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If you want to create a unique space without visual pressure in a small apartment that has no choice but to limit the interior, what kind of approach is better? The interior of a small apartment where it is difficult to draw various layouts and it is difficult to use the external space is most often planned with a simple design and a white-centered interior concept. However, if you want to create your own unique style instead of monotony and lively with a balanced color combination instead of a dry white one-color palette, try bold matching and point styling rather than settling for the basic style.

The main living space, including the kitchen, dining room, and living room, has an open layout connected in parallel. In a small-scale apartment, the structure in which the gaze diverges rather reduces the sense of space and leaves only a stuffy image. The architect created a structure that is wide enough to contain all the spaces in one place at a glance, and established a comfortable and sophisticated space by designing a well-balanced space so as not to focus attention on a specific part.

The space at the back of the living room, which is bent at a right angle, is decorated with a small clothing studio. Since it is a space that is widely connected to the living room, it is definitely a good structure to be used as an extended drawing room in the living room, but it is ideal to set it up flexibly according to the lifestyle and needs of the residents.

In this living room adjoining room, the wide opening was kept intact and the glass wall was fixed, and both thin black frame sliding doors were installed to create a sense of space. Although it is a separate area, you can expect the effect of looking wider than the blocked area because the line of sight is extended for a long time.

The open space divided into three main areas reveals its presence with different colors. The open workroom is decorated with warm yellow to create a sense of coziness, and the living room is decorated with a reddish brown color to hold the center. The kitchen with white color as the base and dark green accents is a space where a light and refreshing expression stands out. If you look at these three areas at a glance, you can understand that the visual temperature difference created by the brightness contrast is the driving force to express this small space more three-dimensionally and lively.

The living room, which appeals to deep coziness with red-brown wood, and the kitchen, which shines with bright tones, draw the border with a sharp contrast. Not only the overall image, but also the fact that the distinct texture and color difference between the wood floor and the tile floor make the difference can be seen with your own eyes.

The kitchen floor is finished with matt light gray tiles, and the kitchen furniture is unified in white. By matching the top plate and the dining table with bright wood, a natural modern style with a light charm was completed without adornment.

The wall tiles in the kitchen serve as a point to draw your own personality and expression in a simple, basic style kitchen that can feel a bit boring. Hexagonal tiles overlap each other face to face, and four different tones are irregularly connected to create a single picture. The hexagonal pattern itself may seem complicated, but because only bright and soft tones were matched, only cute and dynamic decorative effects were possible without a distraction.

On both sides of the dining table, there is a partition with straight wood panels. Although the space is not completely divided due to the open layout structure without walls, it was intended to infuse sufficient stability into the private space beyond the partition, including the dining area, by using the partition. Since different floor finishes are connected around the partition, it also functions as an item that naturally draws the boundary line more clearly.

Wood partitions with gaps are drawn symbolically as a layout rather than isolating the space, but by connecting the views, it preserves the sense of open space as it is. It can be seen once again that the sense of visual disconnection is minimized by creating a section in the form of a shelf that is completely open in between and decorating it with cute accessories.

Behind the wood partition that is bent into the living room, a private space including the bathroom is placed. As each door is made in a sliding way, just like the studio, when opening and closing the door, even in a narrow hallway, it does not interfere with the flow or feel stuffy.

In the middle of the hallway, tiles with patterns reminiscent of flower petals fill a part of the surface, as if a long band was wrapped around it. Although it is a design that is repeatedly used only with monotonous colors, the pattern itself is unique and colorful, so it is an impact decorative point that can catch the eye enough. The architect used the same design tiles as the tiles for the hallways in the bathroom to broaden the unique image.

Most of the furniture was chosen in light tones of wood. Bright blue, green, and yellow colors were added to the living room and kitchen to emphasize brilliance, but the basic background is an interior that focuses on a natural modern style. Since the basic background was holding a neutral basic style, the styling work itself using decorations or color points would have been able to shine properly. It can be considered as one of the interior examples that apply the basic concept that a detailed space design can be effectively expressed only when the basic interior is stable.

Decorating your bedroom – 11 creative ideas

Bedrooms are an intimate space in which we like to feel satisfied with the world, so we make sure to design them in the most perfect way that stands out and makes them more comfortable and warm, simply and elegant all together.

So, today we show you a selection of innovative designs that you will notice how simple and beautiful they are that will inspire you to renovate your room or design it from scratch if you intend to get a completely new room.

1- Good lighting and multiple shelves

Lighting is an essential element in the rooms of the house, so we must plan it carefully in terms of types and location in the room. Lighting on the sides of the bed is a practical idea for easy reach of hands, especially when we want to read a book without disturbing your partner during sleep.

Also, installing shelves in the room provides you with an aesthetic space in your room to arrange your beautiful pictures and collectibles to always remember the special moments in your life.

2- Mixing in colors

If you paint your room white; Make sure to choose furniture in dark colors in order to get a distinctive design of contrasting colors, as the white color leaves you plenty of room to choose your favorite colors.

3- A piece of art

Art always supports the room’s decor, as we note in the following design, which is full of subtle details that create a distinctive decor for the room, such as lighting the paintings on the walls, choosing beautiful vases and coordinating the colors between the room’s rugs and bed covers, so the result becomes an elegant room full of warmth.

4- Choose a theme for the design

When choosing a design for your room, you will notice that there are multiple themes for different designs, so be sure to choose a specific theme for your room so that you can choose the details within the general style of the room and get a very elegant and unique result.

5- Choose covers with creative patterns

When you want to update a bit of your room, you can renew the silica fabrics with attractive colors and patterns that catch the eye and blend with the colors of the walls as well.

6- Harmony of colors with furniture

Details are what make your room design stand out, so imagine sleeping in a room like the one in the design that is unique in its choice of graphics and colors.

7- The importance of choosing the details carefully

If you can use pillows when watching TV or reading, you should choose colored pillows that match the colors of the room.

8- Fun natural elements and ancient designs

Another design that suits the classic taste in the spirit of nature, depends on the use of wood in different ways and pieces of furniture with a classic character, and breaks the monotony of the colors of the room by choosing distinctive carpets.

9- Diversity in wall paint

When you prefer to add more depth to your bedroom, you should choose strong colors such as blue, red, and green and start painting the walls in more than one color and you will notice how the entire design has changed.

10- Add a mirror

Mirrors always affect the decor of rooms, especially bedrooms. You can install them above the bed to control its space and to get a complete picture of your room from your bed.

11- Don’t forget the plants

Finally, you can add some plants in your room to get a clean environment and fresh air, be sure to choose shade plants or place them near the window.

Decorative secrets make it your source of inspiration!

Discover with us today in a quick tour 6 decorative secrets that provide you with many solutions for small spaces, most of which are inexpensive, only need a creative designer who can apply these smart tricks on the ground with extreme accuracy and professional performance.. Let’s start our tour now!

1- Follow the merge policy to get more space

The stairs usually occupy a large area of ​​the house, but thanks to the modern designs and the recently introduced policy of incorporation, many innovative ideas have spread that are the best evidence of optimal use of the spaces, which is what has been achieved here in this model! A living room designed in the lower staircase, consisting of a comfortable sofa in a light and calm color, opposite the TV screen as usual in any living room.

What is strange to us and innovative here in the interior design and decoration of the room.. That thick wooden shelf intertwined with the steps of the stairs and used as an open TV unit is in fact the separation of the stairs into two parts, but he completed them with elegance and warmth wood material! This astonishing design managed to combine the upper and lower floors with a very clever trick applied with precision and practicality at the same time.

2- Put the bed on top of a wardrobe!

Usually designers amaze us with their amazing designs for studio homes, which are always practical and innovative, with their charming touches and creative thinking.. Here we find the greatest example of design genius, breaking out of stereotypes, and exploiting spaces at the same time!

The bed here is built on top of a large square that is, in fact, a dressing room! While its outer shelves make for a beautiful and functional library. We reach this bed attached to the ceiling with flying stairs, each with a small lighting unit that gives the court a romantic atmosphere.. Below the flying stairs, we find two sittings, one for the dining table and the other for the living room overlooking a wonderful view that enjoys its beauty thanks to that large glass window.

3- Optimal distribution of furniture in long living rooms

This model shows us very simply how to distribute the furniture and decorations in general for a small living room.. Long and narrow! At the end of the room, which resembles a long hallway, we find a practical and elegant library with many shelves, in front of it is a small wooden desk approaching us from this angle, while in front of it we find a broad, comfortable and modern sofa in gray and white design that looks like a bed decorated with bright blue pillows, and opposite it is a bright white TV unit.

4- Units extending to the ceiling

If your kitchen does not have enough space to set up a large number of suitable storage units to accommodate your kitchen purposes.. The solution is simpler than you think! Take advantage of the height of the kitchen and make the units extend to the ceiling. There is no need to deduct other areas of the kitchen, right and left, so why not deduct from the unused upper space in the first place!

5- Make the wardrobe a separator for different rooms

This innovative model simply assures you that you can use your wardrobe to separate two shared rooms in one yard, making them separate, each with enough privacy.. Not necessarily a home wardrobe, but any large piece of furniture can play the same role! Usually in studio homes, all rooms are open to each other.. From this point of view, we advise you to follow the example of this project if your house is designed according to this style.

6- A glass wall to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house

If you want to separate the kitchen from the dining and living rooms combined with it, but you are afraid that the kitchen will become dark if it is built again and closed with concrete blocks.. Here is this simple solution, which is to cover it with glass panels that separate and integrate it at the same time while providing a modern aesthetic view that does not harm the appearance of that square.

Decorative walls: 10 ideas for separating rooms

Sometimes we resort to separating the open spaces in our homes by adding walls of different designs, often we need to plan well to add or remove any of the walls of the house, so that it becomes a distinct step that adds to the house an aesthetic touch, as the materials that make up these dividers differ, whether they are bricks, glass or Gypsum board also differs in terms of its final finishes, today we collected 10 wonderful and inspiring ideas for designing dividing walls in your home.

1. Small break..

The divider may be a column with a large section or a small wall, this does not contradict our great interest in its design, it may become a real addition to your home, as the designer did here, where he added a touch of natural stone with bold colors and used it as a TV wall with elegant shelves and a practical library..

2. Small spaces..

If you suffer from a narrow space in your home, and you need to add a practical divider or even have an existing wall, the solution is to design it in the form of an unfinished wall or an elegant bar, bearing a rustic feel, for example, as in this design..

3. The magic of lighting..

If the wall has a full height or a wide sector, which prevents the distribution of lighting well, add lighting units for the wall itself to reflect it to keep the lighting of the space intact and healthy..

4. Special decoration..

You can design the wall separately and free-standing with an innovative and comfortable design, surrounded by a frame of natural stone and lighting units that decorate it and reflect its beauty and details..

5. An important job.

You can add an important function to the wall so that it becomes a decorative piece and an aesthetic form, it has an effective role and function. For example, here the designer chose to convert it into a distinctive fireplace and used it to hide the chimney inside, a smart and practical idea that added a wonderful touch to the house..

6. A real break..

It has a large open space, consisting of three rooms, for example, joints such as a living room , dining room, salon or the main entrance, and looking for a part of privacy for one of them.

7. A private space.

From this point of view, the dividing walls may help you design special spaces for your family to spend happy and warm times in an intimate setting.

8. Create new spaces..

It is also possible to create new spaces inside your home that did not exist before, such as a guest room or an office room, all of this becomes very easy with the presence of dividing walls..

9. Different design..

You can make holes in the wall randomly or organized, used as practical shelves for distinctive decorative pieces, or even as a window on the other space, so that you do not feel completely isolated..

10. Good planning.

The design differs from one house to another, depending on the available space, and the purpose of the wall or partition as a whole. You can control the dimensions of the design itself, the finishing materials used and the lighting. All this with a little time and effort helps you add an aesthetic touch to your home..