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Living room design ideas

Even the child living in the house is aware of the importance of the living room that this room should not be used for general use, dirt should not be spread in it, any furniture should not be damaged in it, and so on and so forth. But do the elders of the house understand the importance that the living room also needs to be renovated and renovated? Is it considered that putting beautiful and expensive furniture in the living room does not complete the room but also working on its style is very important.

We’ve seen that some people think like this about their home living room but they don’t have unique ideas and attractive designs so today on we have brought for you 8 attractive but unique living room ideas, let’s see !

۔ Spacious

The uniqueness of this living room is the color of its furniture, the soft and comfortable sofas and the combination of the dining room. The color of the sofas, cushions, carpets, walls and even the shelves behind the sofas has been chosen to be gray which is the most important reason for the charming look, on the other hand is so wonderful that she is making two rooms together without a door.

In this hall, special attention has been paid to the subtlety and detail of the colors, such as the color of the sofas and carpets, as well as the color of the TV and table, and the same bright black racks under the TVs that surround the TV. Highlight the wall and become the center of attention of the guests.

۔ Royal

This Diwan Khana is showing charm and uniqueness in a magnificent manner. Everything from sofas to curtains is unique and magnificent. The sofas, tables, chandeliers, pots, curtains and even the background are so beautiful and beautiful that the guests will not get tired of inspecting this room once they come here. The table in front of the sofas feels as comfortable and soft as it looks, and what a combination of colors, what a wonderful combination of white table with white sofas!

Keeping in mind the demands of the times, special attention has also been paid to modernity in this room, such as the inclusion of a TV, a bookshelf, a mirror and a showcase with five cupboards is proof of this. Attempts have been made to make the space of this room spacious by installing mirrors in this hall. This room is not only luxurious but also wonderful and charming!

  1. New

This living room is as colorful and beautiful as it looks modern! The background of the TV is made of wood in such a way that the entire wall of the living room is covered with this wood. have been. The choice of colors for carpets and curtains is admirable for the suitability of the room! The uniqueness of this room is due to its entrance door, the unique white sliding door  seems to be the best reflection of the architect ‘s creative thinking.

  1. Exquisite

Elegant and charming, or so elegant and charming! The beautiful use of black, gray and white is a beautiful creation, even in a living room! The dark gray sofas may not look very comfortable, but they do look unique, and the gray lamp on the corner that matches the table looks very unique, as do the curtains and The carpets are also providing a very beautiful and elegant look.

The black and white pots on the corners and the corresponding white chair have been added to match the color of the curtains and the TV. The choice of modern beautiful lights on the ceiling of this hall is adding four moons to this room. A beautiful color scheme has been applied to give this room a new look.

  1. Thriving

With its charming white interior and walls, the living room is very colorful and beautiful. The decoration of its soft and comfortable sofas and the choice of the unique table are all carefully thought out. The white floor with white walls is making these sofas even more prominent and at the same time the lights installed in the wall are making this room even brighter.

As the space of this room is spacious, it is also fitted with a large size LCD which is providing a good angle to the whole room. To add color to the white color, colorful decorative items have been placed on the wall to show the beautiful combination of colorful and white colors.

Painting on bedroom wall

Furniture and curtains are less important in the bedroom than color, but so is color and the color of the walls and floor. Did you know that coloring has a profound effect on the environment of the bedroom and has a profound effect not only on the environment but also on the mood, health and thinking of the occupant?

Painting is done on the walls which looks like wallpaper but it cannot be removed like wallpaper. Wallpapers are more likely to be damaged than paint or murals. The color mixture can be wiped clean with a wet cloth like a wall.

When it comes to coloring and that too in the bedroom, most people in this place create a painting that they dream of or something they want to see as soon as they enter their bedroom every day. People who are eager to   keep pace with the times, with the help of a colorist, can paint their bedroom with the modernity of the time in mind.

But if you have great coloring tips, you can make your own coloring in your bedroom. So let’s take a look at the 3 paintings on the bedroom wall!

۔ Birds flying with big white feathers on the black wall.

۔ Different shapes of blue, black and white on the wall, bringing out new images from every angle.

۔ The black withered tree on the white wall, maybe it’s autumn!

۔ Secret wardrobe-like coloring on top of brown gold wallpaper.

۔ Windmills of different sizes and colors on the white wall are the splendor of the room.

۔ The color of the white rocks on the black wall also gives the shape of pillows placed on the bed from any angle.

۔ The gray and silver design is proving to be a great way to enhance the living room!

۔ Beautiful house in one room! Someone has a dream in this coloring.

۔ Unique design, beautiful color combination and combination of room furniture, what a wonderful painting!

۔ An example of uniqueness, is it an old wooden wall or a painting?

۔ Beautiful pink flowers on beautiful branches, light blue color in the background is perfect and perfect!

۔ The rustic look, with its small old bricks, gives an ancient feel.

۔ The gray mural, which features greenery and lush greenery, is a symbol of beauty and modernity.

۔ Want to look attractive with simplicity? Check out this dark colored wall!

۔ It is not difficult to find attractiveness in this coloring made in rectangular shape in gray color!

Tips for decorating your child’s room

The decoration of a child’s room is just as important as the rest of the home  . This task is also very difficult because you have to take care of the children’s likes and dislikes as well as what kind of equipment will be best for them. Kids usually like bright colors and want open space to play and jump. The children’s room should have a good storage area so that books, toys, etc. can be kept in order. Necessary items should be available to the children and their room should be close to the parents’ room.

We’ve put together a few tips that  will help you decorate your child’s room.

۔ The multi-compartment wall shelf is perfect for a children’s room where you can put all the necessary items in order.

۔ Yellow has a pleasant effect on mood and stimulates children’s creativity.

۔ A spacious room can be made interesting with the help of light colors and beautiful wallpaper.

۔ The advantage of a full white room is that you can decorate it as you wish. So fill it with your child’s favorite toys and colors.

۔ What do you think of this type of double bank bed? It will cost a little, but your children’s happiness will be much greater.

۔ A large sticker of children’s favorite cartoon can be put on one wall of the room to encourage them to love their room.

۔ We are sure that your doll will love such a colorful room. Baby round carpets on the floor are a prominent element of this room that you can imitate.

۔ Learn to make better use of small space. Use the space above and below the bed to store luggage.

۔ Most children like purple. You can also see an example of better use of less space in this room.

۔ Some of the bright colors in the white color make the room paired with the rest of the house to suit the children’s tastes.

۔ What would you say about having such a colorful bookshelf in a child’s room? Kids will want to put their books in it without telling you.

۔ The funniest thing about a children’s room is that you can use as many colors as you like.

۔ There are very few children who do not like the color pink. Don’t forget to enrich your child’s room with natural light through large windows.

۔ Why not make a bookshelf right above the bed so that the children can get in the habit of reading before going to bed?

۔ If you want, you can bring in the natural environment outside without the lavish use of green. Buy all the furniture with a specific theme that will make the room harmonious.

۔ Adding some stickers to the walls of the child’s room will make the room interesting for him, you can take it off or change it whenever you want.

۔ Kids love to keep everything to themselves, so why not write their name in their room and make it special for them?

Experion The Heartsong Interior design Gurgaon

Experion The Heartsong Interior design Gurgaon

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Experion The Heartsong Interior design Gurgaon

Experion The Heartsong Interior design Gurgaon

Amazing Ideas for Living Room Cushions | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Small details in decoration can make a big difference in our homes, and as we are used to with experts , paying attention to all details, whether small or large, is essential in all projects, and in this topic we will address a very small part in furnishing living rooms, but it is very influential on the general appearance of them, which is Living room pillows, in this topic we offer you  very elegant and varied living room pillow ideas that are suitable for all tastes.

1- roses

If you have a modern sofa in white or any neutral color, it is preferable to use this type of pillow as it takes the same color as the sofa, but is embossed with flowers in the same colors as parts of the decor that will make the room very cheerful.

2- Flags of countries and clubs

This idea is more suitable for youngsters it is full of enthusiasm to use the flags of any country you like in the room cushions, you can also develop this idea and use your favorite football team flag design.

3- letters

A very simple idea, you can use very ordinary pillows in suitable colors for the sofa and use one or two pillowcases with distinctive letters that you have, such as the first letter of your children’s names or the letter of your and your wife’s name.

4- words

Neutral colors in the furniture make you free in front of more choices and this idea makes you kill two birds with one stone, which is to use the engraved pillows next to the pillows that have some letters written on them to put them next to each other to have a distinctive word that can be the name of your son or wife or an ordinary word.

5- Geometric shapes

This idea is used in very simple rooms to give it a touch of liveliness so that it is not boring. You can rely on pillows with different geometric shapes and colors suitable for the furniture, but not in the same color so that it appears in the decor and is eye-catching. 

6- Paintings and historical figures

If you are fond of antiquities and historical figures, you can print the faces of famous figures or paintings on the pillows of your living room, of course, it will give it a touch of elegance and elegance to it.

7- Birds

If you are a nature lover and want to add a touch of liveliness and brightness, use this idea in your room.  

Ideas and tips for painting the walls of your home white | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

White paint walls seem to be one of the most persistent trends in interior design. Homeowners have been using this color to decorate the interior and exterior walls of their homes since time immemorial. The region of Greece is famous for its white apartment buildings that perfectly complement the vast expanse of the blue Aegean. Marble stones were often used to design Baroque and neoclassical buildings in Italy and France.

White walls

Before choosing to paint white walls, many homeowners try to consider whether it will match the interior spaces of their home. This question should not bother you at all. And white happens to be one of the world’s most popular shades for the interior of the house as well as the exterior walls. You can use this tone alone or in combination with other colors to design a very elegant and comfortable living area, white wall paint is suitable for country style homes, classic buildings, Scandinavian homes as well as contemporary residences.

Instead of white wall paints, you can also use plaster or wallpaper to cover the walls with your intended shade of white, 3D white wallpaper will give the interior of your home a very glamorous makeover.

Things to know before you paint your walls white

Think about the color scheme of your home before planning a room in white. If your home is dominated by this shade, it is safe to choose white in the room you are about to renovate. But if the interior colors are dominated by warm colors like red, orange, yellow etc., then choosing white paint for a particular room may have an unusual feeling.

The room should have enough natural and artificial light to make it look bright and cheerful. A dark room with white may appear dull. Always treat any imperfections on the wall before painting it white. Otherwise, they will soon develop unsightly spots that ruin the beauty of the room. If you are painting the kitchen and bathroom walls white, make sure there is no water seeping behind the scene or, in this case, behind the walls, getting water will encourage the growth of fungi and mold and leave the white walls with marks. ugly.


Before painting a room white, take note of the furnishings and furniture as well. Although almost every color looks appropriate when you have white in the background, some look better than others. Dark brown, especially light shades, and soft yellow may not stand out well against a white background.

Do not forget to diversify the decoration of the interior. You can easily do this by inserting wood paneling, stucco walls, stone accents, wood floors, and fabric for curtains and upholstery. Doing so will give your rooms a very graceful look. White tends to be a very energetic color.

Feng shui followers should know that white walls are ideal for home offices, living room and kitchen, but it is best to avoid bright white in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Feng shui recommends mixing other colors with white to tone down their energetic nature. Unlike that, it may end up creating sleep disturbances.

White interior wall paint

When you’re not sure about incorporating a white color scheme into your home, get suggestions from a professional interior designer. This will help you avoid some of the common mistakes associated with using this color. You can buy oil-based or latex-based paints to paint interior walls white.

Watercolor paints dry quickly. They are also the easiest to work with. Do not leave any brush mark on the wall. Oil-based paints generally take a long time to dry. However, they are also more durable. Latex paints dry quickly and are also very affordable. Don’t forget to add primer in your shopping list that will give the paint better durability. Buy water based primer for water-based paints, oil-based primer white colors for oil-based paints and so on

Shades of white

You may be surprised to know that the market is flooded with a number of shades of white paint, each company has its own range of white paints. Snow white, gray white, bluish white, antique white, dark white, warm white and ivory white are some of the most popular shades of white for interiors. To make sure you have the right shade for your room, buy a trial package and apply a layer to a portion of the wall. See if this shade looks attractive enough in your eyes. Just then proceed to purchase the full quantity required to paint the walls.

Ideas and tips for painting the walls of your home white | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Make your home light and bright with these ideas

Lighting the house is not optional, it is a special necessity in the case of dark rooms, it is a special necessity in the case of dark rooms , with little or no contact with the outside, lighting must be achieved, in addition to electric lamps, using decorative elements that reflect the light and the furniture itself A room can be made brighter depending on the paint on its walls, the color of the floors, the type of curtains you choose, the upholstery of its furniture, and the way we distribute that furniture. Strategically using these resources can help you illuminate a room and make it a living place. And light, here are some ease for you.

Make a special scene

What do you do when you have your bedroom in the interior of the house and you don’t have any windows? It’s not a problem, forms a window, the adhesive vinyl gives you the opportunity to transform your wall into anything you want. Why not create the look of a window overlooking your beloved Paris as you can see in the picture. With the exception of the brightly colored pillows, everything simple white reflects a lot of light, making the room light and bright. Here’s how you can make a statement in white.

Distribute furniture in a way that creates lighting

If you imagine the room in this photo without the furniture, you might think that it was originally an underground room used as a warehouse. However, if you add furniture, it completely changes its meaning, and this illusory dark pantry becomes bright and full of light. You can achieve all this without touching the architectural elements, only with the installation and distribution of furniture. The details of not sticking the sofa to the wall, give space to the room, thus letting in light and bathing the space while irradiating the color of the broken and slate white painted brick. To allow these old bricks to continue to give light, there is only one panel on its surface, a picture as colorful as the rest of the furniture, the sofa, the tables and the lamps brightening this all-white room.

Combination of natural and artificial lighting

Here we see a dining room with no natural light, the only source of light being the small openings in the upper part of the adjacent kitchen. For light to cross the kitchen and get into this other room, the designers made a repair, in which a bay window was created, which visually connects the kitchen and dining room, but prevents the passage of noise, smoke and odors. This simple idea helped light up the room, and with this the designers added a unique and original hanging lamp above the table.

Japanese touch

A room is considered more or less dark depending on the size of its openings and the orientation of windows and balconies. Sometimes the small light inputs, which lead even to interior patios, don’t contribute much to the room’s illumination. However, there are resources to multiply the flow of light, this can be done by choosing blinds and curtains that let the light through, here is a very interesting idea, resort to Japanese panels, a long wall that has only a small window can be the ideal place to put a surface Large Japanese panels, preferably in light tones, which distribute the light as it passes and make the room appear bright.

Bright and light furnishings

An important element that helps brighten up a room is the upholstery of our furniture, especially the upholstery of furniture of a larger size, these are large colored surfaces that occupy a prominent space in the entire room. That is why you should take great care while choosing the upholstery material to achieve the desired aesthetic and chromatic effect in your home, here beige upholstery provides plenty of space and light in the room.

Ideas to make your entryway look great | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

You have one opportunity to make an impression on your home that does not bear the concern of any home you own, whether small or large, the entrance is the main determinant of the tone that your home is going on, the decor is the actual engine of expressions in your home and therefore you must improve its use. 

The image of the entrance to your house is the first poem, of course, it will leave an impression on your guests when they leave your house. In this topic, we will give you information that will make the entrance to your house attractive to your guests and welcome your loved ones. Below we will show you 12 ways for different designers to make the entrances to these houses speak the way the owners want.

1- wide entrance

Be sure that this entrance will prompt the guests to enter this will be done easily by creating an informal environment with simple furniture, a bench and a wooden shelf to store keys and some small things we need, you can install a row of hooks to hang coats. 

2- traditional style

Hold on to the old, a nice, simple traditional style might be all you need. Three graphics and lighting are nice enough to look at but not so elegant as to terrify us. Hang the graphics in a hierarchical shape that makes the eyes look up.  

3- Put a chair

We all have a grandfather or grandmother who visits us in our house from time to time, so make the entrance to your house comfortable for them after they move from their place to you. Put a chair or a small sofa in the entrance to rest on it as soon as they arrive while removing their shoes or coat. 

4- Hang a mirror

Mirrors double the space. Not only this is the purpose of placing them in the entrance to the house to make sure in the last minutes before you leave the house that your hair or makeup of your wife or any other person is fine, the reflection of the mirror gives the impression that the lighting is double. 

5- Select the space

If the entrance is open to a hall or  room, it is preferable to define it, dedicate the space to cabinets or a library. Open shelves are a good idea to put pictures or accessories. 

6- The arrangement of natural plants is interesting

Plants such as orchids or any other type of flower can be placed in homes for a long time, they really create a welcoming atmosphere, both with their color and aesthetics. 

7- Entrance three pieces

A three-piece hallway is a favorite of any home, a gorgeous rug and great lighting Nothing is warmer than a rug, be bold and use the best lights to control the lighting of the hallway day and night. 

8- Show your collection

Display your plants, artwork, and pottery near the entrance to show your guests that it’s a special space of interest.  

9- Trick the narrow space

If your house has a narrow entrance, then use colorful graphics in amazing colors on the walls or put a seat in the front in vibrant colors to fool the eye that the space seems larger, this design will help you. 

10 – Unite the color

The uniformity of colors in small parts can dazzle and entertain you, but always go for simplicity and calm shades, and it will make it easier for you to choose the right rug and light switches.

11- Help yourself

The entryway is not only a space to impress strangers and put everything for their convenience It’s easy on yourself to put everything Your entryway can stay organized like shoe cabinets and hangers, you can also install a holder for your keys to keep them from getting lost.  

12- Put a table in the middle

Placing a rectangular, circular or square table in the entrance of your house is great, usually tables are used to eat food, but in this case it is only for decoration.

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