Interior Designer in Sector 54 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer in Sector 54 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer in Sector 54 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Tips for decorating boy’s rooms

There is a big difference in the decoration of the room for boys and girls. So today we will tell you in this idea book how to decorate a boy’s room and what are the things to keep in mind during this.

Boys mostly don’t like to use too many colors in their room and enjoy decorating in the style of one of their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. So you also know what is your son’s favorite cartoon character and then make sure to include it in the decoration of the room.

The walls of the boy’s room

There are so many beautiful wallpapers available today that you can choose the best wallpaper for your son and put it on the wall behind the bed, this style you can also use on the wall in front of the bed. If you can’t find wallpapers then you can easily use large posters. Such posters or stickers are easily found in every market and their price is not high.

Remember to do this kind of decoration on only one wall, otherwise the room will look very crowded and strange.

Room decoration

Decorating a room greatly affects your child’s ability to think and understand. So if you want to highlight your son’s artistic abilities or to refine his way of thinking, then you must pay attention to the decoration of the room. For this you can use some pictures that invite your child to meditate. You can also put a blackboard on a wall on which your child can improve his artistic abilities by drawing different styles.

What should a boys’ room bed look like?

Usually in the boys’ room the bed is not given much attention and a simple bed is kept in their room. But if you really want to bring a touch of boys’ room to this room, pay special attention to the bed. You must know that almost every boy is crazy about cars and he keeps an eye on every new model car that comes. So if you want to prove yourself to be a very strong parent in the eyes of the children, put a nice car-shaped bed in their room, the color of which is also to their liking. In this way, not only will your child like to sleep in bed, but you will also have to be told not to force him to go to bed again and again and he will go to sleep happily according to his allotted time.

Beauty in the room

There are so many types of wallpapers on the market these days that you get tired of choosing, but the variety is not gone. The fun part is that they don’t cost much, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. Then choose the wallpaper on the walls according to your child’s preferences and tastes and just put it in the room.

Another important advantage of this is that you can easily change it, so as your child grows up and his hobbies change, you can also change the wallpaper to suit his hobbies.

The best style

Here, too, keep in mind your child’s preferences and tailor the theme accordingly. Decorate the room with this theme if your child has an artistic mind or if your son likes water then there is no problem for you because creating a marine theme is not difficult at all and there are many options for it in the market. are available.

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How do interior designers vary from other professionals and why should you hire one?

When planning a new home or renovating an existing one, there may be a number of reasons why someone chooses not to enlist the help of an interior designer. Others may be concerned that employing an interior designer would mean ceding artistic control of a room that is dear to them. For some, the additional expenditure may seem cumbersome or unnecessary. Nevertheless, working with a designer means having a buddy who can help you push the boundaries a little, avoid expensive mistakes, and achieve the high-impact result you desire.

The interior designer collaborates with a customer to design aesthetically pleasing areas and rooms. An interior designer designs indoor places that meet the functional, safe, and aesthetic requirements of the client. Interior designers may create a variety of settings, from lovely and useful living rooms to offices where people want to work and enjoy to, by using furniture selection, color palettes, accessories, and functional décor. Hence, if you want to maximize the potential of your home, you must hire an interior designer.

In the end, hiring a designer is insisted to be a cost-effective choice. Designers receive training on how to approach projects efficiently and economically as well as how to comprehend what is required in various types of spaces. Designers are skilled at creating high-quality components that complement a customer’s aesthetic and last for several years.

For a homeowner, the planning stages of a remodel might be enough to send their heads spinning Does removing the flooring above have an impact on the ceiling below? When should I choose paint, flooring, or lighting? A remodeling is a fairly complex project that is not always obvious or simple. A crucial aspect of what designers do is to understand how to correctly plan and sequence a project’s processes. Someone who does it frequently will be able to grasp a challenging project more quickly than someone who only does it sometimes.

Many of the pricy items and supplies that are needed for the projects are hard for regular people to obtain. Professional designers have access to a network of dependable builders and laborers, including window covering installers, qualified electricians, and others. A designer can open a client’s eyes to the revolutionary possibilities they had never imagined and help assure maximum effect with the least likelihood of regret. They may rely on them to achieve a wow factor without making costly errors.

It’s one thing to look at flooring samples and furniture stores. Another one is managing installation, arranging deliveries, and placing orders. The interior designers handle the ordering procedure, tracking, deliveries, and installs in addition to doing the actual design work. While the clients are abroad or at work, interior designers take care of everything.

Everything that works on one house might not necessarily work on another. A designer can assist you decide which particular sofa, rug, or window treatment you’ll need for a special location, as well as the exact paint color that complements the quantity of light that a room receives. So, hiring a designer is a crucial step, and Gurgaon is home to many of the top interior designers who can make your dream home a reality.

What You Should Know About Gurgaon Interior Design Prices

Interior design is simply the art of improving a home’s interior to create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasant environment for the people who live there. Everything that makes life simpler in the modern world, when everyone is too busy to do anything, is a huge assistance. Interior design has evolved over time to include more than just furniture. As a result, many design elements strive to make life easier for the homeowner through the use of various furniture items including hydraulic doors, wall colors, trolleys, storage cabinets, etc. If a person wishes to live comfortably in Gurgaon, a fast-paced city, interior design is the key. There are many interior designers available.

Gurgaon home interior price

If you live in Gurgaon and want to purchase a beautiful flat, you should think about working with a qualified interior designer. By adjusting features like wall colors, false ceiling designs, or potent LED lighting, well-designed decor can turn your flat or bungalow into your ideal personal environment. The entire cost of home interior design in Gurgaon is determined by the amount of furniture needed and the size of the home overall. A mid-level designer in Gurgaon charges an average interior cost per square foot that ranges from Rs. 1300 for minor décor needs to Rs. 5000 for premium, fully furnished décor. The following are some of the crucial elements of interior design:

Walls – Because they take up the greatest space and are a component of every room, walls are the most important element of interior design. Wall design options include wall art, clocks, storage cabinets, and complimentary color schemes.

Flooring – A dingy floor will damage the appearance of the entire property. You can go with a traditional hardwood or marble floor that will increase the expense of interior design for a 2 BHK flat in Gurgaon, but it will be worth it if you choose something natural for the floor, such white or off-white tiles. While picking the floor plan, it is crucial to maintain the ideal contrast in the colors you choose throughout the property.

The furnishings and décor in the various rooms make up the other significant—and frequently most expensive—aspect of Gurgaon’s interior design costs. Similar to how a bedroom has closets, beds, and table lamps, etc., a living room will include a TV unit, sofas, side tables, and wall art. The cost of the interior design of the home will ultimately depend on the size and quality of the décor items.

How are Gurgaon interior design costs determined?

Don’t believe the myth that designers always charge the same amount for a design. The interior design price list is calculated using a variety of techniques.

A flat rate for interior design services: This is totally based on the designer’s chosen cost for a project. It can be estimated using the interior design fee per square foot, a portion of the total cost, a commission, or a combination of two or more components. The mechanism of payment is unclear, and the designers usually refer to this as a fee.

Home Interior Design Cost as a Percentage of Whole Cost: The interior designer determines the project’s overall cost, which takes into account all items and services. They will demand a design fee that ranges from 6% to 15% of the total cost of the home’s interior decor. This could rise by up to 20%, depending on the complexity of the design and the level of expertise required.

According to the size of the home, the cost per square foot for interior design could range from $10 to $100 if you’re solely interested in design. However, the price of interior work per square foot also covers carpentry, flooring, ceiling, and goods like modular closets and kitchens. The price per square foot might even reach $2,000 to $3,000. The best course of action is to confirm the specifics with the designer because some only offer woodwork and some do not include soft furnishings like curtains, shades, and so forth.

Additional Fees for Gurgaon Interior Design

Interior design is a drawn-out process that involves several iterations and numerous visits. But not everyone offers you a large variety of choices. Here are some prices you might encounter for interior design.

Iteration Fees: If you are unhappy with a design or ask for significant changes to be made multiple times, designers will charge you an additional interior design fee. Usually, they distribute three to four iterations without asking for payment. Anything more will be charged. Ask the designer how they determine the cost of interior design before you start asking several concepts at random.

Although having only one bedroom, a hallway, and a kitchen, there is plenty of room for the interior decorator to improve the appearance of the spaces. For a one-bedroom flat in Gurgaon with little décor needs, the interior design price can range from Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 3 Lakhs. The price can increase to as much as 4 lakhs if you want interiors with a luxury finish. This 1 BHK interior design price in Gurgaon includes the following furniture and accents:

In the living area, a TV unit

For the living area, a sofa set

King-size bed (5 feet by 6 feet)

Sliding wardrobe (8 feet by 7 feet)

Kitchen carts

Kitchen cabinets for storage.

Each room has wall art.

In Gurgaon, the price of interior design for a two-bedroom flat ranges from Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh. A second bedroom and larger rooms are the key factors driving the price over that of a one-bedroom flat. The total cost of interior design for a two-bedroom home in Gurgaon will vary depending on the type of furniture you require and the interior design theme. This 2 BHK interior cost in Gurgaon includes the following furniture and accents:

Storage space for a large TV in the living room

a sofa-cum-bed or an L-shaped sofa set for the living room

an oversized bed (5 feet by 6 feet)

Floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe (8 feet by 7 feet)

a set of kitchen carts with hydraulic doors

kitchen cabinets for storage

Painted murals

For those living with extended families in a huge flat, a fully furnished 3 BHK flat is the most popular option in Gurgaon. 3 BHK interior design costs in Gurgaon range from Rs. 6 lakhs for a basic scheme to Rs. 10 lakhs for a high-end scheme. The price of interior design for a three-bedroom home in Gurgaon is determined by the square footage of the building and the materials that were utilised in its creation. The price of interior decorating a three-bedroom apartment in Gurgaon includes the following furniture and accents:

Storage space for a large TV in the living room

A sofa-cum-bed or an L-shaped sofa set for the living room

A marble

Large families frequently think about purchasing a four-bedroom flat because it gives them space for relaxing guests and visitors. Hence, before writing a cheque, find out the Interior cost per square foot in Gurgaon if you’re intending to furnish a 4 BHK flat. The normal price range begins at Rs. 8 lakhs and can easily reach Rs. 12 lakhs for a deluxe residence. The interior design cost per square foot in Gurgaon might be as high as 25% of the overall cost of the property for large villas and apartments. The price of interior design for a 4-bedroom apartment in Gurgaon includes the following furniture and accents:

L-shaped sofa set made of teak wood with a large TV unit

Interior decorating improves your little space and makes it much simpler for you to access everything, making your home slightly more ideal than it was initially. When it comes to large spaces like villas or large flats, it’s all about being organized with the aid of a beautiful interior. It can make your little room appear a bit bigger and more spacious. The typical cost of interior design in Gurgaon must take wants and requirements into account. At Interior A to Z, you will certainly discover acceptable possibilities if you require a qualified, reputable interior designer in Gurgaon. Please leave a comment; a member of our executive team will get back to you soon.

How much does interior design in Gurgaon cost?

Answer: Depending on your needs and the size of your space, interior design costs in Gurgaon might range from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Your interior designer needs to know your spending limit as well as the types of ideas you are considering. According to your needs, the designer will provide you a cost estimate.

What does a Gurgaon kitchen interior cost?

Since the kitchen is where most items linked to food are kept, the cost of home interior in Gurgaon may vary slightly from that of other rooms in your house. A kitchen must have a sink with running water, an oven, a microwave and a refrigerator to preserve food. Depending on the size of the space, the price of a kitchen counter top and adjustable cabinets might range from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh.

What is covered by Gurgaon’s interior costs?

According to the type of interiors you choose and the size of your property, the cost of interior design in Gurgaon for standard homes can range anywhere from 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs or more. But, it’s important to remember that interior costs in Gurgaon should typically be 10%–15% of the cost of the property, and for larger homes like villas, they can be as high as 30%–35%.

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