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Interior Designer in Sector 101 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

The skip floor is an architectural design that is often adopted by people who are thinking of creating a unique and open space, such as small houses and houses aiming to save space. Since the living space is arranged in half layers or with steps of several steps, it is possible to create a spacious space by eliminating walls as much as possible. There are merits and demerits, but why not choose a skip floor that will make your home comfortable and fashionable by making various efforts?

How good is the skip floor?

In a house with a skip floor, even though the living spaces are loosely connected, the height difference between the spaces makes it possible to create a space where the line of sight shifts and the space feels spacious. It seems to be a very effective design when building a house in a small area. The space has a warm atmosphere with lots of wood, but the light design of the stairs looks very stylish and very comfortable.

With a simple design

In a house with a skip floor, the stairs often have a strong presence, and for safety reasons, handrails and fences may be installed. If you do so, your view will be blocked and the feeling of openness will tend to decrease. This house eliminates such points. The adjacent space is constructed with a height that does not reach half a layer, and by omitting fences, walls, handrails, etc., it has a simple and minimal design.

With a minimal step

When you think of a skip floor, you may think of a space with a lot of height differences, but that is not always the case. In this house, we have realized a living space with minimal nuances by adding a height difference of only a few steps. By lowering the room in the foreground below the ground, you can see the garden and dining kitchen from a different perspective, and you may discover something unexpected in your life.

Gently divide

In properties that incorporate many skip-level homes, the floors may be staggered in design or spiral along the stairs. However, in this house, a skip floor is adopted as a means of gently dividing the space while creating individual spaces. There are two stairs leading from space to the upper floors, and you can access each room, but since there are no walls, it looks like one space.

Blind the stairs

Even if the living space is shifted by half a floor, voices and signs may be lost in a house with a skip floor with few walls. On the contrary, in a home office or a family with children who want to concentrate on their studies, such an open space may be inconvenient. As a way to avoid such a situation, for example, by designing the staircase structure like a wall, it may be a good idea to casually use it as a blindfold in the adjacent space.

Even in a large space

Not only as a way to customize a small house in a comfortable way, but also to introduce a skip floor with an emphasis on design. Each floor of this house is spacious, but it is arranged by incorporating steps of several to half layers. The loosely connected space gives you a sense of family, so you can live with peace of mind. Why not adopt a design that feels comfortable in terms of size and steps?