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Interior design mistakes to be avoided DIY

“Creating an ideal house with DIY” You certainly admire it. As the option of buying a second-hand property at a relatively low price and making it by you has become widespread, I think that some people will definitely try it. It’s true that DIY is ideal for building an ideal home, and there are many “keywords for modern home building” such as DIY itself, the impression and openness when it is completed and growing while living. .. But of course there are pitfalls. So, in this article, I will introduce DO / DON’T to make DIY successful. It’s a mistake that is easy to make, so I hope you can refer to it before you start DIY.

DON’T / do not confuse ideal with reality

When you start DIY, you probably have different ideals. However, that is just an ideal, and the fact that it is different from what you thought when you actually made it exists not only in DIY interiors but also in many creative works. The ideal is the ideal, and we need to think about how to achieve it. For that, I think it is necessary to draw a sketch or draw a simple drawing. First of all, let’s draw a line between the ideal and the reality so that you do not realize that you cannot do it after you start working on it.

Determine the enthusiasm of DO / DIY and the range you can do

By the time you start doing DIY, you should have a tremendous amount of heat. Certainly that enthusiasm is the most important thing in DIY. But at the same time, that enthusiasm must be sustained. DIY is an invisible task of completion. Therefore, you need to determine what you can do. It is necessary to properly incorporate the range that you can do, such as whether you have the knowledge and skills to do DIY, whether you have all the tools, and how to balance your work.

DON’T / don’t underestimate time and cost

DIY is often cheaper than asking a contractor, but it’s not a big deal. It’s dangerous to do DIY just to cut your budget. Because DIY is accompanied by failures and losses. It is not possible for an individual to order a large amount of materials and reduce costs like a construction shop. It also costs money for tools. And at the same time, don’t underestimate the time. Even if you try to make it as designed, you will always find a step that you forgot to do on the way, and it will take time. Those who are good at DIY have plenty of time and budget. Don’t misunderstand what you can afford and what you can do.

DO / Make a plan early

In DIY, planning should be careful, but at the same time it is important to plan early. Especially when it comes to large-scale furniture, it is necessary to plan what steps to take and what is needed by when. By making a plan early, you will have more time to plan, and you will be able to flexibly respond to any plan changes or troubles. And it’s better not to make a big plan suddenly. It may be better to try DIY that fits your height first and practice making plans.

DON’T / Don’t try too hard

It’s great to work hard on DIY, but it doesn’t make sense to work too hard and neglect your daily life. Don’t forget that DIY is Do It Yourself. DIY is the principle of what you can do at your own pace. Perhaps as we proceed with DIY, new ideas will come out more and more, but that will not end forever.

DO / Get help from a friend

Your friends are the most reliable when doing DIY. Your supportive friends will surely understand your DIY and your work efficiency will be greatly improved. Especially when doing a big DIY, it’s a good idea to invite as many friends as possible to help. At that time, if you tell them exactly what you want to do and what you want them to help, your friends will feel at ease and will be more supportive.


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