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Kitchens style

The comparison between modern and traditional kitchens is very strange so in this article we will not go that way; both have their own advantages while the disadvantages are also present. Whether the kitchen is modern or traditional, everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Without the support of any side, today we will talk about kitchens that are in tune with the needs of the traditional and modern era.

Here we have 12 kitchens that carry the tradition of the past and meet the needs of the modern age which is not so easy!

  1. A masterpiece of the past

Chestnut wood is very popular for making traditional style kitchens, besides walnut, white and mahogany are also used. But for those who are fed up with wood, it is very useful to apply different coatings on the wood, thus different colors and shapes can be obtained while maintaining the attractiveness of the wood.

The beauty of the combination of natural wood and furniture can be seen on this kitchen counter, the color is pearly gray which is beautifully matched with the tiles and the effects of this color can be seen on the kitchen door.

2۔ Pure narrative

If you are not tired of wood then this kitchen is for you, a traditional and polite design. The darker color of the wood creates a space that can force you to spend more time in the kitchen.

The blue door is prominent in the furniture; the color of the tiles and the dark color of the wood beautifully balance the scene.

  1. Country style

We cannot deny that we are looking at a traditional country style kitchen. With wooden ceilings and stone floors, this kitchen has carefully placed furniture, such as green bricks and wood.

The cream color table in the middle can be used as a store and kitchen counter; on the other hand wooden shutters facilitate the passage of air in the space while small things like painting, baskets and plants there are more.

  1. Modern classical style

An old wooden warehouse is the starting point of this modern kitchen. The wood used in this kitchen is sourced from the old warehouse.

A durable and Eco-friendly design that takes us to a practical and modern kitchen with a glimpse of the traditional past.

  1. Open space

Many times the kitchen space is the reason for its design. The large wooden beams and the height of the walls take us to the traditional style. Even so, you can still make custom changes. In this picture you can see that the wood has been changed to a modern style by changing the color while the roof has a traditional style.

  1. Pay attention to the little things

The charm of the traditional style is in the fresh air and the old things. So despite the modern style, we can add some things to give it a rustic color. The flowers, wooden baskets and hair in this kitchen are things that make us feel like grandparents’ house.

  1. Traditional and spacious

Can a kitchen be traditional and spacious? The answer to this question is this picture. This kitchen is a beautiful blend of industrial spacious style and traditional country design. This wooden plank takes us to concrete sinks and faucets. A balanced design that no one can ignore.

  1. Paint the walls

Even though we only like tiles for cleaning the kitchen walls, painting is a good idea. Contemporary plastic paints also help with cleanliness and can spread calm and vibrant colors in any type of kitchen.

These mustard colored walls are a perfect match with wooden furniture.

  1. Coloring style

If you prefer a light colored traditional kitchen then this color scheme is the best. For a modern style, take rectangular tiles instead of squares and paint between them. White will brighten up your kitchen and brighten the walls.

10 Simplicity is the best

More luggage takes up more space and is also heavier on the pocket, with less space and less luggage it is a simple solution connected with tradition. The wooden counter and the beautifully colored drawers, the two shelves at the top are the total assets of this kitchen. True tiles on the wall, a strip in the middle and plants on the stool add to the splendor of the place.

11۔ Select table

Looking at the benches and chairs attached to this kitchen table, the idea of ​​a cafeteria inevitably comes to mind. Have you ever thought that this simple style can be made in your home too, this style is the best solution in a house where space is limited.

12 A real and traditional kitchen

We will end this article with a kitchen that is very different from before. In this design, white cloth is used to hide things on the shelf and a green slate wall on top of it, if you are different from the world. If you want to, you will definitely like this kitchen.

In addition, this design is also useful for those who do not want or can not change the kitchen much. There are no shiny or expensive items in the space, for example a wooden sink in front of it, as well as a simple working space.


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