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Home Interior design ideas by an Interior Designer

A home mainly focuses on creating functional spaces that aren’t cramped up. Since the proliferation of land companies in our country, one among this day challenges of small apartments is that the lack of space.

You’ve got fabulous interior design ideas up your sleeves; you would possibly not have enough space in your home to bring that into being. Now, what are often done to beat this challenge of limited space?

There aren’t any hard and fast rules or formulas to style little home, but there are some keys to success. Here, we’ve discussed some easy and effortless tricks to maximize space for interior design homes.


Paints are the simplest thanks to transform an area. While dark colors are often quite design-friendly, they have a tendency to form rooms seem smaller. Use light and bright colors for your walls and floors. Softer hues will help to form cramped up space feel bigger.

We recommend colors like white, cream, pale grays and blues. They going to exude a light-weight and airy feeling in your room and also provides a scope to experiment with eccentric and chic furnishes.


Not only are decorative mirrors stylish, they instantly give the illusion of a bigger space. Place an over-sized full-length mirror against an accent wall or hang one or so as to make a method statement.

You’ll also go an additional mile for the inside design and place mirrors opposite to a window and it’ll bounce light during daytime to form your space feel airier.


Avoid interior design from being cluttered by introducing multi-purpose furniture. Invest in furniture that serves quite one function sort of storage often or a steamer trunk.

We build multi-purpose furniture specifically for homes that have shortage of space. They trendy and also fit the bill.


Lights are amazing to exude warmth and provide your space an inviting feeling. Illuminating rooms with layers of lightnings create interest and therefore the feeling of space.

Interior designers especially experiment tons with lights to vary the design of small apartments. Replace your conventional lighting with new pendants, chandelier or scone to form a bold statement.

There are many lighting options available for interior design which will work to your advantage.


Instead of placing your furniture against the walls, keep a niche of few inches in between. The breathing space around your furniture gives it an illusion of space.

For instance, when placing sofas, try angling or keeping a touch breathing space. This is often will make your room look more open. Whether it’s a choice or necessity to measure during a small space, always attempt to believe the “less is more” theory. Not only will it make your life more organized, it’ll also prevent some bucks and energy.

Coolest designs for the modern home hall

Your home hall may be formal for the reception or comfortable living, or combine formal with comfort to perform the two functions together. Whatever the style of the hall, it is the most eye-catching place in the house when the guest comes, and its familiarity and modernity makes it an ambassador for the good impressions about you and your home.

And in today’s book of ideas, we will present a group of modern halls that were designed with Mexican talents, which made them distinguished by a special charm that penetrates hearts and captivates the eyes.

1- Bright and shining

The desire for simplicity does not negate the presence of several strong colors in the hall of your home, and playing with colors in the safe space comes in several ways, including: adopting a neutral color such as white, and adding to it the colors you like in small spaces and pieces.

And the room is an example of the clever use of colors, as the designer used warm orange and brown in the wall panels, and adopted the same two colors in the room’s pillows and carpets, which made the room bright with a minimum of colors.

2- Break the boredom

Lack of colors and drowning in black and brown without mercy may make the room formal, but it will often be boring. Therefore, experts advise not to rely on dark colors only to reach the official look and instead, try to choose a salon with a slim design and not huge, in a light gray color for example, mixed with some light colors such as pillows in pastel blue as in this hall . Which derives the pulse and vitality from a large palette of pastel colors, containing multiple movement elements, to break the boredom of neutrality without vulgarity.

3- Selective taste

As we can see, experts recommend choosing furniture that does not need restrictions. It is enough for you to have a selective taste and choose from the furniture that suits your needs, and you will find admiration pouring out on your home from everyone.

4- Monochrome

And carpets with irregular texture are a trend in the world of modern decorations, where we see in the room carpet, the color changes from light to dark or vice versa by moving the fabric in different directions.

The presence of a hexagonal coffee table, with a wooden color, broke the monotony of the room a little. And finally, we make sure that the designer wanted to adopt the least amount of details so that we get a nice hall that does not distract attention.

5- A welcoming atmosphere

Would you like your home hall to be welcoming, to make your guests feel at home? If the answer is yes, then of course the solution is in the pillows, and a lot of pillows. But beware of extravagance with colors, as it is sufficient to adopt three or four colors at most in all the room’s furnishings.

Also, do not forget to add green plants, which create a familiar atmosphere for the house. And encourage calm and sit more comfortably.

6- Tropical forest

The perennial tropical palm needs the least amount of light and water and can adapt to all climatic conditions. Therefore, it is considered one of the most appropriate plants that can be adopted in the interior rooms of a house, especially in the hall, to create a distinctive welcoming atmosphere as we mentioned before.

Using classic magazine clippings and pictures of souvenirs, in making decorative wall panels, is a smart and inexpensive idea, using frames of various sizes, and hanging them in a random way, so you get a wall full of details.

7- warm colors

The perfect choice of colors is what determines the fate of the design, and it is what distinguishes the elegant design from the poor design. Colors are not luxuries or an option, but rather the focus of everything.

And in this room, we find that the colors have played the role of heroism. Choosing the warm colors of yellow and violet has resulted in a vibrant vitality.

The velor fabric for sofas played a prominent role in making the colors speak and express themselves.

8- Elegant turquoise

A very bold color, and its adoption in the home hall requires greater boldness. The turquoise color is the color of professionals who are not afraid of renewal, and are confident in their ability to use any color correctly.

Turquoise is a cold color, so it is the role of the wooden walls to add balance to the room, and to reduce the cold shades of blue with the texture of wood with its warm brown tones.

9-Mexico Colors

We noticed in many designs and in this design as well, that Mexican designers like to adopt bright colors a lot, and this is due to the nature of the country that loves bright, refreshing colors.

And the magic key to choosing a successful color, is to determine the type of feelings and feelings that you want to feel when you enter the room. Warm colors make you feel cheerful and lively, and cool colors make you feel fresh and calm. The neutral colors are used for a dreamy and modern look.

10- Shades perform a decorative function

The walls of this house contain empty spaces and are not solid like traditional walls! , Which makes the shades perform an innovative decorative function during the daytime.

And this hall flirts with the eyes with the softness of its colors in shades of gray that embrace with the shadows, forming a captivating painting, as the materials of the furniture varied between leather and cloth, and the texture of the coffee table varied between wood and glass, which made the place completely away from monotony and closer to recovery despite the many colors impartiality

Ideas to renovate your garden | Gurgaon | Gurugram

Gardens, parks and open-air places are among the most popular places for many people of all ages and personalities to spend some fun times with friends and loved ones and get away from the stresses of routine life that cause a lot of stress and tension, we need to break that routine life And enjoy some beautiful scenery, so what if you have your own garden that you enjoy in the spring and spend a lot of fun times, and in that report we brought some ideas that help in renovating your own garden without spending a lot of money.

1- Use and recycle wood

The idea of ​​using and recycling wood again is a very wonderful idea, as the wood does not need maintenance or spending money to renew or repair except in large and distant periods, the use of a wall made of wood as well as some chairs or tables is a beautiful and practical idea and does not need a lot of the money.

2- Use of artificial herbs and plants

Green natural plants suffer a lot in the winter, and the owners of gardens planted with natural plants cost a lot of hardship and trouble in the summer to renew them and repair the damaged ones, so this problem can be solved by using artificial plants that do not need that hardship in maintenance or being damaged by those the speed.

3- Choose furniture that is comfortable and easy to clean

Choosing comfortable and essential pieces of garden furniture such as chairs, umbrellas to block heat, drop shade, and a simple dining table are all things. There are some considerations to consider when choosing such as choosing simple designs that are easy to clean and arrange so as not to bother paying a lot of cleaning work.

4- Build a beautiful wooden fence

We need to enjoy some privacy inside the house or garden and get away from the neighbors for a while. The idea of ​​a wooden fence is a great, simple and low-cost idea at the same time. A wooden fence can be designed by recycling some pieces and wooden panels to build a functional and decorative wooden fence Attractive.

5- Distribution of natural flowers

The use of some natural flowers with cheerful colors and beautiful scents and their distribution within the garden gives a greater feeling of summer days and gives a permanent sense of renewal, activity and vitality and spreads a lot of positive energy inside the place. Natural flowers have a strong impact on the arrival of spring and the blooming of flowers.

6- Use cheerful furniture paint colors

Using some furniture colors and renovating them from time to time is one of the things that greatly control the shape of the garden and make it look different, even if the furniture used in it is old.