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Tips to Not Be Disappointed When Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Have an idea to have a special area in the open space? It seems that the idea is interesting to realize. Steps that can be taken from the start are to determine the design and adjust the choice of outdoor furniture or furniture.

About the design, you can leave everything to our professionals. But for the choice of outdoor furniture, just schedule a consultation. Ask for recommendations for suitable outdoor furniture. Then consider some tips on furniture for the following open spaces.

Remember: Outdoor Weather Is More Extreme

Our country has two seasons, plus transitional times that can be confusing. A sunny morning, it could end with rain in the afternoon and evening. It happens the other way around. This kind of condition means that the air temperature will change more drastically. So, you really need to choose outdoor furniture or open area furniture based on the weather aspect.

Extra Protection

The protection in question is to provide extra protection, namely by tightly closing outdoor furniture when not in use. Find protective covers for outdoor furniture at your nearest hardware dealer. If none of this work, find a professional to create custom furniture covering for you. You will not regret this investment.

Intense Treatment

The next important tip for protecting outdoor furniture from anything that is at risk of damage. No matter what type of outdoor furniture you buy, one thing is for sure; you must clean and care for it often. The capital? Enough free time, a soft cloth and enough cleaning fluid, as well as the necessary cleaning tools.

In the dry season, the procedure is quite routine, at least once in 2-4 weeks. That is with a note if the open area is really utilized intensely. While in the rainy season, checking and cleaning activities may have to be carried out more often.

Choose Waterproof Material

Never choose furniture that is not made specifically for outdoor use, or you will regret it. Make sure that it is not only good physically, but also made of materials that are resistant to water and moisture. There are several types of materials commonly used to make outdoor furniture. This matter will be discussed further later.

Prioritize Quality over Price

Quality will determine the level of durability, design, and the type of material used. In order to get the best quality, you may need to invest more. However, it will save you long-term expenses.

You should not be stingy when shopping for outdoor furniture. It is better to prioritize quality over low prices. You will know the difference when you examine the details of each selected furniture. Consistent finishing, neat and sturdy structure, attractive design, and guaranteed function and usage guarantee, are the characteristics of quality furniture.

Consider a Practical Model

One other thing in determining furniture for open areas. You must be able to predict how the outdoor space will be used. Also the time leeway you have to take care of it.

Maybe you could also consider a concrete deck or a wooden stand in place of a sofa and table mats. It will last a long time. For comfort, add padded foam layered with a water-repellent fabric. You can easily wipe it off with a clean cloth if it gets wet.

If you tend to pay attention, you can place these disassembly objects temporarily in a nearby room when it rains.

Find Flexible Furniture

There are other types of outdoor furniture that are worth considering, because they have a high degree of flexibility. For example, detachable umbrellas, horizontal awning screens to insulate the surroundings, tables and chairs on wheels, or accordion-structured furniture that can be extended when used.

For example, maybe you are too busy to have little time to clean up. If that’s the case, consider the type of outdoor furniture that can be disassembled, such as a folding table and chairs, or anything made of light and easy to move when the weather doesn’t allow it.

Indeed, this kind of furniture is not as sturdy as iron outdoor sofas, concrete seat blocks, and the like. But one thing, they are easy to disassemble and move when not in use, function and durability are maintained.

Compare Composition

As mentioned earlier, there are several choices of materials commonly used for outdoor furniture. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

First, wood. This material is strong and comfortable, but the care must be really careful.

Choose a type of wood, such as redwood, teak, cedar or cedar, and pine. They are generally strong and easy to care for.

Please choose rattan and wicker. Rattan looks classic and exotic, at the same time comfortable and casual. Rattan or other synthetic materials are generally coated with resin to support their durability.

The next option, aluminum, plastic, and PVC. The most practical and economical option. These materials are certainly anti-rust, lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to clean. But they were not able to withstand the strong winds, so they had to be secured immediately.

Lastly, steel and wrought iron. Both are known to be sturdy and durable, but require additional accessories to provide comfort, such as sofa cushions or pillows. Steel and wrought iron are perfect for outdoor furniture, with a note that you can maintain the quality of the waterproof finish on the outer layer.

May Need to Install a Roof

The roof does not make the outdoor area completely covered. It will only protect the top, not limiting the view around it. Moreover, there are canopies with various types of covering materials that can be adjusted.

For durability, you can choose membrane, mild steel, or alder on. When considering aesthetics, the options are glass, patterned acrylic, or a pergola altogether. And if you want something more flexible, consider the roof awning to be opened and closed as needed.

Adjust to the Residential Concept

Don’t forget also the physical appearance of the selected outdoor furniture. It is recommended to adapt it to the global theme of the house. Or if you really want to express yourself, define a special thematic in your open area. A good idea if you plan to make the outdoor area into an oasis of its own, has a different atmosphere, equipped with outdoor furniture that is comfortable, beautiful, and durable.



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