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Innovative ideas for the walls | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The wall of your house is the bridge between you and the outside, so you should use it to highlight the beauty of coordination in your home and your refined taste through some touches that can show all of this easily. Designing the fence of your house to be up to the level in showing your house an honorable appearance from the inside and from the outside..

1- concrete wall

The wonderful fence greatly determines the shape of your yard, and is also affected by its area. If your garden and the entrances to your house are small in size, you can use fences that are not very flashy, but beautiful in shape. During design and construction, you can stand at a certain stage before placing the last layers of us Cement in finishing, and some decorating and decoration materials are used in the final finishing, such as colored cement, and you crack it like this in the picture, it will be different and unconventional.

2- A natural wooden fence

You can use wood in the fence of your home from the inside to make the scene different from the iron or concrete fence from the outside, the wood absorbs the plant amazingly, and its colors are considered the most suitable for lovers of simplicity and nature, so experts recommend it.

3- Polished wooden fence

Polished wood means the luster and colors added to the wood veins to change their color from the natural tree color.

4- A wall within a wall

At the entrances to the houses, fences that are smaller in size and length than the original fences can be used. This method is used in large gardens and long entrances, where the perimeter of the entrance is allocated with a fence different from the original.

5- Fence with wires

If your original fence was short, you can resort to a feature that saves a lot in costs, which is to build an additional fence of iron wires, where you can choose the pattern of the wire you want as well as its length and height.

6- Stone walls

Old-fashioned stone fences in decoration, or we can say that if you love the tradition and scenery of stones in ancient temples, you will be really surprised by the interesting appearance of the blocks of stones from which your favorite wall is built.

7- The fence of the window

The nets are frequently used in fences that have less privacy, meaning that you can use them in your home if your surroundings do not injure your privacy, whether in neighbors or public roads.

8- A wall with stones and plants

Plants and stones transfer the decor of your garden to other horizons. You will feel it because of your love for the rocky and mountainous nature. You will feel that your garden has a special nature in it, and the stones used in those fences are good in terms of privacy and blocking the view of the ocean.

9- A multi-purpose fence

Multi-purpose fences are those that are intended to be used for safety, beauty and other uses at the same time. Here, the stone fence obscures the view from the outside, as it benefits privacy. It also has internal openings to function as a grill in barbecues, as well as a fireplace in cold nights, in addition to its shape. Gorgeous in the garden.

10 – A rural fence

Rural fences always have their charm. It is preferable to use them in  homes  that have a stronger external fence. They are a decoration in a large proportion compared to their operation. It is possible to allocate places for children to play in them or to fence the swimming pool, but they are not suitable at the present time to be the main fence around your house due to its fragility and shortness.

11- Simplified wooden decor

Recently, the decorations of the fences have increased. There are unusual models that have appeared and are in great demand in recent years, some of which are hollow and some that are separated, such as this model away from the traditional form for more change and difference.

12 – Modern iron fences

Away from the usual form of the iron fence, whose shapes were boring, today we have newer methods in the formation of iron fences, such as this model that deceives the onlookers at first glance as if it is made of wood or aluminum, but it is iron that is elaborate in its manufacture and is characterized by strength more than wood.

13- Bamboo fence

Bamboo sticks are interesting in their uses for fences, they can be used a lot in private and marine sessions that need privacy from what is around them, here they were used as a  curtain for the spa bathtub  in the garden for more privacy.

14- Horizontal Bamboo

The use of bamboo horizontally also carries all the advantages of the previous model of beauty of shape and versatility inside the house, of course, not in the external fence, which is preferred to be strong and high.

15- Thin Fences

To fence the delicate gardens in their flowers and romantic in their feel, it is preferable to use short fences of wood squares that allow the plant to grow on them to complete the garden scene wonderfully.

16- Single Fences

In one side of your yard, you can use a separate fence that is different from the rest of the perimeter, whether in color or in composition, and it is a great method if you want to allocate a specific place in your yard from the rest of the other corners in it.

17- Classic Fences

The classic form of fences is still in great demand for its durability and beautiful shape, but it is preferable in its uses that the iron be painted in colors that express the home’s decor and personality.

18- Wooden case

Your private sessions need special fences, so you can use the hollow wooden fences to customize them, and this is from the inside inside the original outer fence, as if you were making a special decoration for the original fence, but this time you will make another fence of wood.

19- The arts of iron fences

Iron fences are no longer as in the past, just longitudinal skewers with ornaments from the top, but more than one shape can be used and engraved for iron in the fence of our garden that expresses our tastes and can deviate from the ordinary, whether in color or in the succession of iron engraving.

Innovative ideas for the walls | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Unique ideas for the house of light

Lighting is one of the main factors in the interior design of the house . A house without proper lighting is an uncomfortable house and reflects negative energy on you in a clear way. Therefore, distributing lighting and studying it in your home is one of the necessary things that must be taken into consideration, and one of the latest methods used in lighting recently is the house technology. Or the gypsum board, we will show you 20 unparalleled ideas for the House of Light.

1- to fill in the blanks

The design of a rectangular light house that illuminates the large spaces in the house very intelligently. The light house is a difference in ceiling levels that carries indirect lighting, which is mostly of the LED type.

2- Fit and elegant

A distinctive design is suitable for all designs and patterns and suits all architectural details.

3- Unconventional

Unleash your imagination and it will take you on a breathtaking tour of unconventional designs for the House of Light.

4- Suitable for all spaces

The uses of the House of Light are not limited to large spaces only. The House of Light can be used in small spaces, narrow corridors, and kitchens.

5-Yellow lighting also plays a role

The uses of lighting in the house of light are not limited to white LED lighting only, sometimes yellow lighting creates a special beauty.

6- Classic and modern

The House of Light is not limited to a specific style, the designs of the House of Light are suitable for all styles, whether classic or modern

7- A primary source of light

The presence of a chandelier or a large lighting unit does not mean that you give up the house of light in the rooms of your home.

8- different ideas

The designs of the House of Light are not limited to the uses of gypsum only, sometimes some different materials such as wood add beauty to the designs of the House of Light.

9- The touch of wood makes a difference

Here we see a distinctive model of wood in the design of the House of Light on a larger scale.

10- ​Functional design

We can also use the curtain house in the living room and make it the same as the house of light, thus providing a functional and aesthetic form.

We can use the curtain house to make it the house of light as well, thus providing a great aesthetic and functional form.

11- Absolute simplicity

Some people often confuse affectation. Using does not mean flaccidity, but rather the absolute simplicity that experts recommend.

12- Different tones of lighting are best

Be smart and use different colors for lighting in the House of Light to get an elegant and distinctive design.

13-Merge might be the best

Do not hesitate to combine the small lighting spots with the house of light in an aesthetic and attractive way in the rooms of your home.

14- Fair and beautiful design

The spots were distributed in this design with the House of Light in a fair and picturesque manner.

15 – Spots to fill in the blanks

Another model in which the spots were used in all the spaces also because of its ease and because it is practical and the number of lit spots can be controlled or extinguished as needed.

16-to fill in the blanks

Here, the designer relied on it with the House of Light in the small spaces inside the kitchen.

17-Absolute elegance

Here, we see the living room is very elegantly designed in the Asian style and was not hindered by the use of spotlights in its lighting, but rather made it more beautiful and elegant.

18-My beauty is a special kind

In this bathroom, the spotlights with the house of light added a special kind of beauty, especially with the presence of wooden details.


The designer used the spotlights on several levels in this ceiling in order to provide the appropriate lighting according to the use in the kitchen.

20-The Art of Distribution

As for here, we find the spots of different sizes, distributed in a random way, creating an aesthetic shape from the ceiling like the starry sky.

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