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Interior Designer in Sector 57 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Design and trends ideas

New season, new house? Seasonal changes always leave us wanting to change anything around the house. In winter, we look for warm colors and comfortable textiles that make up a very welcoming environment. On the contrary, when summer approaches, we allow ourselves to be lulled by the vibrant and fresh tones that speak well with sunny days.

It is still spring, which, by the way, arrived in Portugal rainy. However, we can already start thinking about the long and sunny summer days and the atmosphere that we want to create in our home to receive them. Replace cushion covers, bet on colored walls or make the garden or balcony more inviting: you can change a little bit here and a little bit there.

Today, we share with you some ideas that, we are sure, will inspire you to give a new elan to your decoration. Some are trendy, others are classic and timeless.

You are curious? So, join us.

Cheerful and refreshing colors

Each season suggests a different color palette that can materialize in the decoration. We don’t have to be literal in the interpretation of the season and the subsequent use of colors, but if there is a time of the year that impels us to risk the use of colored tones, that time is summer. You can start by painting just one wall in your room or in room or by covering one of the surfaces with summer-inspired wallpaper. This year, there is a trend towards millenial pink (a cotton candy pink), lilac or lavender, sky blue, mint green, mustard yellow, rust orange and Nile green, among others. In fact, they are all colors that remind us of a delicious ice cream display!

Ombré effect

And speaking of colors, this year we will see the ombré in the decoration. The ombré effect   is when a color has a gradation that takes it from the darkest to the lightest. The ombré can be applied to walls, bedding or rugs, paintings – especially watercolors – and even furniture. If you are afraid to risk this painting technique on the wall, you can always turn to these decorative details. On the wall, you can start with a lighter color for a more subtle result.

Plants and more plants

Plants are a great addition to decor and a very easy way to lend color and freshness to environments. In addition, they bring us closer to nature and transmit positive feelings that benefit our physical and mental well-being. If you are attentive to decorative trends, then you will know that the use of cacti, palm trees, succulents and other beautiful and easily maintained plants is often seen inside the houses. Citrus plants are also on the rise. They are charming and spread a pleasant scent throughout the spaces. A vase with flowers will always look good too. Distribute plants and flowers a little everywhere. They can bring an empty corner to life, the coffee table, shelves and shelves, a console in the lobby, and so on.

Bohemian style (boho-chic)

Bohemian style houses are interesting, full of life and objects that transport us to other parts of the world and cultures. It is a style based on a stripped aesthetic that is associated with a relaxed lifestyle. It is undoubtedly a style that is fashionable when it comes to decoration and that could not have more to do with summer. Embrace colors, decorate with travel souvenirs, handicrafts and ethnic products, go and drink inspiration Moroccan aesthetics, use furniture with a decade finish , spread ottomans through spaces, favor long and romantic voile curtains and mix patterns. Transform your home into an oasis of relaxation.

Macrame and other adornments

Tassels, macramé , fringes, feathers… next season, we will see these elements in tapestries, blankets, cushions, rugs, in the accessories and adorning the walls. This trend goes hand in hand with the bohemian style. An artisan quality is inherent to it and, at the same time, a certain sumptuousness that makes the environments more filled and interesting.

An outdoor space at the height

Do you have an outdoor space? Do not waste it and spend the hottest days abroad in comfort. If the area is large enough, be sure to incorporate a table to gather your family and friends around delicious meals. However, we are not talking about any table, but about one worthy of a magazine cover. Embellish yours with centerpieces (they can be made with flowers or fruits), beautiful crockery, napkins wrapped with ribbon or colored cups. Mix white with colors and patterns in a true summer dance.

Do not forget, also, to enhance the space with comfortable textiles – preferably, washable -, lanterns with candles, sofas, loungers and decorative garlands of light. Create a magical atmosphere that makes everyone at home want to prolong evenings.

Finally, bring color to the space with the inevitable, and always charming, plants and flowers.

A bed to welcome the summer

If, in winter, we cannot resist many layers and very warm fabrics, in summer, with the heat, the beds ask for light textiles and lighter tones. This does not mean that the bed should be stripped. If he did, comfort would be lost. Just replace some elements. You can start by changing the covers of the pillows and the duvet to ones with colors and patterns that suggest summer. White is also a good starting point and, in a bed, it conveys tranquility and purity. If the duvet cover is white, you can enhance it with a set of colorful and contrasting pillows. The blanket at the bottom of the bed is a special touch that is welcome throughout the year. However, instead of a wool or velvet blanket, you can choose linen, cotton, jacquard or very fine knit.

The purity of white

In this article, we have already talked about vibrant colors and styles that visit bold and expressive combinations. In summer, dark colors are dispensed with that attract the sun’s rays and make you feel warm just by looking at them. If you are not an apologist for cheerful tones, you can use white instead. White composes light, light and airy environments that transmit freshness and serenity. There are several shades within the white and the possibility of combining it with some colored notes. You can, for example, try the binomial white and yellow or white and blue or light green in a maritime inspiration.

Light curtains

Let the light come generously into your home and favor the use of light curtains in voile, linen or cotton. White semi-transparent curtains are versatile and ensure privacy while allowing sunlight to pass through. You can also place flowing curtains on a four-poster bed to create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere in your room.

Baskets (and wicker details)

Decoration baskets have been in trend for some time. The color and texture of these elements provide comfort to the decoration and make the environments less sterile. In addition to decorating, they are also very useful for organizing objects or placing plants. You can bet on simple, colorful baskets or adorned with pompoms and use them inside and outside.

What professionals can help you prepare your home for the summer?

If you really want to turn your home around, then there is nothing better than hiring a professional to guide your project. We have put together a wide list of professionals organized by categories. In this case, you may want to contact a decorator. This professional, in addition to being aware of trends, will know how to make the most of the space and make the most of the available budget. Be participate in the process, exchange ideas and be open to suggestions.


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