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Things not to do in your small bathroom

Your bathroom space  is small! So it is a problem without a solution. Do you really think that and think that it is difficult to design it optimally, and if the result is a vacuum that meets all your needs, which is what we will try to change with you today, but in a different way, we are used to finding solutions to design it only, but today we will ask you 8 things that do not Never do it in your small bathroom to avoid making mistakes or future crises, simply avoid them and you will be surprised by the tangible difference in your bathroom design.

1. Paint the ceiling in a different color

Do not choose for the ceiling  of your bathroom a different color from the palette of colors used in the design, and the best of all is white or the first degrees of beige, to maintain the visual effect on the eye and a sense of increased space.

2. Uniform ground

Do not use different floors in your small bathroom, especially if there is no foot tub or bathtub, there is no need for you to use more than one type of flooring.

3. Doing away with the shower room

Do not dispense with your shower room and it is better to choose glass as a barrier for it, this step keeps your bathroom clean and orderly and without it you will face many crises in your bathroom..

4. Do not use bold colors

You think that your small bathroom space prevents you from choosing bold colors for your bathroom and adding crazy touches to your design, but we advise you otherwise..

5. One design for the walls..

We do not advise you to use one design for all the walls of the bathroom, but you have to choose a different material for one wall in the space that will add a lot of elegance to your design..

6. Mirrors..

Do not dispense with mirrors in your small bathroom, as they are a major factor in increasing the visual space of your bathroom, along with strong lighting to perform its role to the fullest.

7. Do not leave the walls of your bathroom silent ..

Do not leave your bathroom silent without decorative panels or simple accessories to add an aesthetic touch to its small space.

8. White is not your only choice.

White is not your only choice for walls, floors and even pieces of furniture, but add distinctive inscriptions and different materials to the bathroom to make it distinct from others, and do not forget the cupboard in the bathroom, no matter how small its area.

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