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Interior Design ideas for Wardrobes

A well-organized wardrobe is one of those things that manage to brighten the day. If, like so many other people, it also takes time to get out of bed from the moment the alarm goes off, then you know for sure that you can save time if you have your wardrobe well organized.

Do not forget, then, to take the time to choose the best wardrobe for your room and to keep it in order for your routine to run more smoothly. The excuses are no more: it doesn’t matter if your house is small or if your ceilings are sloped. In this book, you will find the ideal closet for your home.

Take advantage of attic spaces

As already mentioned, the sloping ceilings are not a pretext for not having a closet properly arranged. Notice the image closet whose construction was made in order to make the most of the height of the walls. Let’s look at parts. At the top, narrower, it was used to place custom-made shelves. It is in this space that you can store objects you don’t need every day. The bottom shelf has a clothes rack for hanging clothes – ingenious, right? – And below, there are several drawers, ideal for storing nightgowns or underwear. On the side where the ceiling is tilted, another level of drawers was strategically inserted, which ends up forming a dresser that makes up the closet and provides residents with another storage space.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Having too much space can be a problem for the most untidy. In this case, the most advisable is to compartmentalize the wardrobe or to obtain areas with different heights and widths and there you can store objects that are also of different sizes and shapes. In this way, there will be room for tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes or jewelry. It is difficult to fall into disarray if you choose this method.

See to believe

If you have a very small closet with little space, this is the image for you. The cabinet is proposing the transformation of the walls in a very functional wardrobe whose lines match the architecture of the house. The space is thus reduced, so you can use it to place other furniture. Don’t forget to leave enough free space to be able to open the cabinet doors without any embarrassment.

A well-organized closet

The space we see in the wardrobe and the closet. Shelves at different heights are very suitable. Note that both the upper and lower zones exist, which is ideal for the arrangement of shoes, thus allowing you to give up furniture for shoes only. The shelves are white, the ideal color for a small space like the one in the photo.

Sliding doors to use all the space

Perhaps I hadn’t thought about it yet, but here we are to remind you that doors can take up a lot of space. If you have a wardrobe with traditional doors placed in a very small space, then perhaps you should replace them with sliding doors or, as a last resort, with a smaller closet. To that end, why not get inspired by this colorful project by Ivan Torres Architects?

Mirror, mirror on the wall…!

A full-length mirror is indispensable in a self-respecting closet. Include it and make the most of it. The Interiors offers us, in this image, a mirror with integrated lighting that in addition to light, gives the perception that the closet is bigger than what it really is. This is the power of light and mirrored surfaces, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t forget this when decorating the house.


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