What should you not do when designing a kitchen?

five Kitchen Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid Poor circulation. There’s not anything worse than now no longer giving your patron sufficient area to freely flow round of their kitchen. … Ignoring the paintings triangle. … Ordering incorrect length appliances & cabinets. … Inadequate lighting. … Not making use of vertical area.

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Kitchen storage ideas

Kitchens are the places in the house where we need the most space to store all the utensils and food that we want to have as provisions for the week or month. Therefore, it is necessary that our kitchen is well designed, to achieve maximum use of space, which is always necessary. If, in addition, you can count on kitchen designers who can create your own room in a personalized way, you have everything to win: you can have what you need!

Next, we are going to give you some ideas so that you can consider the types of storage that you can install in your kitchen, whether they are closed spaces, such as cabinets, or open spaces, such as shelves. It will be much easier to have everything organized!

Any space is good

The use of space is key in any room so as not to lose meters without meaning. A good idea for your kitchen is to take advantage of the gap in a pillar to create a narrow shelf where you can place your recipe books.

A place for wine

In a good kitchen worth its salt, there will be some good bottles of wine to enjoy with a meal or dinner, with family or friends. For this reason, you can store these bottles in a specialized cabinet, with diagonal shelves.

Integrated shelves

We are used to having closed furniture in the kitchen, where you can’t see anything that we have stored inside. But a drawer added to our kitchen cabinets, where we can place what we use the most on a daily basis, is functional and very interesting.


Drawers are a classic in our kitchens, so creating a column full of them will help you keep everything you need in order, such as cutlery, cloths or tablecloths and napkins. Everything in its place!


We have already commented something about the shelves, but in this case they will be independent shelves, and not integrated. We can use them to place utensils, spices, or decorative objects. Let’s not forget that the kitchen is also a space that can be decorated, just like the living room, and even more so when the spaces are integrated.

Chambered kitchen

There is a tendency to create L-shaped kitchens in which the corner is sometimes difficult to make functional. A good solution for this is to create chambered furniture, in order to take advantage of all the possible space for storage in your kitchen.


Let us not be forgotten! Cabinets are the most classic form of storage, whether in kitchens or in any other room. We can have them from floor to ceiling, or hanging, to put above the sink area. They have a lot of capacity and are also very versatile, especially if you can design them at your convenience.

Large drawers

We have talked about the fact that drawers are essential in kitchen storage, but the fact is that there are other types of drawers, which are also essential: drawers, those drawers that are used to store pots, pans, etc. They measure approximately the same as two conventional drawers, so they are taller and have more capacity.


Storage has always been a problem in kitchens, especially if you are from a forward-thinking family and buy large quantities of food. A good ally for this type of situation is pantries. We will not always be able to have an independent space for it, but there is the possibility of adapting it to each space.


The storage possibilities are endless, so another of the options you can opt for is that of a shelf, either made of a specific material, such as wood, or of construction, which is made on site, forming part of the structure of the house.


Are you short on space and need to organize some items? The perfect solution is to place baskets or boxes. This will allow you to better locate some of those things that are always in the way and you don’t know where to leave them, such as plastic cups, napkins…

Integrated appliances

Although it seems that this has nothing to do with storage, it really is. And it is that, when you propose a kitchen, you must take into account the space that your appliances are going to occupy, since it is storage that is lost. A good planning of the appliances will make you have a much better storage, especially if you place them all together.

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