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How to choose the colors of your home

In this book of ideas, we show you several different alternatives that you can choose among them to paint the walls of your house.. knowing that you must choose what suits the space and division of the place, and what is also preferred to you, because certainly the colors have a psychological effect on individuals, so the choice must be successful. And comfortable for its owner.

1. Green jade

Green is one of the beautiful positive colors that helps spread positive energy around you. It may contribute to reducing the size of the room, so it must be used carefully and with high accuracy, but if it is chosen to paint the entire walls, it must be chosen with a light-colored floor so as not to darken the room.

2. Gray

 Looking at the most popular colors in the fashion of 2017, we see gray is the master of the situation then, as it has a calming and soft effect on the room, and can coordinate wonderfully with natural materials, so it looks great with the  parquet floor.

3. A special mix

The gray parquet floor with the brown wooden wall and the quiet beige wall.. This combination depends on careful selection and high taste in choosing colors carefully.. You can combine more than one color, but taking into account their closeness to each other and choosing the appropriate furniture.

4. Light green

Cool, calm, simple.. As one of the wonderful pastel colors, you can use the light green color to paint the walls of the room, so it looks fresh, natural and more vibrant, and it looks great with white in floor ceramics.

5. Yellow the color of the sun

Do you have a room painted yellow?.. If you want more brightness, liveliness and cheerfulness, you can count on it, and you will get a dazzling and warm room, and you can definitely use a parquet floor.

6. White

White suits you perfectly if you want to give more space to your room, or if your space is really small, it will help you overcome that and get a spacious, bright and elegant room.. There is also great flexibility in choosing the color of the floor, but we suggest you parquet..

7. Petroleum

One of the very elegant colors that give a special look to your room, so you can paint the entire walls in that color with the use of light-colored curtains and a light patterned floor to give a lively touch to the room.

8. Cream color

If you like light colors but do not want to use white, we give you another way to replace it with a beautiful cream color that gives the same brilliant glow and looks more elegant with the parquet floor.

9. Black..!

Many love black color, but they are afraid to use it because it is dark and may make the room dark, but it is elegant and smelly if used correctly.. You can insert white with it in longitudinal lines like this, in addition to a light floor and white ceiling to balance the details and reduce the darkness in the room.

10. Stone walls

If you are a lover of natural materials, the best that you can use is the stone walls with beautiful wood touches as in the ceiling and parquet floor in this design, and the use of furniture in light colors.

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