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Mistakes you might make when designing your kitchen

At the beginning of any design, you should study the matter and everything related to it well, especially if it is an important, necessary and sensitive vacuum  such as the kitchen. Only by distributing storage units and arranging electrical appliances, which causes us to make fatal mistakes that may cause crises and chaos later, so today we have collected for you 10 common mistakes that you may make when designing your kitchen and some solutions that may help you to save the situation.

1. An incomplete work triangle

What is the work triangle in  the kitchen ?! It is an imaginary triangle that connects the three most important elements in the kitchen, namely the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. The legs in the work triangle are too small, which makes the kitchen narrow and does not accommodate more than one person, and if it is too large, the process of preparing food can be a very tiring task.

2. Insufficient storage space

One of the most common mistakes in modern kitchens that has emerged recently is the lack of sufficient storage space and attention to open shelves and converting them into decorative elements, so a balance must be made between the functional and aesthetic aspect of all kitchen elements, including shelves and storage units, and meet our basic needs in terms of storage and arrangement of all cooking tools according to their use Attention to kitchen decor.

3. Improper lighting.

It is better to have a natural lighting element as a primary source of lighting and ventilation, in addition to paying attention to direct and strong artificial lighting without the need for shade inside the kitchen, distributing lighting units in a balanced manner and adding indirect lighting elements to decorate certain corners in the kitchen..

4. Unsuitable work surfaces

The choice of the work surface depends on several factors and determinants in terms of the type of the material itself and its properties and how to treat it to withstand the type of use expected of it. For example, marble and granite are the most appropriate and recently special materials have appeared to polish them and preserve them against scratches. As for wood, it must be ideally treated to suit the required function and protect it against scratches. Water and heat, one of the most catastrophic mistakes is the use of work surfaces without treatment or in a way that does not suit our needs or the model used.

5. Kitchen without ventilation!

If your kitchen is without ventilation, it is a big crisis, and you may not find an alternative to it, and the best solution in this case is to add a powerful electric hood, and always keep the smell of the kitchen through natural recipes and scented plants..

6. Without an electric hood..!!

The other crisis is with the presence of a ventilation hole, the absence of an electric hood, which causes the accumulation of fat and dust as a result of the cooking process on the walls and storage units, so it is an indispensable element in your kitchen.

7. Unemployed tools ..

You may add to the kitchen tools that are not needed and without use, either for decoration or you think you need them, and it is one of the most common mistakes and we have to filter all the tools and leave only what we need and get rid of what is more than our needs..

8. Without possibilities..

Keeping pace with the times is the title of the modern, organized kitchen, as many ideas and tools have appeared recently, which in turn facilitate your task in the kitchen.

9. An unthought-out elegant bar..

The use of a modern bar in  your open kitchen is a main and indispensable thing, but if its design is chosen not to suit your needs, if you want to use it as a dining table sometimes, as a storage unit or as a work surface, this must be taken into account mainly..

10. An open, secluded kitchen..

If  your kitchen is open, it must be designed in harmony with the rest of the house, so that it does not become isolated and cause a feeling of discomfort and distort the general appearance.

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