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Interior design ideas and tips

When customizing the interior, it is very important to incorporate ideas that you can enjoy for a long time in order to enjoy your daily life. I would like to create a playful interior in order to make everyday life that tends to be monotonous happy. This time, we will introduce an example of an interior that gives you a different sense of playfulness. If you are thinking about building a house or redecorating, please refer to it as a slightly unusual idea.

Playful and discerning interior

Doesn’t the impression of the interior make your everyday life feel livelier? Not only is it surrounded by your favorite furniture and items, but the playful and personalized interior is also exceptional. it feels like a waiting room at a school, library, or train station, but the layout that allows you to sit in a comfortable place or feel like a private room in some places even though it is a large space is an unexpected way to use it.

A space healed by plants

If you live in a city or a densely populated area, you will get a little tired of the concrete around you. If you want to create a healing space, for example, you may want to incorporate foliage plants to create a room where you can feel nature up close. This room is used as a salon and school for aromatherapy. Various kinds of plants are placed and hung everywhere from top to bottom, and it seems to be healed to see.

Let’s create a special space with a discerning interior

A large open space that is popular these days. It’s comfortable to spend time with, but when organizing the interior, a method called zoning is often adopted to divide the space according to the purpose. Here, we are changing the space to relax by partially changing the material of the floor and adjusting it to the size of the rug. In the green rug space, it is possible to create a tent-like private room space by covering the hanging columns of the lights with a cover. It’s a nice playful space that you can arrange on the street you go.

A space where people gather around the kitchen

Many food lovers find it most enjoyable to spend time with family and friends while cooking. Eating is living. Kitchen and dining, where you can feel more connected with people, will make your life more enjoyable. This kitchen is an island type, and the large worktop can be used as a table, so it seems to be useful in a wide range of applications. Chairs with different designs make the residents feel playful.

Enjoy the one-of-a-kind interior

Building a house is not something that happens in life. That is why there are many people who want to think about home design with particular attention. It seems that this house was designed from the keyword of a house that looks like a renovated warehouse. The walls made of old materials are artistic and very playful. Because it is not uniform, there is an interior here that you can enjoy for a long time and comfortably.

Enjoy every corner of the house on the skip floor

Even with a simple design, a slight change can give it a special feeling. This is a two-story wooden house. However, it is a skip floor with the floor height slightly shifted. Although it is a slight step, the space is connected in the middle of the stairs, so it feels like it blends into your life without any discomfort. The veranda beside the stairs is designed to be used as a private room, and it makes you excited just by looking at it.

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