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Professional tips for your modern home

Today, we offer you a number of professional and professional tips taken from experts that make your modern homes unique and will give you very important information about furnishing homes designed according to this distinctive decorative style.. Here are 10 inspirational and practical tips.. Let’s start now! 

1- Rely on natural materials

We rarely find plastic and other low-cost materials in modern homes, simply because relying on natural materials such as wood, stones, etc. is one of the characteristics of the modern style of decoration. This design has shined thanks to wood that covers a large part of it and is represented in storage units with different shapes and colors .

2- Practical and functional

FUNCTIONALITY AND FUNCTIONALITY Must-have conditions in modern style homes, useless items and objects do not exist in modern homes. The most important thing when choosing any furniture or decorations according to this style before it becomes aesthetically pleasing is that it is functional and comfortable.

3- Sustainability

Resorting to natural materials in the decoration of your home supports the principle of sustainability, meaning that if you are choosing between wood, for example, and other artificial materials in  home furniture , wood will be the best choice undisputedly. Due to its durability that makes it long lasting, as well as its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The same is true when you compare the use of wallpaper and stone in one of the walls of your home, of course the latter will be the most sustainable, although the designs of the former will impress you greatly, especially with the booms in the world of decoration every moment!  

4- Lots of glass

It’s hard to imagine our modern homes without the large glass areas in the windows or interior doors and other touches. When we talk about glass, we mean many important meanings that its use in your home reflects, such as transparency! Lots of light, proper ventilation, and stunning views. Everything that we have mentioned here is achieved by glass additions, making them the perfect choice for your modern home.

5- Neutral colors

Neutral tones that express nature with beauty and tenderness are also loved in modern homes such as grey, brown, beige, white and black.

6- Vibrant touches

A modern home means a home with vibrant touches.. Take a look at the extravagant delicacy of this bedroom with the use of pastel colors and bright brown wood closer to orange that add warmth to the room.

7- Less is more!

According to modern designs, resorting to the few and simple decorative elements that serve the purpose is a very elegance in itself, and this is what is meant by the slogan “ less is more .” The least furniture and home accessories can reflect the greatest amount of beauty and provide you with the most wonderful view resulting from simplicity and the optimal distribution of decorations without entering into a circle Noise and flashy decorative touches do more harm than good to the look of the house!  

8- Open floor plan

Following the principle of incorporation or the open floor as we call it at homify is a common principle used in  homes designed according to the modern style. Usually this is a combination of the rooms of the vital space of the house, that is, between the kitchen, the living room and the dining room, or even between only two rooms of the above, which creates a good space for ventilation and a sense of comfort and other positive feelings.

9- Slither!

Sliding doors are indispensable additions to the modern home, as they are practical, flexible, and space-saving as they do not take up any large area of ​​the house when applied compared to other alternatives that are used to separate different rooms.

10- Unique character

Finally, we leave you with another important advice from our experts, which is to ensure that each room in your homes has an independent and unique personality with its interior design and decorative elements, as well as the need for each room to achieve the element of comfort so that your home is the address of peace and tranquility. 

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