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Kitchen islands with countless benefits

The kitchen table, or as some call it the kitchen island, is the most place that helps the kitchen appear in an orderly, tidy and beautiful way, as it provides a lot of spaces inside the kitchen for its ability to arrange the corners of the kitchen perfectly, we may restrict some spaces within some kitchens with small spaces Therefore, when designing a kitchen island, the kitchen room should have a large area that enables us to place a beautiful and useful kitchen island.

1- A rustic kitchen with a simple island

It is a very antique rustic kitchen, shown in the strong combination of antique stone and rustic wood pieces, moving away from the tall side cabinets and relying on a simple wooden kitchen island placed in the middle of the kitchen apron as a kind of anchor and strength and put into use Optimal as a storage space or for food preparation.

2- Use open shelves and kitchen island for cooking

This rustic design is ideal for lovers of rural life, not to mention the use of that wonderful color or open shelves to place cooking utensils, spices, etc., which enables us to use these things easily and conveniently to be within reach, while placing a kitchen island that is small in size and simple in configuration to use it in function One is the function of cooking food by placing the stove on the kitchen island.

3- Gray kitchen and dining island

This elegant gray kitchen has a classic soft and very beautiful look, as the lower parts of the kitchen are designated for storage in the form of drawers and the kitchen island in the middle is used for food preparation.

4- A kitchen for a large family with an island as a dining table

It is a really great kitchen, especially if you have a large family, this kitchen clearly relied on the design of the kitchen island to be in the form of a dining table consisting of 6 people for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the design of the rest of the kitchen as a food preparation area, and the glossy surface of the island The kitchen added the feeling of a large illusion of space within the kitchen.

5- Modern design with a small kitchen island

This kitchen is a great example of a modern, modern kitchen. This is evident in the shiny stainless steel surfaces and modern tools. The idea of ​​this kitchen is based on providing large empty spaces inside the kitchen to give a greater sense of comfort and emptiness. The kitchen island was placed in the middle of the place and allocated to the process of preparing food and cutting vegetables;

6- Glossy white kitchen with a large island

The use of white in that kitchen in the picture was the perfect choice, as white is one of the best colors that are used in kitchens with small or narrow spaces for its ability to give the illusion of larger and wider spaces, and in that design a kitchen island in glossy white was used for many Uses as a dining table or food preparation space, as well as the cooking process by placing the stove on one end.

7- Use the kitchen island for cleaning

The kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen was used for another purpose, as the kitchen island was dedicated to the cleaning process by building sinks for washing cooking utensils and cleaning the kitchen, it is clear that the kitchen island is really useful and practical and has a lot of benefits and uses.



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