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Ways to decorate walls in small homes

How do you make your small house look bigger? An urgent question for those who own small homes, especially with limited spaces available in modern modern homes, so we collected some  tips  and different methods from experts that help you decorate the walls in deceptive ways that add to your home fake dimensions that make you feel comfortable without the need for financially expensive renovations or take advantage of additional areas of the room.

1- Use warm colors

Warm colors are simple and still an effective way to decorate walls in small spaces, giving an illusion of height to the walls and providing a comfortable and calm atmosphere inside the room.

For example, you can choose elegant gray in the bedrooms or cream tones if we prefer romantic colors.

2- Choose a suitable wallpaper

How to decorate small rooms without big financial cost and the use of additional space? Simply when you use the patterned wallpaper, you will get a whole new room with a different spirit.

3- Use the white color in the design of the room

We see here a Scandinavian design that relies on the use of white in the various components of the room from a wall to tables and a sofa. The white color is one of the colors that have been used extensively in classic designs and is still a major color in modern designs that support simplicity and elegance at the same time.

4- Decorate the decor with pastel colors

Why not turn your small house into a romantic marital nest by changing the colors of the wall paint to shades of pastel color, and the result will be an elegant house in lavender colors like the following design. You can also mix beige or cream with it by distributing it between the colors of the furniture and the carpet.

5- Design light effects on the walls

If you are looking for a distinctive idea to decorate the walls, what do you think of covering the walls with panels as suggested by the following design with the incorporation of spot lighting distributed above the wall that adds charming and calming effects to a warm and comfortable bedroom.

6- Practical shelves design to save space

Shelves design is a double idea that decorates your room and provides you with practical storage spaces without the need to take advantage of additional spaces in the room.

7- You can increase the area of ​​​​the walls by using mirrors

One of the simple and effective tricks to give a room more dimension is to decorate the walls with mirrors and cabinets as well, and you will find a magical effect on the space of the room.

8- Horizontal lines are a modern touch and an effective trick

You can choose only one wall to decorate the interior of the room and you will get a very special result, especially with the use of wallpaper with horizontal stripes that give a greater dimension to the wall and make the room feel larger.

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