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Best and Cheap Interior Designers for Modular Kitchen in Dwarka

Tips for small kitchens

Kitchens are a very important part of the house. Sometimes we have in mind that it must have large dimensions to be fully functional, but the issue is not always size. We can organize everything that a kitchen implies in a smaller space than normal. Above all, if your home is small, you need to be clear about the most important parts of a kitchen so you don’t forget anything.

Next we are going to explain these essentials that your kitchen cannot miss to make it functional, beautiful and ready to enjoy every day.

Work triangle

For a kitchen to be correctly designed, the work triangle must be the protagonist. In the case of small kitchens, it is sometimes difficult to comply, so a configuration in line with this supposed triangle can work in these exceptional cases.

Cabinet fronts

One of the most interesting aspects in a kitchen is storage, be it food (pantry) or kitchenware. We offer you the option of putting several cupboard fronts taking advantage of the height of the kitchen.

More light

If you have a kitchen that overlooks an outdoor space such as a terrace or garden, it is a very good option to put a transparent partition , like these glass doors, which will allow light to pass through and give more space thanks to natural lighting.

With window to the living room

It is very helpful that small kitchens have an opening to the adjacent room to generate continuity with the rest of the space, which will make your small kitchen not overwhelming or heavy for daily use.

Out partitions

If we do not close the kitchen as usual, we can get a little more space and it does not look as small visually as it really is. We will obtain a feeling of spaciousness that will make us have nothing to envy to larger kitchens.


When we have a small home and we have to give space to a place as important as the kitchen, we must take advantage of any available space, and the area under the stairs is an ideal area to give it some use, such as storing napkins, spices…

With bar

You have another interesting tip so that you can expand the kitchen without any problem and in a simple way: use one of the areas to install a bar or breakfast bar . This will allow you to use it as a table and avoid installing a dining area.


One of the advantages of having a small kitchen is that you can risk more when choosing furniture and finishes. Combining different colors that create a good harmony will make your kitchen ideal and unique, as well as functional. To make this perfect, you can ask for help from professionals such as interior designers.

Minimum space

Sometimes, the house is practically a room in itself, like the one we see in the image. It has everything you need but in an extra small spaceThe kitchen will be just one wall, with the essentials: washing machine, microwave, stove, fridge and some storage cabinets.

A mix of cuisines

As we were saying, having open kitchens allows you to share the space with the living room. In the case that we see in the image, the kitchen has its own room but it is still open. It would be a mix between two types, the classic (the kitchen as a room) and the open concept .

Replace partitions

Delimiting the kitchen with decorative elements, such as shelves or latticework, gives a plus of space due to the emptiness of not having a partition, at the same time that we have a piece of furniture that we can give a use to.

Light colors

Although we encourage you to take risks and put more colors in the kitchen, we generally use light colors in small kitchens in order to achieve a more spacious feelingIf you don’t want it all white, you can opt for pastel colors like the mint green in the kitchen in the picture.

3.Best and Cheap Interior Designers for Modular Kitchen in Dwarka

4.Best and Cheap Interior Designers for Modular Kitchen in Dwarka

Minimum dimensions for a kitchen

Kitchens are no longer what they used to be… right? Where before only the woman of the house spent the hours, now it has practically become the nerve center of the house. The whole family is dedicated to cooking, they share those moments together around the stove and not just around the table. Today, we want large, spacious, bright kitchens with a large storage capacity. But when this is not possible due to surface issues, we come to the big question: what are the minimum dimensions that a kitchen must have?

We are going to explain to you in this article what the basic dimensions of kitchens consist of and how large each of them should be so that this space is comfortable, functional and, why not, modern and beautiful.

Room for everything

Although the dimensions of your kitchen are not very large, there are a lot of aspects that you can take into account that will become pure successes when you live in it. The color of the furniture, the placement of the appliances, the orientation of the table, you will create a corner so perfect that you will not want to leave it.

The importance of the work triangle

In kitchens it is of vital importance that the work triangle is optimally composed so that they are well designed. It consists of having the three zones (cooking, washing and storage) forming the triangle that we are talking about. This will make your movement in the kitchen more efficient.

Minimum distance between cooking zone and washing zone

Sometimes it is difficult to have space for everything in kitchens, but it is recommended that you leave a minimum space of about 60 cm between the sink and your ceramic hob, for reasons of hygiene and, above all, safety.


Plugs in the kitchen is a dangerous issue, since it implies having electrical elements near water intakes, so you have to be very careful with it. It is recommended that they be away from the sink area and 20 cm from the counter top. You can request an engineering study to make the approach of the electrical installation of your kitchen.

Kitchen online

We told you about the importance of the work triangle, but in online kitchens, it is not fulfilled. But do not worry. To keep it functional, place a 60 cm module between each area. This will help you have counter space and not have it all clumped together.

Height between worktop and cabinets

The base units, on which the worktop is placed, are usually 90 cm from the floor. The tall ones will be, at most, 1.50 m from the ground. Among this furniture, the distance between the worktop and the base of the hanging furniture must be 55 cm. The depth of these is usually between 30 and 40 cm, while the basses can be up to 60 cm.

The measures of the islands

Generally, having a depth of 60 cm would be worth it to locate the cooking or washing area. But more is usually given to take advantage of and enlarge the counter top surface and the lower parts on both sides to create storage.

Distance between island and dining room

As much as we want a dining table with its corresponding chairs, if we do not have physical space, it will be very uncomfortable to sit down to eat at it, and we will end up not using it. We recommend that, while seated, there is a passage space behind, of at least 85 cm.

For the ceramic hob… space

It is recommended that, on each side of the ceramic hob, or cooking zone, there be at least 50 cm. In the image, you can see that this is not true, so try not to forget this tip , since in this way, you will be able to cook comfortably, without the hassle of, for example, a wall.

Step distance

When your kitchen has two fronts, as in the case of the image (parallel kitchen), you need a minimum distance between both sides to have a comfortable step and allow you to move freely. This dimension must be between 80 and 100 cm. This will also happen in living rooms : they will be the same distances between the sofa and the rest of the furniture.

Breakfast bar

Keep in mind that the height of the breakfast bars will depend on the people who live in the house. We will have to adjust that dimension and make it match properly with the rest of the furniture, in the event that this bar shares space with some essential element of the kitchen, such as the ceramic hob or the sink. Generally, we can raise it up to 1.10 m. Also keep in mind that the height between the seat of the high chair and the bar must be 25 cm.

Specific dimensions for appliances

When designing a kitchen, it is very important to take into account the size of the appliances that are going to be installed in the kitchen, such as a washing machine, refrigerator or dishwasher. The distance that you must leave in width will be 60 cm, as well as in the background. We recommend leaving about 90 cm high, in the case of a washing machine and dishwasher. That of the refrigerator will be very variable.

The minimum

The smallest kitchen that can be, without ceasing to be functional, must have five modules, each of them 60 cm (standard measure in kitchens). This implies, as we have already mentioned before, that there must be a worktop between the cooking and cleaning areas. Even so, today there are customization modules of between 40 and 50 cm, for mini kitchens. As for electrical appliances, we already have a 45 cm wide dishwasher.

Extra inspiration

Even if you opt for simplicity, you can always add some elements of your own style: strong colors, retro stools, decoration on the walls. The measurements of your kitchen will now no longer be a limit.

Best tips for perfect kitchens

All the rooms in your home, planning your kitchen is extremely important. Your experience in its greatly influenced by how easy it’s to maneuver round the space when cooking or cleaning, and a professionally designed kitchen maximizes simple movement, reduces your need for bending, and improves your ability to use it as a multi functional space.

To do this, there are several key considerations that you simply must take under consideration when designing your kitchen. Of course, your personal style preferences will play an outsize’s role in how your kitchen looks and functions, but we wanted to offer you some easy pointers today. So let’s take a glance at a number of the ideas you’ll definitely be impressed with.

Focus on table lighting

If you would like to possess an exquisite culinary experience in your kitchen, you want to first feel comfortable in it. This may not come until you get some features, the foremost important of which are strong and appropriate lighting for the place. It’ll enable you to ascertain the small print of the place and clearly what you’re doing also.

Buy multi-functional furniture

If you arrange your kitchen properly, it’ll look elegant, regardless of how large it’s. The enjoyment inside this place comes first from organizing and not spreading clutter, and that we find during this design a white table with an exquisite wooden surface within the middle, and its many storage units to be ready to keep what you would like.

Add an exposed brick wall to embellish your kitchen

If you wish industrial style, you’ll add some simple touches to your kitchen, which can assist you, get the specified look. An example of this is often the rear wall of the basin, which is meant within the sort of exposed brick, which provides more audacity to the planning.

A classic wardrobe for your small kitchen

If you do not have a separate space to style your kitchen, you’ll design an adorable classic cabinet to deal with all the items you would like. The good advantage here is that it saves your things without feeling cluttered.

Keep a number of your old decorations

If you would like to renovate and upgrade your kitchen, it’s not necessary to get rid of all old decors. Some pieces are often completely compatible together with your new design. We discover during this model that a white shelf installed within the wall, with large wooden windows some minor color adjustments are made and aren’t dispensed with within the new design.

Follow the tactic of smart utilization of space

If you’ve got large spaces in your kitchen, you’ll make the simplest use of it by creating a little board just like the one during this picture. We discover that soothing white design with warm wood flooring.

Count on advanced appliances in your modern kitchen

This kitchen has everything you’ll dream of, in terms of chic and warm design, modern electrical appliances and distinctive lighting units. It’s an entire kitchen without the necessity for more room. We note through that image the extent of reliance on the event of electrical devices used as a component of dazzling.

Kitchen table with basin to facilitate your needs

If you would like a practical design that keeps pace together with your lifestyle, you’ll quote this concept. Here may be a table with sink, which enables you to finish the cooking and cleaning process effortlessly.

Take advantage of some features of the country kitchen

When you are trying to find elegance for your kitchen without the necessity for tons of cash, you’ll design glass fronts for the cupboards to ascertain what’s inside and provides you a particular search for that space. It’s an ideal country kitchen for you and your family.

Try to add some radiance to your kitchen

Those gorgeous cabinets are the most dazzling element inside that kitchen, this bold color adds to the present design unparalleled elegance, and therefore the cream color was paired with it to not feel cluttered. Attempt to include colors that fit together with your basic design and make the kitchen of your dreams.

Hang the pots sort of a pro

With this distinctive country kitchen, you’ll use many ideas that add special elegance thereto. And that we find that the designers here have made a blackboard wall to write down your shopping lists, additionally to the easel on the wall with which you’ll hang your utensils during a professional way.

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