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Easy steps to renovate your home

What does the term interior decoration mean to you? Maybe the word means a boring chore and a stressful shopping season, maybe it makes you think of  a professional designer who will give you a magical touch in your home, making everything in it close to perfection.

Whatever the state of the environment surrounding you in your home, its design must be mastered in order to feel psychological peace and simplicity for you, your family and your guests. The challenge in decorating your home is not in your ability to follow the latest decoration trends, but in creating a space of space in your original home is a true reflection of your personality and what matters to you. 

This skill makes you focus on the big details as well as the small details, that complete the picture, we have some tips to develop your skills in interior decoration, to master the creation of the house with a true reflection of you.

1- The beginning

It’s a very good place to start, the entrance to your house makes the first impression so it is very worth revisiting your front door if you are going to start a campaign to redecorate your home, first of all you should answer the question is this a welcoming space? 

Bright tones, warm shapes, pretty lamps, and a focal point would be very good ingredients for creating a welcoming home entrance. If the  surrounding rooms have a cohesive color scheme, what you need in this entryway is a shoe rack so shoes don’t pile up in front of the door.

2- Learn the art of adding artworks

Artwork adds value to your home in form, style, personality, and attractiveness. If you have artwork in the upper cabinet, re-evaluate it by choosing the type of artwork if it is carving, drawing, photography, ceramics, or even glass. Having these artworks in your home helps To emphasize the general atmosphere of the room, for example black and white in the dining room. 

3- Pay attention to the light

One of the best common things about our home renovation is adding light. Forget a bookshelf, a vase, or any appliance, and look at your room. Do you think it needs more light or not? Does light make you feel tired or energized?

First, focus on natural light. You can use light and transparent curtains. Can you add a mirror to reflect the light coming in from the windows? You can move furniture pieces so that they do not let in light, then work on balancing the natural light with the artificial. 

4- Open the windows

Walls create intimate spaces but can make them cramped. If you constantly feel the need to revamp the space by changing artwork and buying storage shelves, it’s time to take a look at your space planning. 

5- Don’t forget your special touch

Your home is a mirror to you and your personality, so you should not sacrifice your personality for your home. The ideal image of your home should contain many elements that embody your personality and lifestyle. 

For example, if you like to sit on the floor, your living room should have some floor cushions and a low table to match. If you like recycling, you can make the chandelier with recycled materials.

If you have an antique chair that has been passed down through many generations, you can place it in a very special area of ​​the room after you highlight it, then you will own the space of your dreams.  

6- Luminous colors for a bright space

If you are hesitant to combine two colors remember that light colors always make spaces bright, light colors that you can rely on in the dining table, all you need are calm colors like the color of clear sky in the chairs. 

7- Any space can be creative

Creativity is a virtue that can turn problems into opportunities No space is so small that the possibility of becoming a creative space is non-existent, it is easy for you to get used to the status quo, if you want lights in the ceiling that open the door to imagination you must rely on a floor Opaque, but these windows are intended to be rectangular, these books should be placed on the shelves. 

8- The feeling of home is in its texture

I always wonder why a spacious space feels cool?, Furnishings have a big impact on the whole space, Mystery can add a touch of luxury to you, Burlap covering the space gives a rustic look, Velvet colors for a soft touch, In the end you should fill your space with textiles that Fits with your personality. 

9- Give your house a green look

The house must be full of life. If you are on a mission to renovate your house, try to create green spaces in your house next to the yard, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. You can put simple plants in them. You can put cactus plants in pots of red, orange, or any warm color. The space will look great.  

10- Think simply

In most cases, simplicity is best, and there are many things that can be dispensed with in order to get rid of the clutter it causes, such as books that have been read, candles that we often don’t use, even colors Using only one color can make the space very beautiful and not boring As we can see in the picture.

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