The partition technique with a good sense of space and different styles of screen walls

The partition technique with a good sense of space | Gurgaon

Thick walls are the traditional way of compartments. However, for modern families who demand a sense of openness, it is very important to be able to separate the blocks while keeping the interior open and spacious. Especially for families in small squares, it is very important to use every space reasonably and choose appropriate furniture and color matching. For example, a reasonable combination of black, white and gray can create a simple and low-key sense of openness, and adding green plants in specific places can make the space is more layered, and the right lighting can also show the sense of space in the home space and so on.

Today we are going to introduce 16 different styles of screen walls. These screen walls are made of wood, plastic or metal. In addition to being a compartment to maintain a sense of space, they can also be transformed into practical furniture for storing displays or books. .

If you want to distinguish the space in your home, but don’t want to spend too much budget, you can also ask an expert to help you build a screen wall to solve this problem.

Now let us enjoy these 16 exquisite screen walls with different styles together~

1. Interlace between vertical objects and horizontal space

This screen wall can separate your living room and dining room, and the cost is not high. You can achieve the desired effect without spending a lot of money.

This is a screen design recommended by any interior designer. It can match most interior decorations. If you add some curved totems, it will be more stylish.

2. Japanese style screen wall

This wooden grid-shaped screen wall has a strong Japanese breeze, exuding a peaceful Zen.

3. Seven-centimetre wide wooden screen wall

As we mentioned earlier, wooden screen walls are an excellent choice for dividing indoor blocks. It can set off all the wooden furniture in your home, such as beds, bookshelves, and wardrobes. You can also put decorations on it to turn the screen wall into a home decoration.

4. Screen wall matching the sofa

The screen wall can also play the function of a locker. Put potted plants on it and the atmosphere is immediately different.

5. Two-color matching basket design

In the white home decoration, you can write on the color of the screen wall. The special shape of the screen wall makes your home look full of originality.

You can hang some paintings and decorate your home with dark furniture to make it full of your personal characteristics.

6. Vertically shaped wooden strip design

The design of this screen wall and the TV cabinet next to it cleverly separate the living room and the dining room, and create a corridor.

7. Appropriation of bright colors

You can use inlaid stained glass to create a special style of home environment, with a gold-colored surface, your home has become a fairyland of blue clocks.

This decoration also modifies other furniture to make your home more personalized.

8. Decorate your home with potted plants

Why not let the greenery climb on your screen wall, which turns the cubicle into a small botanical garden?

9. Screen wall composed of curved stripes

This screen wall made of bright materials is the highlight of the whole house. It is very stable and durable, with excellent design and originality. It is a masterpiece.

You can even think of it as a statue. Who would have thought that it was a screen wall?

This design has a modern and modern sense of space, and it matches well, so you don’t have to worry about changing your original furniture and decoration.

10. A series of white screen walls

You can also directly use the screen wall of the same color as the wall to separate the door of your home from the rest room.

11. Confusing triangle design

Creativity has no limits! This ultimate screen wall is made using only a few wooden strips. It has a unique appearance, giving the whole house the atmosphere of a retro inn, turning the empty corner of the house into a unique space.

12. Straight screen wall emerging from the ceiling

A series of wooden strip design partition screens make the whole home very stylish.

13. Screen wall made of laser

Because of its bright color, this stylish design is very eye-catching, and it can also be used as furniture.

The designer meticulously casts the carved lines on the metal material and sprays it with gold paint to design it as the highlight of the home environment.

14. Make good use of all the space in your home

This design is deliberately simple and is designed to save space.

15. Set up classic retro screen wall in modern decoration

It’s a good idea to decorate your home in a completely different style. While you are redecorating the whole house, you might as well keep one or two old traces. The old things will make your house look lively and full of intimacy.

16. Let light penetrate the vertical line of the screen wall

The hollow line screen wall that can transmit light can collect natural light and make the living room brighter and very spacious.

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