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Interior design ideas for bedroom colors

How do I choose the right color to paint the room? The answer is simple, as rooms of all kinds are important spaces in our daily life in which we spend most of the time, and therefore they must have wonderful colors that help to relax, relax and see beauty, and the bedroom is best suited to neutral colors and soft colors that give us this feeling of comfort for the eye and the mind.

We are not only talking about wall colors, but also the colors of the furnishings and other elements in the room, so we offer you a set of colors that are perfect for your bedroom so that you feel like you are in your own spa every day of the week!

Zinc color

Zinc is a wonderful shade and light as a shade of gray, and to get it we use a lot of white on gray until we reach a degree that resembles the color of pearls and goes beyond the neutral gray.

This color matches perfectly and perfectly with white and gold as we can see in this room, a neutral touch with a unique personality of this design.

Lavender color

Lavender, or what some call “ lavender “ , is a very light and pale degree of violet because it contains a high percentage of white, and this color is named after the well-known lavender flower .

To get this degree, the white percentage is not enough, but a little blue touch is added and this is what makes it great when placed with blue or gray furniture.

Sand color

The color of the sand results from mixing a group of colors with each other, in this degree we will find a mixture of orange, white and brown, and there are some shades that contain gold inside as well, it is a very variable color and what suits it most in the presence of wood, creamy marble and linen fabrics.

These colors are generally great when you get a house in a marine climate on the beach, as the presence of this degree creates a wonderful contrast with the green and blue found in marine environments.

Light pink (purple)

Light purple tends in its degree clearly towards gray, and it is considered a somewhat sad color, so we do not recommend using it alone in a wrong way in interior decoration, for example here the color came out wonderfully when combined with gray, white and wood on the floor of the room.

Mauve color

Mauve or light purple refers to some colors of flowers, a degree between pink and purple, in the case of this room the designer used a thin touch of the pinkish-mauve color, and as we can see, the wall is empty so that the color dominates the room’s decor mainly.

Mint color

Mint color is a clear degree of green with the addition of many shades to reach this degree, this room used the color boldly and clearly on the wall colors while creating a wonderful reflection resulting from the lighting and making it brighter.

This color goes well with brown, but the perfect color with it is definitely white.


Indigo is a strong and deep color, as it is a severe degree of blue, and this color is located between (blue and purple) so it is considered a unique and very special degree, and some people recommend it because it helps the mind to fully relax.

Indigo is in great harmony with dark gray and good lighting, and because it is a very strong color, it will have a presence and a clear effect on the room decor.

Cyan color

The cyan is a bright shade of light blue, and resembles a greenish-blue dye (blue with a touch of green), and as we can see in the room, it is sufficient by itself to illuminate the room and attract attention to it, and it does not need anything else next to it.

Turquoise color (turquoise)

The turquoise color comes from an old Turkish term referring to a sparkling Turkish jewel called turquoise , which is a very special degree between green and the touch of blue, and this degree always reminds us of the colors of some seas and sends the mind a direct signal in which it feels calm and relaxed.

This room is decorated in an eclectic style that uses turquoise color combined with other gray and beige elements.

Burgundy color (grape color)

Burgundy is a dark shade of red or purple and indicates the well-known color of grapes, and this color becomes ideal when used with the backrest, as it gives depth to the space and makes you feel spacious, however, you should not use it frequently so that the darkness does not overwhelm the room and the soul goes away from it.


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