Genius ideas to renovate your old kitchen without expenses! | Gurgaon

7 genius ideas to renovate your old kitchen without expenses! | Gurgaon

If you are struggling with your old kitchen and looking for realistic ideas to renovate your kitchen, then you are in the right place! Because today we will present a set of ideas to renovate your old kitchen. These ideas are effective and easy to implement in addition to being cheap and do not require a large budget or a lot of expenses, all you need is a touch of creativity and high taste. And now we leave you with 7 genius ideas to renovate your old kitchen without expenses!

1- colored bars

If the problem of your old kitchen lies in its boring colors, the solution is simple, as you can use sticky tapes in bright and refreshing colors that break the monotony of the gloomy gray kitchen colors, and add to the place a touch of liveliness. And here we see a kitchen decorated with colored tapes in shades of warm orange that harmonize with the color of a watch the wall.

2- New paint

Painting kitchen cabinets with new paint is one of the simplest ways to improve the general appearance of old kitchens, so if your kitchen suffers from damaged paint for the cabinets and you do not have a large budget to change the kitchen, you can just paint it in a new color to make it look shiny again, and there is another idea that is also inexpensive and It gives great results by replacing cabinet doors with new ones that completely change the look of the kitchen.

3- Additional work surfaces

If the main purpose of your kitchen renovation is the lack of work surfaces in your old kitchen, you can create new work surfaces as in this kitchen, where the homeowner added a counter next to the wall. A simple idea, but it made a suitable surface for preparing food, a good place to put the oven and also suitable for adults to hold snacks.

4- Renovation of walls

Of course, the kitchen walls are damaged by the oils and fumes that rise during cooking and accumulate on them. Unfortunately, the walls do not return after cleaning to the luster that they were, so we can use vinyl with multiple shapes to cover the walls after cleaning, and we can also choose a waterproof vinyl with good materials that are appropriate. With the budget available.

5- Renew the refrigerator

Renovating the refrigerator is one of the renewals that add a touch of modernity to the kitchen, as replacing the old refrigerator with a modern one with a double door and a metal front, gives the impression that the kitchen follows the latest fashion trends, and it will also help in arranging the kitchen because it will contain a lot of items that used to cause chaos.

6- Add a kitchen island

The kitchen island gives the place warmth and elegance, if your kitchen does not have one, it is time to get it for a noticeable renovation in your kitchen. Buy a table with a set of shelves designed to fit the design of the kitchen to make it look like a part of it, and using the same marble material used in the rest of the kitchen to be the surface of the island, is a great idea that makes the new kitchen island an integral part of the place and harmonious with it.

7- Innovative lighting

The problem of your old kitchen may be poor lighting, so replacing old lighting elements with new ones will completely change the look of the kitchen. Hidden lighting in the ceiling or lighting units installed on the sides of the ceiling or walls is one of the modern lighting methods that enhance the beauty of the kitchen, and we see here a kitchen equipped with multiple lighting units on the ceiling in addition to a number of lamps that hang at a close height and make wonderful shadows on the kitchen wall with distinctive wallpaper.

Genius ideas to renovate your old kitchen without expenses! | Gurgaon

Genius ideas to renovate your old kitchen without expenses! | Gurgaon