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Interior Design ideas for Kitchen

The kitchen is a social area like any other environment in your home. After all, this is the place where meals are prepared, food is stored and everything is left ready to be used throughout the day.

Also, it is the environment used by the whole family and where many people receive guests, when there is space or when the kitchen is integrated with the rooms. Therefore, it is very important to keep it organized and pleasant to enjoy in your day to day.

  1. Planned kitchen sink with wooden top

Wood does not seem to be the most suitable material for a counter top and kitchen sinks , but it can work. Everything will depend on the quality of the wood and the varnish treatment it receives so that it does not absorb liquids and ends up molding. So, if you want to have a kitchen with wooden surfaces, think about these two factors and go ahead.

  1.  Style designed kitchen

kitchens are very successful because of the central island. If you have space to place an island in your kitchen, you will certainly have advantages in organizing the environment, in addition to having your own space for preparing meals. It can be a table-type island or a sink and stove.

  1. Industrial style kitchen design

Like  ones, industrial kitchens are very successful. They are those with characteristics of a more rustic look, with wood, exposed concrete, exposed bricks and lighting rails also apparent. It is the ideal style for those who like to have utensils on hand, showing themselves, in a more stripped-down look, without looking disorganized.

  1. Designed kitchen with many shelves

The open shelf is a great aesthetic and practical solution for the kitchen. It allows you to take advantage of the vertical space and decorate the walls, showing the beauty of your dishes and other objects, in addition to being able to keep everything within reach. The shelf matches classic decor. You can also incorporate colors to make your environment more radiant.

  1. Kitchen cabinet planned from the inside

Transform your pantry into a magic box with many drawers, shelves at different heights and also occupy the space of the doors, as in a refrigerator. Each division allows you to store the items in the proper place, so you will always have a very organized and totally useful space. When closed, it is discreet.

  1. Hanging pots

The proposal to install a bar on the ceiling in metallic or copper finish that matches the modern concept of the kitchen is great. The idea is to offer the option of hanging pots that normally take up a lot of space on shelves and cabinets, while creating that chef’s kitchen atmosphere, in which the environment is always ready for the preparation of a delicious meal.

  1. Planned kitchen with equipped island

If you have a central island, don’t just use the surface. There is plenty of space to create multiple cabinets inside. You can use it on one side for fitting seats, if this is also a dining area, and on the other side place open shelves or doors for storing crockery and other utensils.

  1. Large drawers for custom kitchens

In the kitchen it is important to have cabinets and drawers of different heights because the utensils also have different sizes. See how great this idea of ​​drawers with bases prepared for each type of utensil, leaving the dishes upright and with small dividers so that everything has a specific location.

  1. Minimalist shelves on the bench

Open shelves on the walls have the advantage of serving both for decoration and storage. They are great for kitchens of all sizes and styles, so whatever your project, it is a great idea to include open shelves, as long as you keep them in perfect order.

  1. Planned kitchen sink cabinet

The internal shelves of conventional cabinets are not always the best option to take advantage of the space. An excellent idea to be able to store more things and have more practicality to catch all of them when you need is to make pull out doors that have built-in shelves and that come out with the door. Everything is much more accessible.

  1. Vertical kitchen cabinet for electrics

If you do not like to let all the electrodes on display or do not have space for them to be exposed on the counter tops, take advantage of the fact that you are going to make a planned kitchen and separate a cupboard with shelves at the perfect height to store all the electrodes. To make the most of the interior space, make a sliding door upwards.

  1. Drawer organizers

Drawer organizing dividers are the solution for cutlery and accessories that are always mixed until it becomes impossible to find what you want. Separate each item and place it neatly in each drawer compartment. These partitions can be fixed, made together in the construction of the drawers. But it’s best to be mobile so you can clean easily.

  1. Built-in fruit bowl

To make your kitchen look more handmade, have built-in fruit bowls made of wicker or other natural fiber.

Planned kitchen tips

As you saw in the ideas above, there is a lot to take advantage of when you have the opportunity to make a planned kitchen. The smallest details always aim to offer more practicality and well-being to your daily life at home.

So, first of all, you need a project. Hire a kitchen designer to design this project in perfect harmony with the size of your kitchen.

This professional will think of the best solutions so that each piece of furniture is located where it can offer practicality, beauty and ergonomics.

For example, considering the height and mobility of people using the space. It makes no sense for you to be 1.55 tall, who spends hours in the kitchen and always needs to get a chair to reach the dishes in the air. Likewise, if you have a back problem, you don’t have to bend over to pick up the pots in your planned kitchen.

After all this functional planning, the professional will also think about aesthetics, according to his personal taste and the style of decoration he wants to have in the entire house. Especially if your kitchen is integrated with other environments, it is essential that the decor converses between all of them.

In this step the designer will also suggest the best materials to make the furniture, aiming at a kitchen with high resistance, durability and an incredible aesthetic effect, as you always wanted. By investing in professional help, you guarantee that your investment will be made without regret. You just need to choose the right professional, in whom you have confidence and good recommendations.


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