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Genius and innovative wall decoration ideas

Artwork is increasingly present in decoration and investment in this sector can be an excellent alternative to enrich the interior space of your home Have you thought about the best option to cover the walls of your living room? Or simply how to get a more elegant item to raise the value of your home there are many artistic threads that give your home a new life, and in this topic we will give you 6 ideas from different experts and designers that can inspire you and make your home more attractive.

Style and theme

Paintings are indispensable in all rooms, whether living, sleeping, dining, or even corridors, especially these screens, whether they are hand-painted or digital, are a great gain for any space, colors, shapes and techniques form a wonderful combination that gives the space vitality and uniqueness.

Color harmony in the living room

A palette that combines different sensations with different shades of cream and beige, creating a great balance in the decor.

Children’s drawings

Drawing board with children’s drawings is a very modern way to decorate the walls in a way that expresses our personal taste; you can use the drawings of children’s magazines that you like or pictures of cartoon heroes that you like.

Visual balance

Photography is another type of artistic expression that began at the hands, and the advantages of photography do not stop as a type of art only, but can document a very special event for you and hang its picture in your home, and despite the technological development that has allowed us to photograph with our mobile phones However, photography is one of the latest methods of decorating walls.

Space optimization

This beautiful work cannot go unnoticed because it transforms the whole space and not just the wall it is installed on, this type of large murals full of vibrant colors can prevent all the visual pollution in the room.

Interior lighting

This design turned the interior of the room into a more warm and beautiful space and created a wonderful visual effect.


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