Decorating a little space in order that it doesn’t look cramped or cluttered may be a challenge to start with, and it takes a touch more pluck when on a budget. A focus because the bed is that the most vital and largest element of a little bedroom, it is sensible to put it centrally with the top against the foremost visible wall or near an out sized window.

Don’t clutter the space above the bed with an upscale and hulking headboard; instead, reserve the world for an attention grabbing painting, hanging, or a shelf or two for books or photographs. If you’re especially artistic, a budget-friendly and kooky idea from the design reception blog is to color a painting headboard above your bed. Do not be afraid to personalize it with brightly colored or patterned linens that fit your style.

  1. MODULAR FURNITURELook for furniture pieces that have built-in storage, can serve multiple functions, or are easily packed away once they aren’t getting used. Will you would like additional seating space, or a desk and chair for work? If so, consider a plastic folding table and chair which will be put within the closet after use, or a storage ottoman which will do double duty as a seat and a laundry hamper. Think narrow and vertical: A taller but slimmer nightstand or desk will reduce the design of clutter within the room and can offer you an area to store other things underneath, like wastebaskets, storage bins and shoe racks. You’ll even choose a nightstand with a drawer which will double as a desk and a dresser.
  1. ENGAGE THE ATTENTIONJust as you ought to seek pieces of varying sizes to overlap, stack and use for multiple purposes, you ought to also avoid uniform colors or materials when choosing your furniture. a spread of textures, patterns and shades will keep the attention traveling the space and can help make it appear bigger and more exuberant. However, don’t add an excessive amount of small clutter within the sort of collectibles, photos, memorabilia or bric-a-brac on your furniture. Keep sculptural decor to at least one or two pieces per surface, or group accessories in just one or two places within the room to avoid aesthetic confusion.
  1. USE THE WALLAdd one or two floating shelves made from wood on the walls for books and photos rather than buying bulky bookshelves. Installing your own shelves is straightforward and cost-effective, and allows you to be flexible and cash in of vertical over horizontal space. Likewise, if you discover that you’ve got run out of closet space, think about using simple and cheap stick-on or nailed hooks on the wall for extra clothing, bags or accessories like scarves and jewelry , which, when arranged nicely, can even double as decoration.LAYER AND GO LARGEWhen decorating the walls of a little room, think large and layered. While a colorful, centered canvas or set of prints certainly makes a bold impact, you’ll also hang patterned textiles or a tapestry, or layer colorful fabric fastened to the wall at top and bottom for a vibrant, textured effect. Painting your own designs, like the painting headboard suggested previously or a favorite pattern is differently to feature personality without spending an excessive amount of.USE WHATYou’ve got you can personalize your room with the help of home items or inexpensive hardware or craft store purchases. A coat of bright paint on the walls, or maybe just an accent wall, is cheap thanks to bring color and artistic flair to your small bedroom. Use stencils to color patterns on lamps, lighting fixtures, window frames and accessories.



Though your bedroom’s color palette might sound challenging, you’ll still create a pleasant space fitted with scrumptious purple walls and blue carpet.

Enhance these lively hues with complementary accents, white or light-colored furniture pieces, assorted textures and fabrics and well-chosen room accessories. As you propose your room’s design theme, set a budget to stay decorating costs within your financial temperature.


Incorporate these cool neutrals into your bedroom color scheme through furniture, window treatments and accessories. Well-placed small pops of bold color — gamboges, lime green and hot pink — tantalize the visual display. A dramatic accent wall with a paint hue that’s two or three shades darker than your existing wall color adds appeal and variety. Brighten your purple-clad walls and blue floors by painting an accent wall a couple of shades lighter than your walls.


Their translucency also allows natural light to permeate a blue-and-purple space to decorate it. White Roman shades underneath the sheer curtains elevate the curtain’s crisp white appeal with a trendy, layered look that also offers bedroom privacy when desired.

For a more luxurious, regal sensation, lose the Roman shades and hang floor-length draperies that contain over-the-top fabrics, like velvet’s, silks or fabrics — fashioned after the embroidered work of artisans from Central Asian countries — over the white sheers. Choose a drapery fabric in dark gray to heighten the subtle appeal.


Give your purple-and-blue bedroom a contemporary twist by employing a metallic silver headboard and mirrored case goods, like dressers and chests.

Add an upholstered armchair during a blue, white and purple-striped pattern for comfortable seating with visual interest. Black furniture offers a pointy color contrast against light-colored purple walls and blue carpet. But avoid black furniture pieces in spaces with walls painted in deep purple tones, as they have a tendency to make a dark, dreary ambiance.


Illuminate purple walls and blue carpet in an edgy, contemporary-style bedroom with a contemporary starburst chandelier suspended from your bedroom ceiling.

An over sized, eye-catching painting hung with splashes of purple and blue bring the space along side harmonious color. Pile brightly colored toss pillows over layered, pristine white bedding to spotlight your bed against purple walls and blue floors. A vase of fresh lilac branches and babies’-breath adds slightly of nature with a pleasant scent.

Decorate your living room on a limited budget

Considering the tastes of each member of the family, while keeping the interior trends unobtrusive, the  living room is a space that is difficult to decorate even if you do not have a fixed budget. After finishing the living room interior with just a plain and monotonous black leather sofa, a TV, and a cabinet underneath, I want to try a unique interior that reflects the seasons in our living room and shows the individuality of our family. But whenever we try to do something, there’s always a big obstacle in our way, and that’s probably a limited budget. Isn’t there a way to give a different change to the living room within an economical range? If you are struggling with this, pay attention to how to decorate your living room with a limited budget today.

A variety of chair options other than leather sofas

If there is a shabby leather sofa that used to occupy our living room, how about saying goodbye to it? In the case of a three-seater leather sofa, it costs more than 800,000 won to reform the whole, and it costs between 250,000 won and 350,000 won to partially reform only the cushion that sits on the buttocks. Rather than a black or dark brown leather sofa that creates a sense of oppression and weight in the entire living room, let’s choose a fabric sofa at an affordable price that gives a fresh feeling and can easily change with the seasons. The fabric sofa not only goes well with cushions of different colors, even if they are not exactly the same color, but also easily harmonizes with a Scandinavian-style single-seater chair with solid wood legs that creates a strong and elegant feeling, or a bean bag that provides a free and comfortable atmosphere. In addition to fabric sofas, we might consider ottomans, which provide a comfortable seating area while solving the storage problem.

Give your windows a refreshing change

The living room with a large window is bright and bright thanks to the warm sunlight. However, if our house is on a high floor and there is nothing to see outside except for the sky and the opposite apartment, or if it is necessary to block the gaze of the house in front because it is not far from the house in front, we need to pay attention to the window. It is not easy to redecorate windows that have the same atmosphere every year. However, if we install opaque white partial curtains and place a large  potted plant with abundant leaves in front of the window, we can create a window that gives a refreshing feeling.

Or, if you want to change the window frame to match the color of the wall, remodeling the window yourself is a good idea. Before applying the paint, you need to wrap the glass and the window frame with masking tape to prevent the paint from splattering on the glass. After that, we do a rough painting with gesso, which not only covers the background color but also preserves the color of the paint we are going to paint, and lets it dry for 20 minutes. The window will be finished.

Flooring that influences the atmosphere of the living room

If your living room is creating a stuffy and rustic atmosphere, let’s check the flooring first. Usually, you would think that bulky furniture, such as sofas and cabinets placed in the living room, influences the atmosphere of the living room, but in fact, the atmosphere of the living room largely depends on the underlying flooring material. You can create a luxurious atmosphere by using hardwood flooring that has the unique atmosphere of solid wood and has excellent thermal conductivity. You can make a difference in your living room. PVC flooring can be purchased from 30,000 won to 60,000 won per 3.3 square meters, and adhesive decorative tiles, which can be easily installed by ordinary people, can be purchased for between 30,000 and 80,000 won per 3.3 square meters. Of course, if you increase the budget a little more, you can get a hardwood floor with a wood grain pattern on a high-density fiberboard from 70,000 won to 130,000 won per 3.3 square meters, and it is cheaper than wood flooring, but it is possible to save the material of natural wood compared to other flooring materials. You can choose a living room flooring material from 100,000 won to 150,000 won per 3.3 square meters of plywood flooring, which is a wood flooring material. However, if the labor cost of installing flooring is burdensome, it is a good idea to change the living room floor by using adhesive decoration tiles that we can easily install ourselves.

Selection of furniture with elegance and simplicity

If there is no need to change the flooring, or if replacing the flooring is burdensome, we can redecorate the living room by properly selecting the furniture within our budget, let’s choose furniture with low height but cute legs with legs that are cute and evenly distribute light to give space to the space. The site table made of different sizes of wood, which can be purchased for 50,000 won, stands out in harmony with the wooden shelf installed on one side of the white wall. In addition, we can give a sensual and classic beauty to the living room by using long-necked lighting.

Proper lighting to brighten up the living room

No matter how expensive the furniture and how good the flooring may be in the living room, it will all be in vain without the right amount of light. Of course, it would be ideal for bright sunlight to enter the living room because there is a large window, but what if the house is close to the house in front of it, so the light doesn’t come in properly, or if it’s not a south-facing house, the sun only appears and disappears for a short time? All you need to do is choose the appropriate lighting that will brightly illuminate your home, such as daylight. First, let’s install a highly efficient LED light that converts electrical energy into light energy instead of a fluorescent lamp. LED lighting has a lifespan of 15 years, which is very long compared to fluorescent lamps, which have a lifespan of 1 to 2 years, and can save electricity bills by half that of conventional fluorescent lamps. In addition to the existing lighting installed on the ceiling, we can purchase a simple designed long stand for between 30,000 won and 70,000 won to give a point to the living room and create a warm atmosphere with the soft orange light.

Use of unusual and unique props

We can also decorate our living room with exotic and unique props that are imbued with our personality. If you think about it, it seems that all living rooms have similar furniture in the same atmosphere. Even though it is our home, our tastes are not respected and instead of rushing to imitate other people’s tastes, how about realizing the living room interior that I have dreamed of since childhood? For example, if you have a romance with Europe, especially England, let’s refer to the interior using the Union Jack pattern and photos of the British city center as shown in the photo. If you want to change the atmosphere of the living room using mainly small items, it is good to select two or three key colors for the interior. At this time, when selecting a color, it will be easier to select accessories with a sense of unity by dividing the color into the base color and the point color based on the color of the living room floor or sofa. Select a cushion on the sofa or a picture to hang on the wall to give a soft or complementary color contrast with the base color, and place a few scented candles with different saturation from the base color to the point color on the cabinet side by side for decoration. Okay.

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