you can see in this picture. But the other thing you can see in this picture is the floor. In this Idea Book we will show you different designs through which we will show you different designs of different courtyards, which can completely change your floor.

A floor that is a true definition of style

The first condition for building a terrace or patio is that you look at the flooring material you need. What is your budget? How do you like

You have wood, natural stone, artificial stone, ceramic tiles —– so you start to know about the materials, what is your choice? What is your budget and what kind of material do you like?

At each step: Measure the square meter

The first thing you need to do after choosing a floor is to measure the space. After measuring, you have to check your favorite material. How much is the square meter for the material you like? And every material is the most expensive and cheapest, so you have to choose which material you want for your home. If any material in your area is expensive, take a look at all the areas as the price varies in each area.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic materials are not very expensive, they are comfortable and functional and it is important that you choose tiles that do not slip.

Don’t prefer light colors when choosing colors because they look ugly when exposed to light. Even artificial light at night makes them feel ugly. So choose gray or black. It looks great on the eyes


Clay tiles are very fashionable these days. People use clay tiles to give their courtyards a rustic look.

They also come in very large pieces so you will need to take accurate measurements of your floor so that your yard will fit a few centimetre.

Natural stone

The best thing to plant in the yard is natural stone. You will find it in different shapes, sizes. You can even choose the color you want. You can also create custom combinations. This is a material that is naturally quite heavy so you will need someone to help you apply it.

Stone and lawn

Natural stone is very expensive and if you can’t afford it, you can mix it with any other material to beautify your yard as shown in this picture. Can increase This is definitely a cheap but effective project. If you do not understand, you can consult our landscape architect


There is a slight difference between gravel and gravel but they are different from sand. Gravel is the easiest and cheapest way to redesign your home and you don’t have to work hard to maintain it. But if you have difficulty walking on it, you can put wooden slats in it like in this picture.

Types of rocks

There are many types of rocks by weight.

Marble in a 5 kg sack occupies an area of ​​0.25 square meters and gravel 3 square meters.

A 2 kg sapphire sack takes up 0.50 or 0.75 square meters of space depending on its size.

The river rock that comes in a 5 kg sack occupies an area of ​​3.5 “0.50 square meters.

Exquisite wood

Wood is an excellent material for interior and exterior decoration. So don’t judge by your yard or terrace. Of course you will be afraid of climate change. We know that it is harder to handle than other materials, but looking at this picture you will have guessed that even if you do, it is an advantage.

Artificial grass

Nature and natural products appeal to everyone but grass is very difficult to maintain as it is highly affected by the weather so we have come up with a great option for you in which you can plant green grass just like the original. And it’s not that hard to maintain. Whenever you think of natural things, artificial grass is the best solution

A combination of wood, gravel and grass

Combining different items has always been a favorite pastime, so we offer this design in which we have combined different items to create a wonderful courtyard. It combines wood, gravel and grass to create a stunning design.

The shape of a beautiful room

Finally, we conclude our Idea Book with a stunning design that can give your terrace or yard a great look by planting countless flowers and seasonal plants. This design can be used for both patio and terrace.

Setting up a bedroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Every day, a person spends an average of 7 hours and 47 minutes sleeping, which is almost a third of our 24 hours a day. Realize, if we see the glass half full, let’s say we will live 100 years: we therefore spend 33 years of our lives in bed. All this to tell you that it is in your interest to take good care of your bedroom, your bed, your mattress. And not to mention the quality of your furniture, so it makes perfect sense to make your room like you! Whether you feel comfortable there, whether you like to find yourself there, rest, recharge your batteries … All of this is essential! For professional advice,  you can post your project on our site by clicking here. If you are looking for inspiration to do it all yourself, you have already come to the right place.

What rules to follow when setting up a bedroom?

In France, the parental bedroom measures on average 12m² (4m × 3m) while a child’s bedroom, 9m² (2.7m × 3.4m). It is never less than 7m², but can be much larger. But in itself, you can arrange a room, small or large, as you wish, thanks to the thousand and one ideas of Interior A to Z. To decorate a space, whatever it is, you must always start with the essentials, without fear of adding a personal touch. First, measure the spaces and list the items you will want to have, regardless of the room.

Emphasize functionality and comfort. In a bedroom, everyone’s focal point is naturally the bed. Choose one that is fashionable but above all in which you feel comfortable. If you can afford it, invest in a good-sized, quality bed. Regarding the mattress, we keep it for an average of 14 years. You should know that 90 to 95% of the bedding available is made on the national territory. This is due, among other things, to the superior quality of the mattresses and box springs, but also because the sizes vary from one country to another. The benchmark is still the 140 x190 cm mattress, with over 50% market share, but the 140 x 200 cm mattress is starting to take a serious step. In addition, there is a growing craze for larger sizes:

As for bed frames, there is something for everyone! Solid wood, recycled, wrought iron, canopy or stacked, double or single. Tastes have evolved a lot, as has the relationship to furniture. Nowadays, it is considered that one in ten Europeans would have been designed in a bed. The big Swedish brand has forced the market prices down while offering more choice in terms of style. Moreover, a solid oak bed will last better over time. It’s up to you to identify your expectations and desires: a resistant and expensive bed for the long term, or a lower quality bed whose price is also lower but which you can change more easily and without bad conscience according to the evolution of your tastes.

Take care while choosing mattresses, quilts and cushions. When shopping, never compromise on quality. Then think about storage, adapted to the available space. If you are in the attic, a custom-made piece of furniture can be a solution; if you have high ceilings, you can consider a wall cabinet; and if you have a large room, a walk-in closet is a great idea.

What layout should I choose for my bedroom?

Spatial organization can be tricky, but a few basic planning will help you design a fantastic bedroom. Whether your style is rustic, romantic, industrial or modern, you will know what to do.

The master bedroom: it must have enough space for a queen or king size bed. Opt for the bed against a wall with one or two matching bedside tables and lamps. Place a dresser on the perpendicular or opposite wall, and if you have room, a full-length mirror and an armchair. Also use a large mat to anchor and fill the space.

The guest bedroom: your guests will appreciate a comfortable bedroom, with a bed and accessories that make them feel at home. Buy a sofa bed that intelligently adapts to the available space. Do not use this room as a sleeping area, since you will not have guests every day. This space must be versatile and adapted to your daily life. An office, a library, a wardrobe base… Maximize the space!

Small bedrooms or children’s bedrooms: A child’s bedroom is generally smaller. Opt for a high bed or with built-in storage to save storage space. Likewise, consider floating shelves instead of bedside tables.

What colors to dress my room?

There are of course the floor and wall coverings. As in every room, either we bet on a plain coating (traditionally wood on the floor and white on the wall) or we distinguish the floor from the wall via patterns. In these cases, to avoid overloading the room, consider choosing patterns on the walls and keeping the plain on the floor, or vice versa. In addition, do not neglect the influence of colors on your well-being. If you need energy in the morning, aim for yellows or orange trees. For something more relaxing, pastels will be your allies. For soft warmth, ecru, taupes and natural colors will make you happy. And for a more modern result, consider color block, red, white, black, interior designers and decorators have succeeded in doing it!

Setting up a bedroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas | Interior Design firm Gurgaon

If an accessible and casual space that is globally inspired, designed in multiple styles, and highly organised sounds like your cup of tea, then an eclectic living room design might be just what you need. Eclectic style is all about mixing elements and covers a wide range of styles, from bohemian to more elegant and sophisticated.

Eclectic living room decor can include couches and chairs that vary in style but are consistent thanks to other design elements such as patterns, colors and lighting from. Eclectic decor is cosy and comfortable, with an artistic flair and a sophisticated look. On the one hand, when you look at eclectic living room ideas, you can see a space that feels younger: footstools, rattanchairs, Moroccan rugs and lush greenery. rugs,Another eclecticliving room has a more sophisticated look with classic-back armchairs and a chesterfield leather sofa. As different as they were, both living rooms followed the eclectic style trend. The eclectic layout of the living room does not require formality and symmetry but focuses on comfort and an interesting approach. Functionality should always be a priority in a living room to make the space usable for all who will be using it.

You might be wondering how Pieces of furniture of different calibres and styles can blend seamlessly into an eclectic living room.The key to coordinating the living room in this particular style isusing bold patterns, saturated colours, and mismatched elements that somehow go together. Using a consistent texture of throw pillows over all the contrasting pieces of furniture can pull the look together, and even coordinating the artwork on the walls with a rug on the floor can add a subtle, circular accent to the space. You’ll see that our eclectic living room design ideas are a mix of old and new, a range ofstyles, colours, and textures Choosing this style can be difficult, but the end result is a unique and exceptionally beautiful space. Ifyou like it too, we hope you enjoy our beautiful collection of eclectic living room inspiration.

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas | Interior Design firm Gurgaon

Undeniably, there is something calming and soothing about a minimalist bedroom design. Many people may shy away from minimalist design because they think it looks sterile or uninviting, but that’s not the case with most minimalist designs. Minimalist design always lets the personality of the individual shine through and can be the perfect interior style for a bedroom where you want to feel comfortable while remaining calm and serene. a distinctive colour palette. or rather, her absence.

A minimalist bedroom is usually done in neutral colours. It makes the room look zen and visually organised. However, “neutral” does not necessarily mean all grey or sterile white. A monochromatic colour scheme is a popular choice, as are warm neutral colours. An invariably popular and trendy branch of minimalist design is organic minimalism. This is a warmer, more organic take on a minimalist design that can look great in a bedroom. The use of warm brown tones, wood tones, and layered lights can bring a minimalist bedroom design to life.

When designing a minimalist bedroom, go for clean, unfussy furniture. That means opting for platform-style beds instead of decorative posters or decorative headboards. The low bed appears “grounded” and refers to the minimalist aesthetics of the.You can add nightstands, use a bed with built-in nightstands, or even omit them for a truly minimalist style. When it comes to decorating a minimalist bedroom, you often see little or no decorative elements. This includes both surface decorations and objects hung on the wall.

As a result, the room not only appears tidy and visually open but also retains its proportions thanks to the smaller area and minimalist style. It is also one of the reasons why the minimalist style is very popular in smallapartments or places where the focus is on the landscape and the view. A minimalist design can make a room appear larger and create a sense of calm while leaving a smaller space less cluttered. And in a place where you don’t want to obstruct the view, a minimalist design can literally make items unobtrusive and not distract from the living environment.

Forgoing decoration in a minimalist bedroom gives a whole new meaning to lighting. The layered lighting not only adds atmosphere, but the lamp itself can take center stage and act as a work of art in thebedroom. Whether you arelooking for minimalist bedroom design ideas or minimalist bedroom design inspiration, we have ideas for you. Enjoy our beautiful and ever-growing collection of minimalist bedroom designs!