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What is a Villa?

Originally, a villa refers to a villa built in the suburbs by the upper class in ancient Rome to enjoy nature. Unfortunately, in Korea, the meaning of villa is somewhat misinterpreted, so it is often called a villa to mean a luxurious apartment or to appeal to an ordinary apartment building with a luxurious image. This is the reason why there are so many villas and palaces in Korea that are hard to find even abroad. In the Western world, a villa is still a suburban villa built in a good environment, but the scale is gradually simplified and there is a trend to try various changes in style. Let’s continue to look at the types of villas, their pros and cons, and information about their construction.


What types of villas are there?

Villas can be classified into various types according to their use and style. Examples include residential villas built for residential purposes such as houses, vacation villas for relaxation, and luxury villas for rental. These villas are planned in various styles according to the preference of the owner, and among them, Italian villas with classic elegance are enjoying steady popularity. Italian villas are characterized by a traditional yet classic exterior that reflects the characteristics of the region. The exterior walls are mainly made of stacked stones, a low sloping roof, and a round arch opening in common. In addition, there is a large swimming pool or a neatly manicured garden in the center, providing elegant and comfortable vacation time.


Recently, Bali villas with an exotic vacation concept are also receiving a lot of attention. Bali villas are characterized by being designed with a more ‘vacation’ focus than other villas. In addition, the charm of Bali Villas is that the villas are small and you can enjoy your own private vacation time.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of villas?

The advantage of the villa is that it has a pleasant natural environment that is hard to find in the city center. If you want to get away from the downtown area covered with fine dust for a while and enjoy nature with your family and enjoy the leisure of life, it is well worth investing in a villa. On the other hand, the disadvantages of villas include relatively inconvenient transportation and considerable maintenance costs. In general, it is built in a quiet suburb with good air, a little far from the city center, so if you do not have a personal vehicle, you may experience inconvenience in moving. In addition, the cost and time required for indoor cleaning and garden maintenance are not small, so make sure to be aware of this in advance.


Where the villa should be built?

A villa can only show its true value when it is always in harmony with nature. Therefore, choose a gentle site with a good natural environment. Which faces the water with its back to the mountain, called the famous place in geography, and is also a good place to build a villa. Another thing to consider is transportation.

It is recommended to select a site with good accessibility that can be moved quickly and conveniently from the city center. A final consideration is the slope of the site. Although the sloping site may be slightly cheaper to purchase, it may require additional costs to level the land. Therefore, if possible, it is better to choose a gradual, non-sloping site.


What to consider when building a villa?

If you want to build a villa that will be used conveniently and comfortably for a long time, take the time and plan carefully, experts advise. First, let’s be clear about the villa’s users and uses.

Think about how many people the space is for and for what purpose you plan to use it. Once the basic information is grasped, it is necessary to design the spatial organization according to the user’s lifestyle and activity pattern and the purpose of the building.


Another important consideration is the structure of the villa. Climate is the most important factor in determining the structure of a villa. It is correct to reflect the seasonal climatic characteristics of the region to which the site belongs in the structure.

If there is a lot of snow, plan the structural load more carefully and choose a gable roof with a pointed roof. A structure that focuses on energy efficiency, such as a passive house, not only keeps the internal temperature constant, but also holds the heat firmly so that it does not leak out, so you can maintain the villa with a more economical budget. In addition, make sure to reflect the safety plan in the structure to prepare for safety accidents such as damage caused by natural disasters and arson.


How much will it cost to build a new villa?

It is not easy to estimate the exact budget required to build a villa. This is because the land purchase price differs greatly depending on the location, shape, and size of the site, and the construction cost and construction cost estimate vary greatly depending on which specialized company is selected. If you want to build a villa with a more economical budget, you need to understand the factors that directly influence the budget. For example, the purchase price of a sloped site is relatively low, but it is right to purchase it knowing that it may incur additional costs for leveling the land. In addition, if you give up your greed and plan the floor plan with only the necessary space, you can save a little more.

Finally, it is a good way to save money by consulting with a Interior A to Z expert, researching ways to save money, and asking for advice from an acquaintance who has built a house.


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