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The dressing room is a room dedicated to arranging and changing clothes of various shapes, sizes and colors. Its designs vary according to the owner’s desire. It is often found in homes with large areas, villas, palaces, as well as hotels.

Types of dressing rooms

Open dressing room

According to this design, the room is without any doors or shelves. The wardrobes appear open with clothes, some of them stacked on stylized shelves and others hanging on a series of hangers and they are distributed like this throughout the room. The design of the room in this case is based on mirrors along each wall, making it appear more spacious. The only thing that must be taken into account when following this design is the need to keep all items of clothing, shoes and accessories neat and organized in order to maintain the aesthetic view of the room in which the clothes – in themselves – are an accessory.

Closed dressing room

According to this design, the room is closed, that is, not open to everyone, either by using sliding doors that covers them completely and makes the room more like a cabin, or even a set of curtains will fulfill the purpose. This room is usually attached to another closed room, such as the bedroom, and there is space to put a piece of furniture such as a sofa or a seat without an armchair that is used while dressing and wearing shoes and accessories.

The location of the dressing room..

In the bedroom

The dressing room is often attached to the bedroom, and it is completely integrated with it, not separated by a wall, partition or door, or separated from it by a door, which provides both of them with a good amount of privacy.

In the bathroom

Other times, the dressing room or wardrobe is also designed in the bathroom, and in this case it is required that the bathroom be of a large area so that the design of that room can accommodate, as for the design itself, it is more like a shower cabin consisting of huge frosted glass panels inside which a set of shelves is installed in a horizontal position to place Clothes, the cabin in this way constitutes an interior room in the bathroom.

Dressing room design steps

When entering the dressing room, you must have a feeling full of femininity and luxury, as if you were entering a luxury store, where all you need from fashion, shoes and “accessories! In the following:

The style of the dressing room should follow the style of the master bedroom.

It is recommended to choose light colors, and paint the wood cabinets with white to give the impression of spaciousness and comfort. Calm “pastel” colors must be included in the details to break the monotony of white and its derivatives, while avoiding the use of dark brown for furniture wood.

Cabinets must be distributed on all walls, extending from floor to ceiling, and having a depth of 60 centimetres. The inside of these lockers can be divided according to their function, with the high places allocated for seasonal clothes and some items that need storage, such as travel bags, for example.

If there is a blank wall in the dressing room, a mirrored dressing table is preferred.

A piece of carpet in a solid beige color or with a simple pattern can line the floor in the center of this room.

It is appropriate to place a storage unit in the center of this room, provided that it holds some drawers, for the purpose of keeping the accessories in an orderly manner. The chaise lounge should be placed here.

The use of a mirror is necessary in this room, as the latter must be above the dressing table, or a long mirror should be placed in one of the corners or on the front of one of the shelves of closed cabinets.

It is preferable to choose the “antique” pieces decorated in gold, especially in the mirror frames and the dressing table chair, in order to achieve a contrasting decor, which adds attractiveness to this room.

It is recommended to distribute the lighting thoughtfully in the interior of this room, in order to achieve a better view of the details, by installing a chandelier on the ceiling, and providing the cabinets with lighting units as well. You can use an expert to design a small dressing room in your home.

Dressing room | Interior design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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