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Interior Design ideas for Kitchen

There are many secrets in the kitchen that go beyond delicious flavors. The distribution of spaces is one of them. Knowing how to find the best possible organization for the kitchen is not an easy task, as this is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. However, good efforts must be made to achieve the best possible result in the organization of space, since comfort and functionality should never be lacking.

One of the main tricks to have a perfect kitchen is to organize the main appliances in an imaginary triangle within the space. Refrigerator, stove and sink must each be distributed in a triangular organization to facilitate logical movements in the routine of this environment.

  1. In G For Square Kitchens

If your kitchen space is square, large or medium, the best choice is a G-shaped kitchen. With this distribution you will have everything at hand, as it will be great for organizing the work triangle in the environment. In addition to being functional, this format is excellent for those who like to have company in the culinary chores. The G- shape allows the additional counter to be adapted as a table and used for quick meals.

  1. An island will be great for gaining space

If your kitchen is larger, the solution with an island will be great, as this will provide additional space for routine tasks. However, to use this option, a minimum space of 90 cm is recommended. Between the island and the balconies or walls. This will ensure comfort and functionality for your kitchen.

In this example, the island does not offer a sink, cook top or storage space, but has an elongated counter that allows it to be used for small meals. The result is perfect.

  1. In L, if the space is rectangular

L-shaped kitchens have optimized space with counters designed by the walls, ensuring functionality to the space. In this project, we can see that the kitchen organization was perfect for the small space, since the center of the space was totally free to give comfort to the movements.

  1. With counter adapted for quick meals

If the kitchen is squarer than rectangular, the U- shape will be perfect, since it will use all the walls and will bring a small division with the other rooms in the house. In this example, the U-shaped kitchen was designed with a taller counter to adapt as a space for quick meals. The result guarantees full functionality.

  1. Linear for corridor spaces

If the space of your kitchen is a corridor shape, linear designs can be good options, as this will bring more functionality in the distribution of elements and intelligent divisions. In this project, the island was extended with a small table, bringing comfort and modernity to the organization.

  1. With planned cabinets

Finally, it is worth remembering the importance of cabinets designed for this environment. With them, you will completely optimize the layout of your kitchen, have better options for storage and the organization is always guaranteed. For this, be sure to consult a good professional who, certainly, will have the perfect solutions to make your kitchen the delicious environment that your home deserves.


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