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Interior design ideas for contemporary home

Modern design has many features that are compatible with many spaces, numerous people resort thereto in designing their homes for its simplicity and therefore the ability to feature many personal touches that are homogeneous within the planning.

Here, we provide a glance inside a beautiful modern home to find out about a number of the ideas which will be implemented simply inside your home.

Exploitation of natural lighting

It is often better to use light neutral colors in rooms that have a natural light to reflect the sunshine and feel the spaciousness of the place, and therefore the reflection of natural light on the furniture and walls gives life to the place.

Add a private touch to a contemporary front room

As mentioned before, the fashionable style gives you the chance to feature your personal touch through many various harmonious elements, and that we note here that modern leather furniture and neutral colors were utilized in most of the room’s elements; however, the private touch was introduced through variety of colorful elements that merged into the room’s design beautifully.

The simplicity of colors during a modern compact dining room

Due to the limited space in most homes, many folks make small, compact dining rooms. To serve its purpose practically. during this model, little modern dining room which will accommodate 6 persons was chosen, and it had been placed within the small space opposite the open kitchen, and therefore the reform the colors of the table and chairs were chosen to be compatible with the kitchen colors and the neutral colors within the adjacent front room .

Modern lighting distribution in an open kitchen

Lighting could also be the foremost important think about any room, and here several units of buried lighting are wont to highlight the white kitchen cabinets. Black lower cabinets were installed for a bold modern look, while black connected the kitchen and therefore the corresponding front room during which black seats were also used.

Complementing the kitchen with the combined front room

As mentioned, the black color linked the kitchen and therefore the combined dining room, and to extend integration and compatibility, an easy plant was placed in colors almost like the colours of the highest of the table to link the 2 spaces in a chic and straightforward manner.

The use of paintings within the design of an up to date lobby

The paintings are distinguished by being decorative pieces which will be changed to significantly change the looks of the place, and during this model the paintings were wont to decorate the hallway, also on an easy wooden bench that seemed like a wooden board to display the paintings.

Reuse old items

Old items may represent wealth if used properly. Here, an old wooden bench has been recycled as an alternate to a console or custom wood shelves, adding an easy personal touch at rock bottom cost.

Traditional space for storing in contemporary bedrooms

The modern style allows the utilization of varied elements, and during this model a standard wooden cabinet was used with simple modern bedrooms, the small print of which were highlighted by the colors of the used carpet and therefore the African decorations that decorate the closet.

The elegance of blue within the bathroom

Colors always add different effects to the place, and during this model, blue was used on the walls and floors, giving the sensation that you simply are surrounded by water and as if you’re within the middle of the ocean.

The importance of space for storing within the bathroom

The importance of storage spaces is that they permit you to rearrange the place in order that it doesn’t become cluttered and untidy, and during this model, the wooden cabinets were chosen to make sufficient space for storing for toiletries also as the other purposes.

The elegance of straightforward details

Most people aren’t curious about adding aesthetic elements within the bathroom; although they’re necessary to form all rooms of your house beautiful and attractive without exception, so simple decorations like simple flowers and stylish fragrant ones were used here that give your bathroom a fragrant smell.

The use of green and white within the bathroom

What distinguishes the white color is that it’s in line with all colors, and during this model, green was chosen to be the color related to white, and therefore the choice here is consistent with the private taste of the owner of the place.

Use buried lighting within the bathroom

Buried lighting helps specialize in details or give the place a selected light, and here the buried lighting was utilized in the ceiling, which gave a particular aesthetic form to the place.


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