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Standard heights guide for decorative items

We are always confused by the peak of the varied decorative elements round the house, like the marble kitchen, table, chandelier, or artistic painting, so we don’t know what is the quality heights that give our rooms a chic and proportional look. Not all height is often left to the user’s taste because the decor laws leave safety, safety and luxury factors for users. So today, we’ll show you a guide to some common dimensions and the way they will affect you in your design decisions.

It should be noted that there are some anomalies, so you want to consult specialists to form models that enable you to see the ultimate design and obtain a thought before embarking on the work of those designs.

  1. Kitchen surface

The kitchen surface is typically 90 cm high. The peak of the double-level island is approximately 105 cm.

  1. Kitchen bar stools

As for the bar stools for the kitchen surface of ordinary height, they ought to have a height of 60 cm (from the chair surface to the ground surface) although the common heights of the bar stools are 75 cm if the kitchen surface is above usual.

  1. Kitchen hood

he hood’s dimensions vary consistent with its type, but the quality height is 75-80 cm from the stove surface, taking under consideration if its users are taller, so as to not pose a risk to them, but to be at an appropriate distance in order that it gets obviate all odors practically.

  1. The toilet surface

Standard bathroom top height is 85cm to match sink and use.

  1. Bathroom lighting

Lighting during a bathroom is best if it comes from two sources on the side instead of one source to scale back shadows. And it’s at a height of 85-90 cm from the surface of the basin.

  1. Board

Dining tables or dining tables are always 75 cm high. As for the dining chair, its height ranges between 42.5 – 47.5 cm, but if the chair has arms, make certain to suit comfortably under the table.

  1. Shelves above the desk

To place shelves above the desk and supply space for storing for the workspace, a height of 55-60 cm from the desktop is a perfect height. As this height gives you the chance to use the pc and put a lighting under the shelf practically.

  1. Cocktail table

Most of the front room coffee tables are 45-50cm off the bottom, for perfect use with reference to sofa and chairs.

  1. Art boards

When hanging paintings or frames, they need to be at an equivalent level of sight because it is 140 – 150 cm from the bottom. But if you’re hanging a group of paintings or frames, you want to take under consideration that the midpoint is at the extent of the attention.

If you’re hanging paintings or frames over a settee, confirm that there’s a niche of 12-20 cm between the panels and therefore the surface of the sofa.

  1. Blinds

The height of the curtains depends on the dimensions of the space or window and therefore the style to be obtained, but as a general rule, the space between the curtain pole and therefore the highest point of the window (220 cm high) shouldn’t be but 20 cm. But if you would like the window to seem larger or the space wider, you’ll raise the extent of the curtain pole slightly.

Standard heights for other decorative elements

  • Standard height for kitchen windows: 120 cm off the ground tiles.
  • Standard height for toilet windows: 150 cm off the ground tiles.
  • Standard height for bedroom windows: between 80 cm and 100 cm.
  • Standard TV Height: the quality TV height is between 70 cm and 175 cm off the bottom, while the perfect and customary height is 150 cm.
  • Standard bathroom mirror height: 120 cm off the ground.
  • Standard bed height: Opinions differ thereon, including what he says ranges between 20 and 30 cm, a number of which he says ranges between 50 and 60 cm, and eventually there’s what he says ranges between 80 and 100 cm.



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