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In the recent years, the interior designers of introduced some latest and smart design trends within the market. They convinced homeowners to adopt some smart changes which change the design of the house drastically. The lighting design style and matte furnishes came into fashion which may change the standard style into modern look.

The highest listed interior designers in the sting to introduce some modern techniques and design ideas for penetrating within the market. We have listed down some new fashions of interior designing and residential decor in e which are in fashion. We’ll also discuss some those styles also which no more in fashion are.


Whether you would like to vary the design of your home or commercial small space, matte finishes are the newest introduction of modernism within the market. Matte is such a lot popular in that even the house appliances and electronics are being designed with matte look. So, if you’re searching an interior designer, you’ll find that he or she is going to also provide a first advice of matte finishes.



Subway tiles are widely utilized in home for textures and commercial decorations as this style is one among the foremost economical methods through which you’ll provides a wonderful look to your space.

The experienced interior designers of e insist that these tiles are often utilized in all kinds of designing and neatest thing is that you simply need to bear a really bit for adopting this feature.


Electronic gadgets became the foremost essential a part of our lives and that we cannot imagine living without these devices.

The newest trend in interior designing is to include style and modernism within the charging docks and electronic switches and buttons.

This tech style is additionally being adopted by the inside designers in also so you’ll choose it also as a modern style if you’re getting to redesign your interior.


Along with the up-trends, we would like to explain some those fashions which are getting obsolete. The primary trend which is not any more suitable for your house is the utilization of oversize furniture because the latest trend is to utilize small items whether it’s furniture or the other item for adornment.

Another quaint technique of interior designing is to offer a classical shape to your home. It’s not suitable within the latest trends of 2020 which are introduced by the inside designers.

The utilization of fancy lights and chandeliers isn’t the favorite style also because smart and modern lights are getting used within the new and modern houses and commercial spaces.

The meaning of a bedroom Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

The meaning of a bedroom could well be the space that we all wish is waiting for us after a tiring day of work. That calm and comfortable place where we know it is ideal to recover the energy spent doing other tasks. It is one of the most private areas of the house and is where we can satisfy individual tastes in order to create the perfect setting for all those peaceful nights of sleep and happy dreams.The meaning of a bedroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How can I plan the ideal room?

Of course, there is no right or definitive answer that fully clarifies this issue. First, because each case is different. The people who inhabit it, the space and its size and then, of course, all the commitment and free budget to plan your dream room. For example, a country-style house is unlikely to fit well into a small, modern apartment. Then there is the issue of personal preferences. These are some issues likely to influence your choice of decision when planning a bedroom remodel.

If you have difficulty visualizing the new layout/decor of your future room, you should first plan your ideas on paper. Drawing the floor plan of the space can help you find where to place all the elements and optimize the flow of the room. For inspiration, you should search Interior A to Z and keep saving all the photos you like in order to collect all your preferences in an album.

What are the most appropriate materials for my room?

Wooden floors can give the feeling of a comfortable and spacious room, but if you don’t have under floor heating, a carpeted floor might be the coziest option, bearing in mind that you can go barefoot when you feel like it. Regarding the noise that may exist in your room, if you live in a noisy area, especially at night, placing carpets or curtains will help to muffle the sounds. That said, you can positively opt for a combination of wood with some rugs. Ceramic rooms in beach houses are also a viable and very pleasant option, depending of course, on the climate in which it is located.

Walls: paint or wallpaper?

If at night you have trouble falling asleep, you should always choose neutral and restful tones, combined later with soft lighting. If, on the other hand, you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning with so much serenity and harmony present, it’s a good idea to opt for a brighter, more cheerful color. Pale tones can be used to enhance a small room and create a greater sense of space, but if the room is cool or north-facing, blue-grays should be avoided and revert to warmer tones.

When selecting wallpaper for the bedroom, you should avoid dense colors, bold patterns and a lush palette, as it can disrupt and undo the calm and restful atmosphere a bedroom should have. For a safe bet, always choose soft, subtle colors and patterns.

What are the best colors for the bedroom?

When deciding on the color palette you want to use for the bedroom, you should remember to consider not only the walls and floor, but also the furniture, bedding and decor. Beige or pearl walls, for example, can be matched with other darker tones, achieving an elegant or bolder style, or opt for fabrics in vibrant colors to create a more youthful and fun atmosphere. Whichever color you choose, it’s important to remember that you have to sleep in your bedroom, so make sure what effect each color has on you and which one is conducive to tranquility and relaxation. Before starting to decorate, you should test the selected colors, and first paint small samples on the bedroom wall and let it dry, so you can see exactly how they will work after full application on the spot.

How to decorate a small room?

It won’t be new to remember that the white tone has the instant power of enlarging a small space. Lighting can also have a big impact if used properly. If you have a small space, you should not make mistakes first in the size of your house, there is nothing worse than buying a bed that does not fit in the space or that only gives you a few centimetres to maneuver. Neutral colors, light furniture, mirrors and framed landscape photographs can help create the optical illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

What is the most suitable type of decoration for my room?

When asking about the type of furniture for the bedroom, there is only one direction:  think about the type of bed !

It is the main piece of furniture in any room and having a sense of the type of bed you want and the style, this will certainly constitute the path in the total decoration of the space. It is also essential to find a functional and versatile solution for the storage of clothes, shoes and accessories. You can decide between built-in wardrobes or buy individual modular cabinets and dressers. Otherwise, and if you prefer your room to look elegant, keep decorative accessories to a minimum.

What professional should I hire to plan my room?

You can ask an interior designer or decorator for help directly . Remember that these professionals perform different but identical functions. While a decorator helps you in choosing pieces and how to arrange them in your space, an interior designer has other aspects into consideration, such as the possibility of increasing the space by demolishing a wall, or who knows, even joining the bathroom to the bedroom, forming a suite. Depending on the type of help your room needs, you  should go to the right professional .

Where can I find ideas and inspiration for bedrooms?

Nowadays, information and constant news make it very difficult to choose simple and direct materials, colors and decoration. Styles range from industrial and cosmopolitan to country or classic. Therefore, to make your search more difficult, we advise you to directly use the Interior A to Z page in the “rooms” tab.

Here, you can search by styles and be up to date with the most recent projects at national and international level, for a simple change, complete refurbishment or even a planned room from scratch. Isn’t that great? We wouldn’t say yes.

The meaning of a bedroom Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

The kitchen interior you want and its type | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Before designing a kitchen, what kind of functions do you want the kitchen to have? Decide on a certain scale by first thinking about whether you only need simple cooking that requires only one stove, whether you want to cook using an elaborate oven or steamer, and how much time you spend in the kitchen. .. Here is a summary of essential kitchen items and their types:

・ Stove

Gas stove

If you are accustomed to using fire for a long time, we recommend a general gas stove.

IH cooking heater

If you have children or older people are cooking, use an IH cooking heater for safety. If you want to make your house all-electric, please do!

・ Counter top

Artificial marble

A material made by arranging marble powder with an adhesive. It is strong and easy to clean, but it is vulnerable to stains such as stains.


It is strong and easy to maintain. A material that can be used for many years without collapsing even if it is deformed.


A material whose surface is covered with glass. This is also easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about stains.

Kitchen counter type

It protrudes from the sink, adjusts the momentum and temperature of the water with one handle, the faucet part is movable and the hose is built in, so you can clean the dirt of the sink far from the faucet. A type that can be done.

Washbasin counter type

It protrudes upward from the sink and has a hose structure inside, so water can be applied to dirty parts far from the faucet. The difference from the kitchen counter type is that the handle protrudes from the sink separately.

Faucet type with wall

A type in which the faucet and handle protrude directly from the wall in front of you, not from the sink. Due to its simple structure, it is a little cheaper than the other two types.

・ Hygiene management goods storage space

Around the sink

Always the space around the sink to put the sponge and detergent

Towel rack

It would be nice to have a bar where you can put a towel on the sink or stove to wipe it clean.

Oil dirt cleaning goods storage

A place to store chemical detergents to remove stubborn stains such as oil stains that accumulate in the exhaust port every day. It is recommended to store it directly under the sink to keep it away from food.

・ Dishwasher / dryer

Dishwasher only

It will wash the dishes, and at the end it will steam the dishes to a high temperature to speed up the drying process, but you will need to actually open the dishwasher and wipe it a little later.

Dish washing liquid and dryer set

Not only can you wash the dishes, but you can also dry them afterwards.

・ Draining space

Beside the sink

If you don’t have a dishwasher, you need a space to wash the dishes by hand and then dry them.

Drainer basket stand

A two-tiered and three-tiered drainer basket with a water tray at the bottom that can be installed anywhere on the kitchen table without placing dishes near the sink.

Hanging rack

A rack that hangs from directly above the sink. It can be used when the overhead storage rack protrudes so as to cover the sink.

Sink hook rack

When not using the sink, hang it on the left and right sides of the sink and place dishes etc. on the rack.

・ Storage space

Storage under the counter top.

All the free space on the counter is used as a shelf to store all cooking utensils.

Overhead shelf storage

A storage shelf on the counter. It is easy to take out cooking utensils immediately, but heavy items cannot be stored.

Free-standing rack

The main cooking equipment you want to have is a microwave oven, oven, toaster, rice cooker, pot, type II kitchen, etc. If you have two counter tops, it is not a problem, but if the counter top is small, such as an island kitchen, what? Place the rack with overlapping steps upright next to the counter.


A large amount of food can be stored if a place where large foods and seasonings can be stored is prepared in the kitchen space or another space.

·exhaust port

A large exhaust port and fan will be prepared directly above the stove. If a large amount of food is cooked at the same time, not only smoke but also room temperature will rise, so prepare an exhaust port with as wide an allowable range as possible.


Design the cooking table so that it is illuminated from right to left as much as possible. Avoid cooking in the dark as it can cause injuries and overheating.

·Garbage can

Don’t forget the trash cans storage area. When cooking, not only food waste but also a large amount of burning garbage and plastic garbage are generated, so a large number of garbage cans that can be thrown away are required. If possible, I would like to put the trash can in a closed space, so a part of the counter will take up a large space for the trash can.

・ Refrigerator space

Another place to remember is the refrigerator space. Before designing the kitchen, design the refrigerator while carefully measuring the dimensions you want.

straight kitchen style that is often seen in ordinary households. It’s the best way to save space and the cheapest. Since it is common to buy and install an existing standard kitchen, the price can be kept low.

A kitchen style that looks like a U when viewed from above, with an L-shaped counter top or worktop installed at a 90-degree angle. It’s expensive, but it has enough kitchen utensils and equipment to allow for elaborate cooking. If you like cooking, you should definitely consider the kitchen style.

Kitchen layout

Bar style :

The lower half is separated from the dining room, but the upper part is vacant, and you can put food and drinks on the counter like a bar.

Dining counter style :

The large bar is designed for people to sit down and eat. A very useful kitchen setup if you don’t have the space to prepare another dining table.

Isolation style :

A style that completely separates the dining and cooking spaces. Recommended if you are concerned about the smell of cooking.

The kitchen – a place to live | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What makes a perfect kitchen? The term perfection when referring to kitchens is a very subjective concept, because everyone has a different conception of the ideal kitchen. Everyone agrees, however, that kitchens are the heart of a home. But this concept has been updated over the years, and nowadays, a kitchen must offer more than functionality: it must be the center of family gatherings, sometimes even replacing the living or dining room. At home, at a party, it doesn’t matter that your sofa is comfortable and your living room has a cozy fireplace, because where everyone ends up meeting is actually in the kitchen. At best, they cook together, talk, eat and drink in the kitchen. The later they get to the party, the fuller the kitchen will certainly be!

Where can I find ideas and inspiration for designing my kitchen?

From modern to classic, from eccentric to minimalist: in our Kitchens section there are countless tips on how to decorate a kitchen for all tastes. From the moment you see a kitchen you like; with a single click you can add the photo to your idea book. Idea books are a repository of inspiration. At any time you can add or delete photos and manually change their order. Additionally, text fields that are predefined in idea books allow you to include personal comments on your favorite projects. Idea books already created are automatically saved to your profile – so your ideas will always be available!

How should I decorate my kitchen?

There are different styles with which you can decorate a kitchen. Given that the space must primarily reflect the personality of each one, it is essential, first, to define it rigorously. After clarifying this point, you can start making decisions about the color, layout and style of the kitchen you want. Which coating is best suited to kitchen surfaces? Want a kitchen with an island or a kitchenette? Do you want bright colors or do you prefer soft colors? The biggest challenge in kitchen planning knows how to reconcile good taste and functionality. Therefore, we will reveal some tips for combining the different requirements in order to serve as a source of inspiration.

Decorating the kitchen in an easy way

When decorating a kitchen you should take into account your personal preferences, however there are basic rules that must be observed in order to make the most of the space and achieve the proper aesthetics. When designing a kitchen or any other room in the house, it is important to take into account the personality of each one and the characteristics of the space, such as the height of the work area or the depth of the cabinets, for example. How to decorate the kitchen in a simple way? A kitchen equipped with modules that can be joined according to our wishes is the best way to combine all the elements and be able to enjoy the best area of ​​the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you decide on an L- shaped or U- shaped kitchen, with island or kitchenette, because any of the specialists can be found and can help you plan your dream kitchen.

How can I find the right kitchen designer?

The kitchen designer must be able to respond to our individual needs while being flexible. The ideal kitchen designer must have extensive experience and good references. In addition to the financial issue, planning the perfect kitchen takes a lot of time, so it is essential to have a reliable professional. If you want to buy a kitchen that suits your personal preferences and fits harmoniously into the spatial arrangement defined by the house, you should seek inspiration from a qualified kitchen professional, so that the final result respects as much as you had initially planned.

What should I know about kitchen spaces?

If you have already decided on the shape of the kitchen, the next step is the selection of materials. The choice of glass, paint, steel, wood or plastic is a matter of both price and taste. In addition to the durability of the material, other aspects such as texture and color must be considered before making a decision. Generally, what works best for kitchen walls are simple materials that don’t tire over time and are also the easiest to maintain. However, when it comes to possible combinations, don’t be afraid to mix materials! An aluminum fridge blends easily with lacquered cabinets and the marble counter top blends seamlessly with the wooden floor.

What colors should I choose for my kitchen walls?

As for the color of the walls in the kitchen, you can experiment and risk a little more. Painting kitchen walls is a much quicker process than replacing cabinet doors, as it is much easier to create a cheerful kitchen through the color of your walls. So simple kitchens can be quickly updated with a touch of color. In general, dark colors on the walls emphasize bright kitchens, and bright colors add extra sparkle to simpler furniture. So, before replacing the entire kitchen, you can first try just putting a new color on the walls and see the final result.

What colors should I choose for my kitchen walls?

As for the color of the kitchen, a timeless design is generally advised. White kitchens – whether in glossy or matte tones – are the absolute classic. Going for a kitchen in black is a little bolder, but by defining the color scheme well, dark kitchens can have their charm. However, you should not underestimate the dimensions or luminosity of the house, because some spacious and bright rooms also allow a kitchen in black. In small, gloomy rooms, bet on white rooms so everything looks bigger and more spacious.

What type of floor should I choose for my kitchen?

When it comes to choosing your kitchen floor, hygiene should be the main factor. When preparing and cooking meals, something can easily fall to the floor and the most practical is to opt for an easy-to-clean floor. Therefore, wood, stone or ceramics are included in this group, while rugs or carpet are out of the question. The choice, in the final analysis, will always be a matter of taste, but, in addition to functionality and hygiene, you should consider the fit with the rest of the house, especially if you consider the kitchen open to the rest of the space.

Tips for decorating our kitchen

In addition to the shape and materials, there is another aspect to consider when planning the kitchen, is the arrangement of storage. So that plates, pans and glasses can be kept minimally tidy, you should consider certain aspects in advance: where to put the vegetables in the fridge, where you can wash them and then cut and cook them! Equally important is carrying out a detailed inventory to find out if you need more drawers, shelves or cabinets. Considering all these points in advance, you will be able to configure, plan and equip a kitchen according to your needs.

What aspects should I consider when buying a kitchen?

Before buying a kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the location where it fits, in the home. While an island kitchen fits well in open spaces, in small houses a mini kitchen is more suitable. Also relevant are the position and size of the windows, the ceiling and the appearance of the wall or floor, as the kitchen has to match them all. Another decision that must be taken in advance is whether the pantry should be integrated into the kitchen and how to make it. When deciding on the purchase, it is advisable to combine, with the functionality and quality of the kitchen, its durability, as you want it to remain impeccable forever. Another equally important reason is a timeless design, or at least a kitchen design that you can enjoy in the long run. Other aspects to take into account when buying a kitchen, along with our preferences,

How should I create an open kitchen?

To create an open kitchen, you need to have enough space for it. In small apartments it might be a good idea to demolish some walls, thus creating a dining area or a living room in direct connection with the kitchen and in these cases, a kitchen island will be quite right. When designing a kitchen, order and organization are an important factor. Although the island is used to convert the living room into a space for socializing and quick meals, it is also used for storage. It is important that all kitchen utensils have their place and are not left standing as if they were decorative objects. If you want, place one or another shelf and place your favorite objects there.

What are the most popular styles for kitchens?

Rustic-style kitchens

Checkered curtains, cream colors and copper pots as decorative elements:  rustic kitchens especially exude a lot of comfort. The most important element of this classic style is undoubtedly wood. From the kitchen to the living room, wood is a must in any rustic-style kitchen. In terms of decoration, small details play an important role. Example: wooden chairs with heart-shaped cutouts on the back.

Modern style kitchens

Demands on kitchens have evolved over the years and the kitchen has become an essential part of the home. Today, a kitchen must not only be a purely functional space, but also combine its role with that of a living and dining room. In fact, open island kitchens are the latest decorating trend. Kitchen blocks serve to provide more space for storage and also to give us the feeling of socializing: while one person is cooking, another can already take his place on the kitchen island. Another feature of  modern kitchens are the discreet and integrated exhaust fans, and there are even those that can be extended and retracted electrically. Nowhere else in the house is high technology more desirable than in kitchens.

Eclectic style kitchens

For those who find that simple decor eventually loses its appeal over time, opt for an  eclectic kitchen . As for colors, shapes and patterns, the imagination has no limits, but keep in mind that the color of the wall or rugs are much easier to change than other kitchen surfaces. It is highly recommended not to be averse to stylistic inconsistencies. In contrast, mixed materials such as glass, wood, aluminum or stone are welcome! Only one style rule applies: put on whatever you want – the more colorful and attractive the better!

Scandinavian-style kitchens

The Scandinavian – style cuisine are characterized by the use of colors such as white and all gray tones, and the use of geometric shapes and natural wood. It’s important to allocate plenty of storage space, whether in cupboards or shelves. In terms of decoration, this style is a fan of fabrics with delicate patterns and soft colors, where the decorative elements involved are used as attractions – they should never combine several patterns and colors with each other. Also typical in Scandinavian-style kitchens is a careful and extremely meticulous design – right down to the smallest detail.

What if my kitchen is too small?

If you only have a small space for your kitchen, you have two options. Or opt for a modular kitchen (but consistent in terms of design) or choose a mini kitchen. There are several smart kitchen models that integrate multiple functions. By rotating, folding and sliding elements, a hidden storage space is created so that the kitchen, with the naked eye, remains tidy without giving up its functions.

The kitchen – a place to live | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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