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A kitchen is a part of your home without a kitchen you can not imagine your home. If you are thinking about a beautiful home your kitchen should be a very beautiful part of home than you can say that your home is very beautiful. The kitchen brings people in homes together. When you sit together. it is your kitchen. Meals are a time when many families join to share both food and events of the day. Conversations often take place while cooking, cleaning, or just spending time together. The kitchen features three main parts to ensure adequate preparation, storage and cleaning of food, utensils and dishes. The working region of the kitchen includes the range, oven, microwave and other appliances involved in food preparation. Self-cleaning ovens provide an easier solution of maintaining cleanliness. Food preparation equipment should all be in the same area. A center island counter top, where room allows, provides a central place to prepare food. A kitchen needs adequate facilities to store frozen, cold and dry food goods, as well as dishes, plates, silverware, bowls, containers, pots and pans. Many kitchens are connected to either a garage or the outside through a door. Having the storage area close to this door provides easy access when new groceries are brought in. Efficient kitchens have a roomy pantry in addition to plenty of cabinet space.

As you decorate a living room, the dimensions of the room and the built-in features will determine a significant amount of furniture placement. For example, to decorate a long, narrow living room with a fireplace on a side wall, the long side wall and the position of the fireplace on this wall will determine how you place furniture for seating. Get the most effective and pleasant use out of your room with careful attention to these details. Assess the unmovable features of the room, including windows, doorways, built-in shelving and the fireplace. If there is a traffic pattern through the room, consider this as well to ensure that you position furniture around the traffic areas.

Interior Designer in Rohini

Create a main seating area in front of the fireplace where people can sit near the warmth to enjoy a fire. This seating area will likely take up approximately half of the room.

Define the seating area with an area rug on the floor in front of the fireplace, if you desire. Position two club chairs, two recliners, a love seat or a couch within about 8 feet of the fireplace, on the area rug, if applicable. Make a second seating area in the other half of the room. Use the other half of the side wall or one of the narrow end walls for a television or entertainment center.

Add another area rug on the floor in this half of the room, if you desire. Position seating in front of the television or entertainment center on the rug to enable people so sit and view the screen. A sectional couch, pair of love seats or love seat and club chair might be ideal for this half of the living room.

Regardless of the style or complexity of the given design, you will basically be dealing with three integral components in any tray ceiling. There will be a backer board used to build down the perimeter to the desired elevation and width, the crown molding that will cover this newly created corner between the backer and the wall, and finally a sub-crown, or base cap added between the existing ceiling plane and the vertical surface of the backer. The thickness of the backer is essentially the height of the base cap, plus any desired reveal left showing on the corner of the backer. The width of the backer is the horizontal coverage of the crown, plus its reveal. There are literally as many versions of this look as one can imagine, leaving the final look and design entirely up to you -- the thicker the backer wood, the more drastic the dimensional change will affect the finished look of the room. Design alterations to consider are the use of multiple steps, achieved by calculating and adding multiple steps of backer board, each with its own molding and reveal covering the surface. Another great way to add depth and accent is to alternate between stain-grade and paint-grade trim as the layers of crown and backer progress. Even upon reaching the original ceiling plane, steps of trim border may be added to provide an easy embellishment. From a simple, stepped-up crown molding, to a multistage, elaborate tray ceiling design, this type of carpentry can add the flare most people are used to seeing only in mansions for very little money and effort.

Interior Designer in Rohini

if a property owner is trying to get ideas to make his home more beautiful than he need to find an interior Designer near him, it may be possible by online search or by reference of his friends. if you have an idea to make your home beautiful than you can make it yourself but an interior designer can make it more beautiful than your imaginations. A skilled and educated Interior designer make it more realistic and eye catching. Close corners and long walls in a narrow, rectangular room can be difficult to decorate. As a property owner you need to work before meeting an interior designer, what you want from interior designer's side in your home. If you want to put some air and square back into a stuffy, box-shaped space, follow a few interior design tips using color, strategic furniture placement and transforming accessories. If your room lacks windows or gets limited sun, invest in a high-gloss paint for a reflective effect and to make the ceiling and walls feel more expansive. An Interior designer should be a creative person who can enhance your ideas more than you think, whatever you have hope from an interior designers they should do more than your acceptation about your property.

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Implement the use of paint and color to create the illusion of space. Paint the two short ends of the room a darker shade than the longer walls to emphasize depth and mimic squareness. You can also paint horizontal stripes on short walls to create width; ideally, the stripes should be a shade darker than the base coat.


On the long wall, paint the trim lighter than the walls to push the walls out; on the short walls, paint the trim darker than the base to bring the walls inward. Place focal points on the long walls to emphasize the width of the room rather than its length. Arrange the furniture in square, circle or angular formations around focal points to offset the rectangular shape of the room. Set up furniture in “zones” for specific purposes; for example, a rectangular dining room/living room combo might have a zone for eating, a zone for entertainment and a zone for quiet conversation or reading.

Select narrow, sleek furniture that leaves a definitive space between the furniture and the floor for an airy, roomy effect. Further the squaring effect by installing bold floor rugs with stripes that flow parallel to the longer walls. If renovations are in your budget, install large square tiles or wide floorboards to counter the rectangular shape of the room. Make windows appear wider by extending your curtain rod past your actual window frame; also, place the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible. Hang a bamboo shade in the empty space between the curtain rod and the top of the window to leave the impression that the window extends farther upward and outward that its true borders. Part your curtains as wide as possible without exposing the edges of your window; in this way, you can take advantage of your full view while creating the illusion that you have more window left over.

Interior Designer in Rohini

Install several lighting sources for a layered, spacious effect. Avoid a single overhead light; instead, use wall sconces, lamps and multiple overhead lights. Ensure each “zone” in the room has its own lighting source.

Interior Designer in Rohini

Use accessories with metal accents. as well as glass-topped furniture to create the illusion of space and uninhibited flow throughout the room. Place mirrors strategically across from windows and light sources to reflect light and amplify space throughout the room.

Bathroom design by Interior Designer in Rohini

A small bathroom requires fixtures that take up as little space as possible. However, the space must be used effectively. You can design a bathroom that works well for providing elbow room within the space. Explore various floor plans to create a bathroom that can be enjoyed for a long time. The important thing to remember is avoiding adding too many fixtures or cabinets within the small space. Define where to place the bathing area first. Install a 5-foot-by-3-foot shower-tub unit with a glass sliding door as an option. Placing this unit lengthwise against one of the walls will leave a space that is 1 foot wide and 3 feet deep beside the shower-tub. Use this niche to install shelves for towels. Create a vanity wall for double sinks. Buy two pedestal sinks to fit along a wall before the shower-tub is installed. Place the sinks on a wall at a right angle to the shower-tub. Add oval mirrors above each sink. Space the sinks an equal distance from the end wall and the shower-tub unit. Position the sinks about 2 feet apart. Install a toilet to face either the sink wall or shower-tub, depending on where the bathroom door is situated.

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