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Out -of-the-ordinary and clever ideas always attract your attention, and because we know how keen you are to make your kitchen sparkling, no matter how large it is. Today, we offer you a unique bouquet of creative ideas for storage methods that help you make the most of the space And getting  your kitchen to a unique state of coordination, arrangement and perfect design that you have always been looking for.

1- Chinese drawer

One of the most beautiful ideas is to use wooden poles inside the storage drawers to enable you to place and store china dishes in a completely safe way that you are not afraid of breaking and falling, and enabling you to store many and many dishes with ease and away from eyes.

2- Kitchen in a cupboard

Have you ever thought of owning an integrated kitchen inside a cupboard, this idea is great for small spaces, everything in the kitchen is between two wooden slats, and inside it a creative division of cabinets and shelves, one of which is designed to be a place for the sink and cabinets, including open and closed ones to accommodate pots and cups And the necessary tools in the kitchen with ease.

3- Perfect Bar

We all love modern designs, including the design of an island or a bar at the end of the kitchen, but the space may be an obstacle to the implementation of such a thing, but by designing an L-shaped wooden board that rests on the wall and its other end in the ground, you will save Plenty of space, provided that the bar or the wooden surface is emptied from the bottom so that it can accommodate the largest number of chairs without complication.

4- Hinged shelf

Hinged wood shelf is essential in the case of your small kitchen, where there is not enough space to design another surface next to the main we just designed, the hinged shelf is made of wood and installed in hinges that accept locks and openings easily, and it is easy to clean and when closed you will not feel that it is there.

5- Vertical comments

Storage vertically saves space, especially in the kitchen. Of course, this method will be used with light-sized stocks, which find a place for them is not an easy thing in a small kitchen, so you can design an open cabinet divided and screws are installed in it to allow receiving spoons, utensils, knives and Also converted phones.

6- Spoons strainer

Like the well-known dish strainer, you can design a smart strainer for utensils and utensils, power knives in a smart way, and a unique design made of stainless steel that is easy to clean and does not rust by being affected by water.

7- Shelves

The longitudinal shelves across the wall of your kitchen provide you with a lot of storage space, especially since the part that is located above the sink is rarely used.

8- transparent containers

The plastic or glass container, which is one of the least expensive accessories in the kitchen, can be a successful solution and a lifeline for storing fruits that you are confused about where to store in your kitchen and are not suitable for staying in the refrigerator. Kitchen design thanks to its stunning fruit colors very clearly.

Very practical ideas for your kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Very practical ideas for your kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

|| Very practical ideas for your kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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