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Home cleaning ideas

Doing a thorough cleaning of the house in preparation for spring can be a very encouraging idea, especially with the mild weather and the desire to enjoy it; But this cleaning process can turn into an endless task if you don’t decide what you want to do and get distracted between tasks and lose priorities. In this article, we will help you with a simple list to get a clean home this spring.

1- Windows

Cleaning the windows is one of the first tasks that may come to your mind, especially with the dirtiness of the winter rains and the desire to look outside at the flowers that bloom in the spring and enter the pleasant sunlight.

Task:  Add a solution of water and two drops of dishwashing liquid to a spray bottle. Make sure not to apply more dishwashing liquid as it may backfire and form a white film on the windows. After spraying the windows, clean them with a clean sponge, then dry them with a dry towel. If the windows are difficult, you can add vinegar or ammonia to the solution.

2- Balcony

When was the last time you cleaned balcony furniture textiles from pillows and bases? Whatever those textiles are made of the best fabrics that can withstand weather factors, you must clean them with the advent of spring to restore their radiance and beauty after what they were exposed to from the winter factors.

Task: For preliminary cleaning, first dust all furniture and its textiles with a vacuum cleaner and a towel. Next, dissolve baking soda or liquid detergent with water and use a slightly squeezed sponge to clean the pillows and bases, then repeat the same process using a sponge dampened with water only to rinse the soap. Then leave it in the warm spring sun to dry.

3- Curtains and rugs

Rugs and curtains are one of the things that make a significant difference in the look and arrangement of the house. You can count on yourself to clean it or send it to the laundry.

The task: For carpets, you can use the same mixture as before, but make sure to vacuum it after it dries completely to make sure that there is no leftover baking soda. As for the curtains, wash them on your hands or on the hand wash program in the washing machine if you know that their weight is water-resistant and does not need to be sent to the laundry for dry cleaning.

4- Stainless steel

Those stainless steel items such as door handles, sinks, faucets, mixers, and window ledges are often neglected for a long time until they lose their luster, but you will be amazed at the feeling their shine will make in rooms.

Task: Using the stainless steel wire, add some vinegar to the dishwashing liquid and some water and clean everything made of stainless steel in the house.

5- The kitchen

In the spring his days often include some feasting and family invitations over food, he used this opportunity to clean the kitchen especially thoroughly.

The task: Take out the cupboard and the contents of the refrigerator and inspect everything that is expired for disposal. Then clean out the cabinets and the refrigerator before you return the things you’ll be using. Get rid of all broken and unusable tools and replace them with new ones to return your kitchen clean and tidy.

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