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Mahindra Luminare Interiors Gurgaon

Interior Design ideas for Bathroom

One of the aspects that stand out immediately in relation to this bathroom is the luminosity, a characteristic that the chromatic palette, being composed of light tones, puts even more in evidence. The light and light environment also changes the spatial perception of the room, as the light colors make the bathroom look bigger. In addition, they are colors that are indelibly associated with an idea of ​​modernity and pulchritude. Note that a clear space does not necessarily have to be a total blank. As this project proves, you can get shades like beige, off-white, cream, sand, pastel or pink blush.

The bathroom follows a simple and practical configuration. On one side is the cabinet with two sinks and on the other, the Italian shower. Beside the furniture, we see a towel radiator, an element that we suggest you incorporate in your bathroom because it heats the space and, of course, it heats the towels. How can you not like a dry and warm towel after a nice shower? These details make the difference!

Double washbasin

Double sinks are especially important in bathrooms used by couples who, because they have similar routines, have to use the space at the same time. Thus, each has its own corner and avoids getting hit, especially in the morning when you always go against the clock. In this bathroom, the washbasins are inserted in a cabinet with generous drawers that will allow users to keep everything organized and hidden. This is a point that you should keep in mind when equipping your bathroom: try to incorporate drawers or cabinets with doors in order to have the products hidden and, in this way, keep the environment visually clean and more beautiful!

Italian shower

The bathroom contains an Italian shower, that is, a shower whose base is flush with the floor. Does the idea seem strange to you? Find out what an Italian shower is and how it works . These showers have a very clean aesthetic and are an excellent option to optimize the space and for those looking for a shower that does not require much physical effort to enter (it can be useful for people with certain health problems or the elderly). The shower appears protected by a glass surface, a material that, due to its transparency, preserves the lightness of the space and allows natural light to be distributed throughout the environment.


Lighting is a fundamental part of any project and any space. It can raise you up surprisingly and harm you in equal measure. Professionals in this area know this and do not neglect this aspect. For the bathroom, the built-in LED spots are a very popular choice: they are energy efficient, diffuse a homogeneous and pleasant light, have a minimalist and elegant appearance and do not take up space.

Consistent with few famous interior designers, all it takes for a house to seem expensive are some tricks and wise decisions.

You don’t get to worry about your house looking to cheap and dull. Using the following pointers by the simplest interior designers. You’ll easily make your house look expensive and classy, even being within budget.


The maximum amount as you’ll avoid golden and bronze instead choose silver. Get silver metal frames for your posters and pictures. You’ll get any shade of silver- from chrome to ice silvered and metallic. Whatever shade you select it’ll look classier and more stylish than gold.

Where gold gives a royal but rather a tacky look, silver is chic and stylish.


Have you ever noticed that each one the expensive model houses have white walls combined with dull pastel, or neutral colors? That’s because the bright and gaudy colors look cheap and not very classy.


While plush carpets have a royal look, they’re very expensive and aren’t easily affordable. Same goes for hardwood flooring. Interior designers suggest that a perfect replacement would be to urge stylish vinyl floors and place classy rugs thereon.

Vinyl flooring is extremely versatile, more manageable than carpets and is indeed very classy. Style up the vinyl floors with good quality rugs to offer an upscale look.


Fresh flowers placed in stylish vase and pots not only class up the place, but also make it look chic and expensive. It gives a trendy look to the house alongside making it look elegant and complicated. If getting fresh flowers daily may be a problem, a minimum of place potted plants.


Instead of getting small and various decorative items get large, bold and chunky ones. Also avoid putting an excessive amount of during a room.

That’s because the simplest interior designers always use minimal decorations during a room. An outsize chunky vase or a shelf or a hanging is enough.

Use antique style decorations to offer a classier look. Avoid being tacky, and putting up unnecessary items to embellish the space. Instead, go simple yet bold. The above mentioned suggestions are cheap, and straightforward.

5 home styling ideas to try on your own

DIY (Do It Yourself) furniture and accessories that you make yourself are gaining a lot of popularity. If you make furniture or accessories yourself, you can make it according to your personal taste, and you can complete your own unique interior that is unique in the world. Of course, making your own is not always easy. It is true that it takes more time and effort than buying a finished product, but there are many DIY home interiors that can be easily made without difficulty. By referring to the 5 ideas prepared today, you can complete home styling that you can try on your own.

If you want to get away from consuming hobbies such as watching TV or playing computer games and engage in more productive hobbies, how about taking home styling as a hobby? If you add fun to home styling you make yourself, you can feel twice as rewarding and lively. Scroll down to see 5 home styling ideas you can try on your own.

1. A simple way to change the mood of your home

Just like choosing accessories such as earrings or necklaces that match your clothes, decoration is also important in home interiors. This is because the atmosphere of a house can also change depending on one decoration. However, no matter how nice and beautiful a decoration is, it is of no use if the underlying finishing material is strange. Let’s complete sensual home styling by choosing a suitable finishing material, tidying up the inside of the house, and then decorating it with small items.

2. How to decorate a wall using shelves

The simplest way to design home decorations is to use walls. If you look around the house with a little more attention, you will find a blank wall. At this time, attach a shelf to the wall and decorate the props on it. Decorating the plants on the shelves will give your home a much more lively vibe. If you are not confident in plant care, we recommend cactus. Cacti are easy to maintain because they do not require frequent watering. In addition, you can choose cactus of various shapes and colors according to your taste. You can complete sensual home styling by decorating not only flowerpots on the shelf but also picture frames or candles.

3. Make your own household items easily

Even simple household items such as calendars and picture frames can become great interior accessories if used well. In particular, in the case of a calendar, if you make it yourself according to your personal taste and sense, you can make a much more pleasing decorative accessory. You can make a calendar by printing photos of your loved ones or a photo of your favorite travel destination, or you can make a calendar with felt paper like a photo. The picture above is a calendar that can be used for a lifetime using black and white colored felt paper. If you are looking for a simple and minimal design, you can follow the calendar in the photo above, or if you want a more colorful design, just change the color of the felt paper. It is a simple home styling idea that anyone can follow as it can be made with simple preparations.

​4. How to use a useless tree as a sensual ornament

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough towel racks, check out this idea. It is cumbersome to contact an interior designer to install a towel rack, but buying a product sold at a mart and attaching it to the bathroom feels like ruining the bathroom interior. In the bathroom in the photo, an abandoned tree was obtained and decorated in the bathroom, but it can also be used as a towel rack. The sensual bathroom interior that solves not only function but also decoration stands out.

5. How to bring your home styling to life

If you want a lively home styling, there is no decoration like plants. In particular, it is recommended to grow herbs in the kitchen. Herbs that can be easily grown in the kitchen include rosemary, basil, and parsley. These herbs are not only useful for cooking, but also complete a sensuous kitchen interior. By recycling discarded boxes, you can make pots on the walls to grow herbs or plants. If you write the names of herbs in paint on the box, the kitchen interior with a sensual indoor garden is complete.

7 Ideas to Make Your Home Luxury at Affordable Cost

When you look at a picture of a luxurious apartment in a magazine, you are bound to think, ‘It must have cost a lot of money.’ But just because it’s a luxury apartment doesn’t mean it’s expensive. We prepared today’s article for those who want to create a more luxurious atmosphere in our house, but have difficulty trying it out because of cost. The key to the 7 home styling ideas in the article is to create a unique and luxurious space at a low cost by targeting key point items! Discover 7 treasured ideas right in the article below!

1. Vintage Chandelier Lights

Living room lighting is one of the important items that influence the atmosphere of the living space. Living room lighting is divided into various types according to the shape and height, and there are ceiling lights attached to the ceiling, pendant lights connected with long wires from the ceiling, chandelier lights, and floor lamps that stand on the floor. Among them, the chandelier lighting is well-known as a lighting that creates a very luxurious and elegant space by gathering several lights and hanging them from the ceiling. Chandelier lighting is available in a wide variety of designs and price ranges, so it has the advantage of being relatively free to choose.

2. Take advantage of large graphic art

London-based interior design studio Studios created a simple yet distinctive living space with large graphic art. Like the living room in the photo, if you place large-sized graphic art with a unique design in the living room, you can create a great interior effect by itself. Let’s find graphic art that suits the style of our house, such as typography and illustration.

3. Add moldings and shelves to the wall

Molding, which is often encountered in Western architecture, serves to cover the face-to-face joint so that the seam cannot be seen. However, you can create a very dramatic interior effect by choosing moldings with a little decoration and finishing the seams. In addition, even if there are no seams that must be covered, molding decorations can give a new face to the plain wall. Let’s take a look at the molding wall constructed by domestic interior design studio. First, after dividing the wall, the molding of the luxurious design was neatly installed in the vertical and horizontal alignment. Furthermore, a shelf was attached to display cute ornaments, and a wall lamp was installed on it to give an emphatic effect. How about using this molding decoration on the wall in our living room or hallway?

4. Give points to space with point wallpaper

If you want to create a dramatic interior effect, try attacking a flat wall. Unlike general wallpaper, point wallpaper is only installed on a part of the wall, so it can give a great interior effect at an economical cost. London-based interior design studio, well-known for using point wallpaper, created a luxurious and seductive atmosphere in the living space with two types of point wallpaper. On the left is a wallpaper with an abstract design reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, and on the right is a wallpaper with a hyper-realistic design that looks like a cut of a gemstone, adding personality to the space.

5. Unique curtains

Depending on the design, color, and material of the curtains, the atmosphere of the space created varies. If you want to create a new and fresh atmosphere in your home, or even more elegant and luxurious, how about replacing the old curtains in the living room? In the case of the living room in the photo, a light see-through curtain was added to allow light to pass through, and an elegant golden curtain was doubled to block the light, adding personality to the space. In addition, chandelier lighting, wall molding decoration, yellow point color, and colorful artworks stand out.

6. Using point color items

The kitchen in the small but luxurious photo, which looks like an elegant Parisian, was painted in  pink, and the colors of the walls, curtains, and chair frame were unified to create a luxurious and lively atmosphere. Even if you do not need to install point color on the wall, if only some items such as curtains, vases, and chairs are unified with point color, it will be reborn as a very unique space.

7. Indirect lighting that makes a space more sublime

Indirect lighting is an essential item to appear in a luxurious space! Unlike direct lighting, indirect lighting spreads the light softly and creates a very subdued and elegant space. How about adding indirect lighting under the shelf, under the cabinet, or between the gaps, like the kitchen in the photo?