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Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Sustainable Home

The term sustainable house or literally means sustainable house is not quite popular in Indonesia. Sustainable housing leads to housing with minimal use of resources and energy that is environmentally friendly.

In general, the main principles of sustainable homes are about reducing waste and waste, using recycled materials, minimal maintenance, and reforestation. In the long term, all of these methods can provide a better quality of life for residents of the house and the surrounding environment.

But what and how is the right method to create a sustainable home? In the following, we will try to present simple ideas that are worth trying. So, you need to listen to it to the end.

  1. Maximize Natural Light

Natural light from the sun will reduce the use of electric lamps that consume a lot of energy. For that you need to increase the number of ventilation and glass windows, or widen their size. In other applications, you may need to install skylights in low light areas.

Lighting experts recommend using double-glazed windows. The goal is that light can still enter when the weather is hot or cold. But on the other hand, this application will cost more. So as an alternative, use two-layer curtains to replace the role of window glass.

  1. Give it a Green Touch

The forest of the Earth’s lungs is getting eroded. Global heat is increasing, so humans inevitably have to try even the simplest things to cool it down.

An empty page can certainly be used for a garden. Even the old abandoned walls, you can build a vertical garden. Even today, many people use the rooftop as a hydroponic farming area.

  1. Selectively Choose Types of Plants

The garden area is large enough to be planted with fruit tree seeds of medium height. When mature, the shady leaves will provide coolness.

As for the indoor area, choose air-purifying and oxygen-producing ornamental plants, such as Paris lilies, ivory betel, chrysanthemum, sir fortune, and mother-in-law’s tongue. You can also grow plants that don’t require a lot of water, such as various types of cacti, ferns, and indoor palms.

As for vertical gardens and rooftops, there are even more alternatives. You can even choose various types of vegetables, tubers, or flower plants that will also beautify your home.

  1. Biopori and Rainfed

Biopori is a water absorption hole, as one way to reduce the effects of flooding. Generally placed on flat ground. The biopore hole is not too deep, about 1 meter with a diameter of 10-30cm. The amount is also adjusted to the land area.

Then a rainwater collection container to reduce the use of tap water. It can be used to water plants, fill fish ponds, or clean water reserves. But don’t forget to close the holding tank tightly to avoid the risk of breeding dangerous mosquitoes.

  1. Avoid Water-wasting Devices

Remember, the amount of water suitable for consumption will also decrease over time. Therefore, stop the habit of wasting water. You need furniture that can ensure savings, such as faucets with locks, efficient flush toilets, faucet shower regulators, and so on. You may even need to build a dry bathroom for activities that use minimal water.

  1. Electricity Saving

Saving electricity means starting from the installation process. Energy must be ensured to flow effectively. One of the easiest ways is to use multiple outlets, which are proven to save up to 15% electricity.

In addition, you should not be too impressed with the features or functions of electronic devices. Also consider the detailed specifications, especially about the use of power. If you choose smartly, it will simultaneously reduce the burden of the monthly electricity bill.

  1. Organic and Recycled Furniture

Organic ingredients are usually expensive, but they are more efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as convenient. Textile products from synthetic fibers involve production processes that are not environmentally friendly, unlike natural fibers. Treatment of sheets, curtains, or blankets made from natural materials is also easier, and also lasts longer.

And if used and recycled furniture is still worth it, why should you always choose new? You can choose used or recycled furniture whose design is in accordance with the residential concept. After all, the most important thing is the function, right?

  1. Manage Waste Efficiently

Provide a special place to separate organic and inorganic waste. Organic waste can be used as compost with simple processing. Compost will mean a lot to your plants and soil fertility. This method will also reduce the burden of the yellow troops, as well as slow down the mountain of garbage in the landfill.

  1. Use Alternative Energy Sources

So far, there are two alternative energy sources that are applicable for households, namely wind turbines and solar panels. The installation costs are relatively affordable, the electricity produced is cleaner, and last but not least, can reduce the burden of monthly bills.

If necessary, propose to all residents of the complex to build the most feasible alternative power plant in your residential location. At least to reduce the use of electricity from PLN lines.

  1. Passive Design of Sustainable Homes

Do you know about passive design? Passive design is a way of building sustainable homes that are energy efficient by utilizing the sun, without converting it into electricity. The design is made as detailed as possible to adapt to various seasons, according to the location of the house.

Passive house designs are generally square with a minimalist concept. The structure is sturdy, made with building construction standards for the long term. There are light input paths and air circulation, as well as outdoor areas to beautify the facade. The construction process also utilizes durable recycled materials. To build a sustainable house like this, you should consult a professional architect.

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