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Ways to Apply Glamorous Decorations Charming

Glamour literally means something that is all glittery. From this understanding, of course it will be easy to imagine how the glamorous decoration will look in the room. Where it will be full of luxurious elements that dazzle the eyes. So what can you add if you want a glamorous-style residential decor? Check out some of our selected items below.

  1. Neutral colors

The initial foundation must be really solid. A painter needs a neutral colored canvas as a medium for him to paint colorful paints. That’s also what you need before choosing the various important elements in a glamorous decor. White is the most normal color, neutral at the same time friendly combined with anything.

  1. More color options

If white walls, floors, and ceilings are too taken for granted, are there no other options? The answer is of course there is. However, the basic color of the glamorous decor is not something that stands out. Therefore, your choices will be quite limited, including soft shades of gray or cream. While other prominent colors can be displayed on the furniture that will be selected later.

  1. Brings out a sparkling feel

The main point in a glamorous decor is the shimmering feel resulting from the application of gold or silver tones. Whether it’s on furniture, panel applications, or just small complementary accents, such as doorknobs and drawers. Instantly, the shimmer is sure to accentuate luxury.

  1. Luxurious crystal chandeliers

In addition to gold and silver, crystal is also synonymous with sparkling shades. You can get that by placing a beautiful hanging crystal chandelier on the ceiling. Not only as lighting, will these items also make the atmosphere of the room feel more luxurious, more majestic.

  1. Metal-themed surface

Gold, silver and crystal, there is still one other option to bring out the sparkling feel. This time using furniture or small interior details that exposes metal elements or mirror glass. Its reflective surface will give a sparkling effect.

  1. Wide play of motifs and textures

In order to increase the impression of ‘expensive’ in a glamorous style room, a combination of various motifs and textures may be needed. You can choose from granite or marble floors, paired with classic wallpaper walls featuring glass or mirror panels, relief-framed wall decor and elegant furniture. The combination of many elements, each of which has a wide portion to fill the entire room, without leaving an empty area.

  1. Classical statement furniture

In a room with special features, choose statement furniture that really stands out. As in the picture above, a dining table set in a rustic classic style, is placed in an American-classic themed room. The outline is both classic, but contrasting so that it still stands out.

  1. Statements with unique characteristics

Or as in the following picture, namely statement furniture in the form of a dressing table in a private bedroom. The room is already glamorous through an intense wallpaper motif. But the mirrors, dressing table and cabinets inside only add to the shimmering feel because they are filled with metallic details.

  1. Choice of tufted sofa

tufted or chesterfield sofa has a textured surface with high arm support, and the outer layer is mostly made of quality materials. Of course this item hints at luxury wherever it is placed.

  1. Luxurious pattern rug

A rug or carpet can be a warm floor covering. While the choice of motifs and textures can give a different feel to the room. For a glamorous decor, a classic oriental or Mediterranean patterned rug is a recommended choice. Please choose between intense motifs in soft colors, or rare motifs in attractive colors.

  1. Feather rug

In addition to classic rug motifs, a velvet rug model with fine hairs as in the following living room is also a glamorous item to consider. Have you ever seen pictures of Hollywood celebrities wearing scarves or coats made of animal skins? If so, these materials can also be added to give a glamorous impression.

  1. Marble furniture

Natural stone furniture not only looks luxurious, but also sturdy. The living room table counter top is made of marble, the surface motif is so elegant to complement the tufted sofa that has been installed .

  1. Curtains as a focal point

Another fabric element that can be applied to glamorous decor is the choice of main window curtains. Make sure the motif or material displays the desired glitter. Metallic colors may be the right choice. But other patterns can still be considered as long as it still displays luxury.

  1. Lots of mirrors and mirrors

It was previously mentioned that a reflective surface will give a sparkly feel. Well, what if you install a mirror and glass with a maximum portion? In addition to enhancing the lighting, the shine will be reflected evenly throughout the room.

  1. Add charming vegetation

Finally, visit the nearest flower shop to get recommendations for beautiful species to fill the remaining space. Make sure the indoor plants provide freshness while having stunning colors. For the sake of glamorous decoration of the room that looks more alive.



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