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Interior Designer in Sector 120 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Kitchen Design: Common Mistakes and Inspirational Tips

At the stage of furnishing the house and the kitchen in particular, we often overlook many touches and do not realize this until it is too late! From this point of view, we discuss in this book of ideas to display 10 common mistakes in kitchen furnishing with a quick discussion of solutions to them with practical and inspiring tips that you can follow to make your kitchen perfect and flawless as those who are about to marry can eliminate them from the ground up after spotting them here and knowing their solutions.. Let’s let’s start!

1- Pay attention to the availability of proper ventilation

The mistake: Many common kitchen designs do not have a suitable ventilation space that renews the air in the kitchen and helps get rid of unwanted odors, whether caused by garbage, food residues, cooking fumes, etc.; This contributes to the accumulation of fat and other more viscous materials on cabinets, surfaces, floors, even electrical appliances, especially stoves, which greatly harms the appearance of the kitchen and makes it attractive to insects of all kinds.

Advice: No matter how small your kitchen area is, you should pay great attention to the availability of ventilation space through a window or balcony, and it is preferable that the application of either option is made of transparent glass, which in turn passes sunlight to the interior, which in turn eliminates any fungi, mold or bacteria, so you can enjoy a home Flawlessly healthy.

2- Check the selection of colors

The mistake: Of course, there are those who seek to acquire dark-colored storage units as a result of their tendency and strong preference for them, without caring about an important point, namely, do these dark-colored units harm the kitchen space and its appearance or enhance its appearance and contribute to its beautification?! 

Advice: You should scrutinize the choice of colors for kitchen cabinets and prefer to resort to everything that is bright and vibrant in color that brings joy to the same user and reflects on his mood during food preparation, at the same time choosing bright or even light colors enhances his space and makes it appear larger, so it is desirable to use With both options in small-sized kitchens, as for those that have a large area, dark-colored cabinets can be used in this case.

3- Space for movement and movement flexibly

The mistake: Some may be interested in getting the coolest kitchen design and the most beautiful furnishing without paying attention to the fact that the remaining storage units are sufficient and flexible to allow the user to move easily or not! This is a common mistake that worries those who care about aesthetics about practicality and functionality.

Advice: You should pay great attention to having adequate and adequate space to move around flexibly between the different parts of the kitchen to allow you to carry out its daily tasks smoothly from preparing food, washing dishes, cleaning floors and surfaces and more.

4- Exploited angles that are not neglected!

The mistake: that the different corners of the kitchen remain wasted and neglected, with no accessories or cooking utensils.

Tip: We recommend installing wooden shelves that make these corners a practical space, dedicating one, for example, to the most important cooking utensils to be within reach of the users, and the second for thin accessories as a high-end aesthetic touch.

5- Smart and functional lighting that gives you the best vision

The mistake: underestimating the lighting of the kitchen and being satisfied with one light unit in the middle of the ceiling, in order to do its part in providing the entire kitchen with enough light.

Advice: Multiple lighting sources have become a necessity in modern kitchen designs, as it makes every corner of the kitchen a comfortable space with better visibility and sufficient lighting that enables kitchen users to carry out their household chores smoothly.

6- There is no place for bad smells

The mistake: ignoring the presence of the hood in the kitchens and only having good ventilation resulting from the windows or balconies.

Advice: Resorting to hoods of all kinds, whether that is a small square shape or pyramidal with a chimney or flat, is a very important matter that can never be neglected in your kitchen, and this is for its effective role in controlling the fat-laden fumes and fumes rising from the stove when cooking and preventing them from spreading in the house as a whole, especially its field bio.

7- Cabinets extending to the ceiling and optimum use of space

The mistake: Leaving an empty space between the upper storage units and the ceiling allows dust to accumulate and is useless!

Tip: Design your upper kitchen cabinets in a practical way that extends to the ceiling, so they will accommodate the largest number of thin kitchen utensils, while making sure that they are cleverly divided internally, allowing for optimal storage of items.

8- Follow the perfect division

The mistake: neglecting  the interior design of the storage units and paying attention only to their external appearance and eye-catching appearance!

Advice: Take care of the design of the kitchen storage units from the inside, just like the outside, even if the first is more important in order to ensure the perfect storage of food and kitchen utensils.. Watch the model presented here to inspire you with smart design.

9- The storage units are proportional to the total area

The mistake: Some people are interested in acquiring the design of huge and elegant storage units without paying attention to the necessity of matching them with the actual space of the kitchen.

Advice: Choosing the appropriate decor for your kitchen space is much more important than acquiring amazing storage units that are huge and do not fit your actual needs! From this point of view, we advise you that there should be consistency and coherence between the kitchen space and its decorations, so that it should not be less or more than necessary.

10- Flawless Kitchen

The mistake: using an external litter box and placing it inside the empty space designed inside the sink unit or placing it in any corner of the kitchen in a way that is not pleasing to the viewers!

Tip: Always have a flawlessly clean kitchen while saving smart trash space within the cabinets themselves as evident in the design shown.

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