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We make the decision to transform our home We can find many options to do so; From changing the color of  the walls  and using a new material such as stones, and this is what we will talk about in this article today, the idea is very attractive, as stones are a long-lasting and fashionable material that does not fade and does not absorb moisture, and it can be a wonderful decoration that represents spaciousness and warmth in your home and makes your guests amazed. So here we present to you 13 ideas for decorating the walls of the house with stones in an elegant way

1. No need to cover an entire wall

One of the most attractive advantages when we want to incorporate stone into home decoration is that we don’t need to cover the entire wall, a small part with some plants can be your best choice.

2. Wall paint

Wall paint looks great whichever style you choose is a good investment because stone is an exceptional way to decorate, it protects the room and is water and moisture proof.

3. The details that make the room beautiful

To make the walls more beautiful it can be decorated and this can be accompanied by some details that highlight the texture in the decorative style with small pieces as we can see in the picture make the room very charming.

4. Rustic style for dining room

Depending on the stone comes the rustic style you choose, filling the atmosphere with the charm and warmth of rustic style to decorate your  living room and dining room.

5. In a corner of the house

Most people think that stone walls are for the outdoors, but they are used for interior decorations too, and all things will look different and beautiful.

6. Exciting entrance

The entrance to the house is the first impression of our visitors, and it should be a warm welcome.. But at the same time, we must not forget to choose the appropriate shape for the space.

7. A variety of colors and unique in style

Within the range of colors in the walls we can find cafe, gray and red and we have a variety of hues. Another great feature on the walls is that the cut stones are not equal pieces, each one is unique in its aesthetics and irregularity.

8. Different styles for all tastes

Another idea is to combine different types of stone to achieve interesting effects and adapt to the decorative style of your home.

9. Sophisticated atmosphere for the bathroom

Stone can transform environments with elegance, sophistication and sophistication, and a bathroom can be even more beautiful when you decide to decorate with stone. Not only beautiful, but also an investment in materials that will last many years.

10. In the garden

In gardens stone is one of the basic elements, so a very original idea is to paint the garden wall to look modern in this way you have the actual space to put the stones to give you a place full of decor.

11. Easy to install and very decorative

And the stones are easy and quick to install compared to other types of coating and this is because there is no wastage of stones and it has a high degree of artistry.

12. Perfect for making room for a cozy home

The stone is very fries for a warm welcome in your home, when it is placed in the home living room, it will have a special charm, is a strong personality, elegant atmosphere, very comfortable to stay.

13. Fashion that won’t break

Covering the walls of your house with stones is a good decision because it is a long-lasting material and is kept in good condition; It is very popular with many benefits, so it is an unbreakable fashion.

Decorating ideas with lighting for living rooms

The world of decoration is full of beauty and different distinct ideas, but what some people face when choosing decorations is the problem of rooms with small spaces, which require touches of special decoration in order to be able to brighten the room again, how is this achieved? Perhaps it is the question that comes to your mind, first of all, lighting and using it in the decor in a correct way so that you can add a distinctive radiance to the room and create harmony between furniture and decor, so today we will serve you 6 unique and very genius ideas for decoration that will illuminate your home with warmth and beauty.

1- Colorful and luminous walls

Colored walls are one of the very genius solutions in the decor that provide light inside the room in a distinctive way, so beige, dark orange and white were used to achieve the ideal in the design of the room and consequently the feeling of more space, and lose the feeling of monotony inside that room, any feeling of monotony you can feel inside a room With those cheerful colors and scattered lighting everywhere in a delightful and distinctive way.

2- Multi functional furniture

Rooms with narrow spaces require order and accuracy in choosing furniture that is multi-use. Narrow rooms, when their furniture is poorly chosen and not organized in a good way, become uncomfortable at all, so be careful when choosing furniture and decorations for your home’s rooms that are narrow in space and stay away from sofas and chairs with wide and large legs because they It takes up room space.

3- Shelves are an element of beauty

The view of the harmonious shelves filled with decorations and precious books is one of the most beautiful scenes that lovers of reading can see in the decor. and luminous.

4- Mirrors and a charming touch

One of the elements that enhance lighting and can make your room bright are mirrors and use them in decoration. Mirrors can reflect light inside the room and also enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

5- illuminated drawer

Lighting does a lot, so designing distinctive lighting is the main goal of decorating a small and dark room, so the stairs had to be used in a smart way as we see and add some lamps to create interesting lights inside the room.

6- black wall

It is a very genius method that can reflect light and lighting inside the room in a very smart way. If you have a dark black wall, you can add furniture and decor in light and neutral colors, and you will be surprised by that distinctive touch to reflect the light in an attractive way.

7- The distinctive ceiling

In the decoration of rooms, we should not forget the importance of ceilings, they can completely transform the appearance of any room, this design of the ceiling of the room, as we can see, made the room very bright and added more space, thanks to the natural light that flooded the room and blending calm colors together.

Decorating ideas with lighting for living rooms

Decorating small spaces: tips and more | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Decorating small spaces can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Choosing the right color and the furniture that suits the space are one of the keys to making the different rooms in your home look wonderful. In this book we tell you how to do it. Colors, types of furniture and accessories so that any corner of your home looks incredible. The decorators and designers of interior A to Z share their best tips to take advantage of every square meter.

We started!

  1. Mirrored wall

One of the best tricks to expand a space is to use a large mirror. If space allows you can mirror a wall completely. Mirrors are great allies in small spaces because they amplify the rooms, they are also excellent accessories for decorating your rooms.

  1. Light and neutral colors

To amplify a space, certain colors can also be used. In the decoration of small spaces, it is recommended to use light and neutral colors. White is one of the most popular. It combines with everything and looks good in all rooms. If you want to use darker tones, try to do it in small details.

  1. Small desks

If it is furniture, the decoration of small spaces can include any type of pieces. The important thing is that the size fits the space. Choosing small pieces and lightweight materials is a good alternative if you want to gain a few square meters.

  1. Custom library

In interior decoration, custom design has many advantages. It allows you to make a rational use of space, and choose the shape and design style that you like the most. In small rooms it is always a good idea to select functional designs. This pattern is followed in this project. A library was designed along the wall that goes from floor to ceiling. Brilliant!

  1. Floating shelves

Other great allies in the decoration of small spaces are floating shelves. Whether in a bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, they are very practical and functional. Well, on them you can place decorative objects, photographs, plants, toys or books. In this tiny children’s bedroom they look great.

  1. Support tables

Support tables are always necessary. Even if you do not have a great width, you can choose a model that does not saturate the space. They come in different shapes and sizes. Of course: choose light materials and, if there is not much access to natural lighting, try to use light colors.

  1. Design pots

If you wonder what is the most practical and affordable deco object that looks great anywhere, the answer is simple: a plant. Clean the air in the space and create an amazing natural atmosphere. Choose a low-maintenance plant and place it in a designer pot for an original touch.

  1. Works of art

Does a work of art look good in a small room? Sure, it also adds personality to the space. In a living room, the best place to locate a work of art is on the wall facing the couch. It is best if it is located near a source of natural lighting, so the room does not feel so enclosed.

  1. Mirrors and vertical garden

We mentioned at the beginning that mirrors are a great solution for small spaces, as they convey a sense of spaciousness. Imagine adding those advantages and adding a vertical garden. The result is successful. Look at this example. Ideal for finishing off a hallway or for a tiny, narrow space, this idea has many benefits and looks great.

  1. Functional furniture

Finally, the decoration of small spaces is not complete without functional furniture. They have great aesthetic value and are very useful to save space. In this proposal the kitchen table is the visual element that stands out in the room.

Decorating small spaces: tips and more | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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